Wedding on the beach

Instead of the usual feast at the restaurant withstandard jokes toastmaster will be much more interesting if the wedding will take place on the beach under the warm sun on the background noise of the surf. Plan and organize the wedding - not an easy task, but the beauty of this festival is becoming a worthy reward for training.

Selection of place of celebration

When planning a wedding on the beach, we must first choose a location for the holiday. They can become a resort town, or some exotic corner of the globe, as well as arrange a beautiful ceremony in a nearby river or lake.

Local waterfront

This is a convenient and economical option, if in the vicinity there is a small sandy beach where it is possible to accommodate all guests.

Beach visiting ceremony

When organizing a wedding does not have puzzledtransportation of guests to the place of celebration, as well as finding all the necessary in an unfamiliar city. With the right approach to the design, the celebration will not look worse than near the ocean.

On the beach

Insanely romantic look oath given in love at the edge of the surf. Weddings on the beach long enjoyed the love of the Europeans and US citizens.

If the future spouses have the opportunity to arrangetheir holiday on the shores of exotic sea or ocean - wonderful! Black, Azov and the White Sea, too, will become a worthy backdrop for weddings. A good option, for example, may be a wedding on the coast of the Gulf of Finland during the White Nights.

Romantic wedding night at the beach

Decoration ceremony place

In addition to the natural beauty of the landscape chosen in the preparation of the wedding on the beach, you need to choose the appropriate decorations.

To emphasize the maritime theme, usetraditional colors of water, sea, sand: blue, white, beige, blue, turquoise. They are suitable for scenery, costumes newlyweds, bouquets of flowers, food and drink wedding table.

The decoration in marine style wedding

What do you associate the sea? With the wind, sand, beautiful shells, with boats and sails.

Lightweight tent of light fabrics remind of the sails, and the shell will serve as holders for good tablets with the names of guests, elements or parts of bouquets bridal costume.

Wedding tent on the shore

If there is, which will host the wedding, thereplace for a boat, surf or boat, the better - they can be an interesting solution for the photo shoot, the venue for competitions, just beautiful scenery.

wedding by the water organization

Features fielding weddings on the beach it is necessary to take into account when planning a holiday:

  • in the evening the water may appear gnats or mosquitoes: to find a way to protect them;
  • if the wedding is held on the beach in an exotic country with an unusual climate, it is better to arrive in time to acclimatization did not spoil your fun;
  • day of heated sand and water can become unbearable ordeal. It is better to advance to take into account the nuances of the weather: opt for the wedding, when the heat is not.
  • for visiting the wedding is usually acute issue of food and drink: how to organize its delivery to the place of celebration?

catering Services

For weddings away most of the restaurantsIt provides catering - catering services in the specified location. When organizing a wedding by the water, you can beat the marine theme: seafood, fish, a variety of themed snacks can complement the overall scenario.

Wedding table decor in nautical style

Discuss menus and serving you need to advance, and in the preparation of the list is better to abandon perishable foods.

Beach activities

Beach party - fertile ground forentertaining guests. In addition to traditional toasts and wishes of the free space in the water leads to the spacious dance floor, as well as to organize a place for active games: beach volleyball, badminton, or Frisbee.

Beach wedding contests

If we assume a hard liquor, is in advance to attend to guests with security, because water needs to be careful in the process of celebration.

If it is possible to ensure the safety zone of wedding events, you not only protect yourself from strangers, but will protect against all possible contingencies.

Dresses for weddings on the beach

Luxurious Wedding Dress - the dream of each bride. But still it is necessary that it be comfortable. For this wedding will not do heavy classic dresses with corset, crinoline - hot in them, hard, uncomfortable to walk on the sand.

The bride's dress for a beach ceremony

For the same reason you should not choose shoeshigh heel. Flowing dresses with a maritime theme, light chiffon dresses, ballet flats or sandals will look quite organically. Groom suit also should not choose a classic style.

Wedding photo shoot on the beach

Near the pond every photo shoot and video will be romantic and original. Here is a beautiful example of this video:

Pre-negotiate with the photographer and the scriptdetails that would like to see in the frame. Then the photo with the background of the waves, seagulls and sunset will be for many years to remind of the beautiful day, when two loving hearts joined their fate.

Plots beach wedding photo shoot

Couple on the beach

Romantic photo shoot on the banks

Ideas for photo shoot on the beach