Wedding tent

Beautiful, romantic wedding near the forest - dreamany loving couple, a pre-wedding bustle and organizational efforts make this holiday even more welcome. A wedding in a tent near the forest - ideal for modern wedding, which will be appreciated by the guests and the couple: fresh forest air, birdsong, the open space will contribute to a wonderful celebration. Wood - is the perfect place for a romantic and original wedding.

Making a wedding tent

Tent in its original form - it is gray,Below the item that needs to be beautifully decorated, proper selection of colors. The triumph of a tent can be executed by different styles ranging from Provence and is now ending with the popular bohemian chic. The tent for the wedding can be placed in the park, near the forest, near the water and place it as far as the imagination will suffice. It is necessary to approach with special attention to the smallest and seemingly insignificant details, to create a unique holiday atmosphere.

Wedding tent on the nature

For decorating the tent you will need:

  • Fabrics to decorate the ceiling, the walls, which will add a festive atmosphere, and the right combination of colors accentuate the impeccable style of your wedding.
  • Balloons will look great at the table young. The color scheme of the balls should not be different from the main design wedding colors, so as not to disturb the harmony and aesthetics.
  • Fresh flowers add elegance, luxury. Each table should draw a beautiful composition of forest flowers, made with your own hands, as well as beautify the place of the newlyweds huge floral arch.

Decoration of wedding table flowers
  • Glowing garland. Colored lights create the atmosphere of this romantic and cozy forest. The ideal solution would be to design a garland of all the perimeter of the tent.
  • Chair covers a variety of colors and fabrics. Young Chairs should further decorate the huge silk bows.
  • Flooring. In his absence will be a wonderful option carpet. It will be excellent to look inside the tent, and thanks to a huge choice of colors is perfect for the wedding of the classical style. Forest wedding does not require any coating, it should be natural and natural.

Watch the video as the original tent decorated for a wedding:

Selection menu for the holiday

If you plan on visiting shaternuyu weddingnear the forest, you should pre-book quality good catering service, make the menu. In summer, snacks are ideal for cold dishes, an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits. You should not give preference to huge containers with salads, a couple of hours, they will look very unattractive, better serving portions. The main element of the table at a wedding - it's cake, to the choice of which should come with great responsibility.

Variants of wedding cakes for the wedding

Also it is necessary to take care of a variety ofalcoholic beverages, cocktails, to provide a choice for everyone. Strawberry margaritas and mojitos are like the female half. It is necessary to give preference to juices, other drinks without gas, and in hot weather must be the presence of ice cubes. In drawing up the menu, the main thing to make sure that guests will be satisfied. Hot meals are best served slightly later start of the event to the guests did not get enough time to enjoy the taste and main dishes.

Rent tents for weddings in nature

Holding a wedding in a tent near a forest - it is notjust original, stylish option, but due to the diversity of choice, it is possible to do to spend less than in the restaurant. Offsite ceremony in the woods will be more expensive, because they require a lot of effort. The cost of renting tents start at 35 thousand. rubles, the final amount depends on the spaciousness, technical data and other features. A wide range of venues will allow you to choose the desired option price category:

  1. Izmailovo park

This matchless place by the pond with a hugearea, accommodating up to 250 people. In the complex there is a chill-out area with comfortable sofas. The smell of wood, moss and a breeze will not leave anyone indifferent. Banquet extra charge, which cost starts from 3000 rub. Per person, the service is already included in the price. Rent price:

  • pt., Proc. - 60 000 rubles.
  • Sun, Fri. - 40 000 rubles.

The tent for the wedding in Moscow
  1. Roomy tent (15 km Pyatnitskoe highway, near the forest)

Located in a prime area, this countryestate, near the forest, whose territory is guarded 24 hours a day. On the territory there are several parking spaces and a large parking fee of about 500 rubles. for a place. Elegant arched tent - a luxury choice, an ideal venue for weddings. Rent price:

  • Pt.- Coll. - 80 000 rubles.
  • Vs.- Thurs. - 40 000 rubles.

Wedding tent outside the city
  1. Tent on. Shikhovo Rogachev highway

New playground in the suburbs, near the forest,It offers not only a festive tent, but also apartments for guests. Tent arch structure is designed for a wedding up to 60 people. On the territory there are: sauna, Russian billiards, pool. There is also a possibility to park up to 25 cars. Rent price:

  • Fri-Vs.- 80,000 rubles.
  • Pn.-Cht. - 30 000 rubles.

Wedding tent with the cottage for guests
  1. Tent Ostashkovskoye highway

New, stylish area withof the luxury on-site ceremony near the water. A large number of parking spaces, a small beach, a small woods, marina: all located on the territory of 0.5 hectares, can accommodate more than 200 people. The cost of renting (ordering your good catering, price subject to change):

  • Fri-Sat - 50 000 rubles.
  • Vs.-Cht. - 40 000 rubles.

Colourful marquee for a wedding celebration

Photoshoot in nature

Wedding near the forest - it's a great excuse to domany chic pictures on nature. Photos near the forest will add romance, mystery, and fun pictures from the water will look great in a family album. Here are some great ideas for a photo shoot in the open air, which can be useful to future spouses:

Wedding photo shoot Nature

Photoshoot Bride in nature

Wedding photo shoot near the forest

Advantages and disadvantages of the wedding in a tent

Celebration near the forest, has its own in natureadvantages and disadvantages, which necessarily need to know before you decide to have a wedding. On the one hand - it's stylish, beautiful and with another - it may not be very practical option. The main advantages of the wedding with a tent near the forest:

  • Capacity. Renting a tent, you can choose the right size, the amount, so the question of where to put the guests will not arise.
  • Possibility of implementation of the most extraordinary decisions: fire show, fireworks, crazy wedding contests, sky lanterns, as well as many others, that your heart desires. Often in restaurants gated prohibited this kind of event.
  • It is fashionable, actually. You are guaranteed to surprise the guests celebrating the wedding in the open air, near the forest, as well as allow to realize all their fantasies into reality.
  • This luxurious, beautifully. The open space, the birds singing, fresh air of the forest, probably nothing could be better.

Luxury wedding tent

The disadvantage is identified:

  • The cost of renting a tent and other equipment can be expensive, due to the fact that it requires a lot of additional embezzlement: flooring, installation, lighting, etc...
  • Toilet in the street is not quite a pleasant detail, which looks unsightly. Blue cabins in the woods - not the best element of the decor.
  • The abundance of different forest insects.
  • Bad weather can also play at the hands of the newlyweds. Rain, wind, strong gusts can ruin the wedding, and the cases are different.

Knowing all the pitfalls as well as excellenthand, noting the wedding outdoors, decide if you want to arrange a holiday in the open air, near the forest, or you may prefer a more practical options for the celebration. The main thing - to arrange a wedding so that recall the happy moment many, many years with the enduring smile on his face.