Wedding together

How to celebrate the solemn daymarriage? Revelry feast with lots of guests, a small celebration in the narrow family circle or a wedding together - only the choice is yours. The last option is becoming increasingly popular. After all, you will agree, a honeymoon on an exotic island or a wedding in the old chapel of one of the most romantic cities in the world will leave a lot more memories than a wedding feast for a huge number of guests.

Tips for planning a wedding without guests

Wedding together - fashion trend. The causes are many:

  • Lack of finance for a major celebration.
  • The desire to have an unforgettable wedding day alone with your loved one.
  • Lack of free time, and often the desire to organize a major event.

The wedding party together
  • Fans of extreme entertainment prefer to marry, for example, somewhere on the top of a mountain, descended on skis together with the snow-capped peaks.
  • The desire to spend an extraordinary wedding ceremony - on a tropical island, in the old town, where once dreamed of visiting.

Embody the most secret dreams in life is not so difficult. It will solve some questions:

Dinner for the family
  1. Not all parents will understand and decide the children mentioned a wedding without guests. But what about the traditional feast? The replacement will be a reception in the banquet hall of the registrar.
  2. Explain to friends that want to spend the day alone together. A note can be noisy wedding party in a nightclub after returning from their honeymoon.

Whether guests in life you have to schedule to include pre-wedding chores:

Choosing a wedding photographer for two
  • Finding a good photographer who will capture a memorable day not only in memory but also for future generations.
  • Choose a wedding dress for you and your mate. It is not necessary to pick up traditional wedding dress for the bride and a tuxedo for the groom. Proceed as appropriate: rustling in the sand on the ocean will be uncomfortable in a ski suit, and on top of a mountain, for example, a biker black leather jackets.
  • Consider agree with the favorite place of the honeymoon: order tickets, choose a hotel.

small wedding Scenario

In order to plan the celebration of a daymarriage, defined in advance, which means "small wedding" for each of you. After all, for you it may be the reception for 20 people, and for the second half - an escape from the city for two motorcycles. Let us think over the script a small wedding with a minimum number of guests. Among the guests - parents of the bride and groom, witnesses and a couple of close friends. Choosing a scenario of the wedding ceremony together, in order to avoid unnecessary grievances, discuss with your family all the details.

How to organize a small wedding

You have some time living in a civil marriagewith the elect? Pre-wedding breakfast: coffee in bed, French pastries, fresh orange juice - Treat mate. Arrange a fun home photo shoot: "The morning before the wedding." Sleepy happy groom, bride, cooking breakfast - the memory for years to come will warm the warmth of love.

After the ceremony at the Palacemarriage, make a small banquet. Toasts, congratulations from the most friends and relatives will be a worthy completion of the official part of the festival. Invite to the painting of a professional photographer. High-quality, expertly made photo is engraved radiance of your eyes, love the views.

Arrange the unforgettable walk through the streets of his nativecity, inviting the photographer to join you. Do not skimp on this expenditure: photo left to memory for years to come will be reminded of the happy wedding day. Organize a gala dinner in a cozy restaurant for a small number of invited. You want to save money? Ask your parents to help organize a grand feast at home.

Romantic dinner for a small wedding

Interesting ideas wedding celebration together

Russian tradition of wedding assume noisy feast with many guests, master of ceremonies, competitions. Do you like the idea of ​​not to taste? Note the wedding as suggest your hearts:

Wedding on the beach together
  • Luxury vacation on the beach in the prestigious resort of Lost or bungalows on a small paradise island.
  • Romantic honeymoon together in an old European city, surrounded by legends: Paris, Venice, Prague, Verona.
  • Extreme Wedding for risk lovers: deep sea diver, snow-covered slopes of the best ski resorts await you.

Exotic wedding in India
  • Exotic wedding in the style of the country you have chosen for the wedding ceremony: Indian, Cuban, Thai.
  • Wedding together in Russia? Just yes! Majestic St. Petersburg; Traditionally Russian Yaroslavl, Kostroma; Karelia, with its unusual nature; volcanoes, hills of the Far East.


Prefer wedding ceremony for two forabroad? If you have the time, energy, desire to have their own travel organization together, it will save finances. However, it is necessary to take into account a lot of formalities, legal technicalities. To facilitate the task to help professionals who offer wedding tours organized.

  • All my life I dreamed of visiting Venice? Select the town for a wedding: wedding ceremony in an ancient temple, a gondola ride along the canals, visit to the theater, a romantic dinner, a luxury hotel - a dream come true.
  • Paris - the city of lovers. Wedding in the French capital will emphasize the sophistication of your choice, an unforgettable experience of a romantic love story.
  • If you want comfort, warmth, romance? Prague - an extraordinary city, which will open its arms to lovers. Take a walk together through the streets of the historic center, to register the marriage at the Town Hall, were married in a quiet chapel.

Weddings for two in Prague
  • I want bright, violent impressions? Spend a wedding ceremony in Brazil during Carnival; Cuba, Jamaica.
  • Prefer a quiet deserted beaches with pink orwhite sand? Choose a resort island. If you want to combine a wedding with an active holiday, you will approach the European resorts - Montenegro, Greece, Crete.

Where to celebrate a wedding in Russia?

Wedding for two in St. Petersburg
  • If you have a dream - to celebrate the weddingOnly together, without leaving the borders of Russia, please look at St. Petersburg. You can arrange a performance for two, to pass on a carriage through the streets with a long history, to get married in one of the city's majestic cathedrals.
  • You and your chosen dream to visit Lake Baikal? Wedding in such an unusual place will be remembered forever.
  • Want to see the midnight sun, northern lights? Arrange a wedding on the ocean, only the Arctic: an extraordinary Murmansk long time to be reminded of the journey together.

Wedding on the beach

Wherever you are supposed to hold a wedding,the most important is not the venue, hotel selection, the financial side of the issue. Sincere, tender feelings, boundless love, romantic mood, look loving eyes will transform the world around, will make your wedding the most beautiful in the world. The successful beginning of a long journey hand in hand together in life depends on you.

Where to spend a celebration depending on the season?

Organizing a wedding for two people depends not onlyfrom the financial aspect, but also the time of year. In winter, on the eve of Christmas, Valentine's Day, to organize the wedding ceremony is preferable in the estates, castles, ancient residences. Fans of extreme sports like "ski variant" of marriage. Warm time of the year offers a varied choice of entertainment: exit at nature with a tent, a romantic weekend for two for honeymooners, wedding in the farmhouse - just do not count.

summer wedding organization in nature