Wedding March

The bride and groom are trying to choose for yourwedding day warm period - the end of spring, hot summer or early fall. But sometimes circumstances are such that you have to play a wedding during the cold weather and frost - it may be due to financial difficulties, the expectation of a pair of child's personal wishes or spouses. Wedding March - an unusual solution, which is associated with some difficulties, but also the advantages in holding celebrations in early spring a few. Next, the basic aspects of the wedding celebration of March - from the decor to take up options.

Wedding March - folk omens and superstitions

Since ancient times people have invested in the mystical sensesurrounding phenomena found in the prediction of weather conditions or the situation of the stars - for centuries formed the special signs and superstitions that even in today's society does not lose its relevance. Previously we believed that the wedding in March is associated with the imminent move away from home, so the March celebration is perfect for international marriage, or for those who are majoring or personal preference is soon going to go to another country for work, study, permanent residence.

Over time, this sign was transformed intomore generalized. The March wedding is meant rather more changes Suite, which can be associated with the move, and the birth of a baby, a new job or a watershed event. It was believed that the relationship newlyweds initially be changeable - for dark band will follow the white, and for calm calmness - a new storm. This sign of the wedding is close to those who know about the complex nature of their future husband or he has a difficult character. There are also weather superstitions:

  • If the weather for a wedding in March snow - the family will have a good welfare, well-being.

Snowy weather for the March wedding
  • Windy day in March promises to groom with the bride same windy life.
  • Bad sign, if during the wedding ceremony in the church was a thunderstorm.
  • Changeable weather (the clouds, the sun, the light rain) the day of the wedding of the March promises souped spouses happiness, luck and prosperity.
  • If, during the March wedding hit frost that burns fervently groom with the bride cheek, this means that the first-born will be a strong healthy boy.

In Russia, the March to play the wedding was not accepted- This is due to the fact that just at the beginning of the first month of spring begins Lent, which lasts until Easter. Such superstition will not prevent the newlyweds, who are not going to get married in church. But those who can not imagine a day of celebration of this sacrament without a need to postpone the wedding, or play it in the first days of March, because during Lent ritual is not performed. But do not despair: heroes of the occasion can get married in April or even May, and the March wedding to hold the planned scenario.

Wedding Honeymoon in March

The impossibility of marriage in MarchChurch - is not the only difficulty that will face the groom with the bride. If they are religious or family invited some people adhere to Orthodox traditions, we need to make sure that the wedding was served different kinds of food - the usual and fasting, then no one during the holiday will not be hungry. To summarize, March promises spouses change, "windy" weather at home during the first few months of marriage, but if the couple love each other, no superstition will not prevent them happily found a new life.

Favorable days for a wedding in March 2016

Each year, the astrologers make the calendarauspicious days for weddings. In March 2016, astrologers advised the groom with the bride not to appoint the date of the celebration for the days during which passes the new moon, the full moon or the changing of the fourth moon. Especially undesirable for the day of the wedding of the March - a lunar eclipse. Lunar calendar help future spouses to understand what changes occur and when a night luminary. In addition, there are a few days associated with church rituals when it is not necessary to marry better, these include:

Calendar of marriage on March 2016
  • days of fasting;
  • commemoration of the dead;
  • temple patron saint's festivities;
  • eves big religious holidays;
  • yuletide.

In every church, these dates may vary,so you need to carefully examine this issue with the choice of wedding. In addition, the wedding is not held on Thursdays, Saturdays and Tuesdays. March is considered to be not very favorable month for a wedding, especially in families with believers, but astronomers have identified a few days, which are suitable for the celebration: it is the first, second, seventh, eighth, ninth of March. Stargazers is not recommended to appoint the date of the wedding on the 20th day of the first month of spring, while the scale of the solar eclipse.

The image of the newlyweds and guests for the wedding of the March

Choosing March for a wedding, the bride andbride must understand that guests may be uncomfortable in the street because of the cool weather, and therefore need to reduce the time of a walk, and it is desirable to abandon the purchase. Hilarious idea of ​​bridesmaids can become unpleasant pastime for invited people and the future spouses, especially if part of the competitions carried out. All participants should be dressed warmly, so as not to catch a cold after a fun-filled activities, and therefore need to carefully consider the image for a wedding.

Wedding dress and shoes for the bride

The ideal solution would be for the bride weddingcoat that fits the tone of the dress, a white coat and a woolen cape, warm feather gloves, hat or hood. If the veil does not allow to wear headgear, do not stay long in the cold. Bridesmaid Dresses for a March wedding is better to select a long, which will hide the bride's feet from the cold. If it's snow or slush may be ordered with a double skirt dress, one part of which is removed, because almost certainly the hem of a beautiful white decoration snow stained with mud.

Wedding image of the bride March

We should also think about shoes for Marchwedding. The bride must give preference warm boots, boots or ankle boots with fur, which will not allow the feet warm. Under them will be required to wear tights or light skin color. In no case should not wear the bride during the March walking shoes - this accessory looks nice, but it is unlikely she will avoid freezing. Future spouse must take care of two pairs of shoes - boots for closed streets and exquisite shoes or ballet flats for a celebratory banquet and registrar.

The style of the groom

Bridegroom almost do not have to adjustthe classic image of the wedding for March, he need only wear insulated shoes with wide soles, and instead pick up a beautiful coat color suitable coat. The future husband in this form will look especially elegant. If it's bitter cold, be sure to think about the headdress - it can be a warm hat, fur hat, but the usual knitted accessories are best avoided. March will finish the image of the groom beautiful scarf, a well-chosen suit or matching boutonniere.

Wedding image of the groom March

The dress code for the guests

If the bride and groom decided to play the March weddingin a certain style, you need to inform the guests about his decision. Perhaps in the early spring on the streets still snow, then there is nothing better than to take the theme of Russian wedding. Bright shades of red, traditional dresses, coats create a unique atmosphere of the March of the holiday, and ethnic events mood will long remember the present. The couple can also choose predominating colors in which will need to dress the guests, or make the dress code with classic outfits.

Clothing for guests at the wedding of the March

Skins spring wedding

Variants of registration of the March spring weddingthe set - for ideas heroes of the occasion can turn to professionals, or come up with your own decor. The main advantage of the event at this time of the year: wedding agency because of the lack of excitement do not make any extra charge and will gladly help arrange the March budget holiday. Cheaper will cost decor items, contractors services and more. Style ornaments March celebration depends on the imagination of the bride and groom, their preferences, their own wedding vision.

The main idea of ​​the festival can be a spring,bloom, life revival - this theme can be reflected in the design of the room, the decor birthday cake, decoration wedding convoy. Perfect for the March celebration Russian style: mischievous, bright and cheerful. Newlyweds can take an example from the Nordic countries, if the street was still cold with snow, and mark an event in the Swedish or Icelandic subjects. Suitable for March rustic style, boho, another interesting idea - to make the wedding in the style of a children's fairy tale of Snow White.

Decoration hall

Spoon the design ideas of the banquet hall earlyspring wedding culprits are from the environment. The street began to appear beautiful, touching primroses - crocuses, snowdrops, broke the first buds on the trees. March flowers will still be expensive, but the dry twigs decorating the room, or even branches with no leaves to reveal look cute and interesting. In addition, the room will decorate fabrics that are suitable for the color to the style of the event, a variety of things and accessories - figurines, candles, fruit.

Making Wedding March

Spring bridal bouquet

On the March wedding bride should be drawn upbouquet of spring flowers, or give preference to greenhouse plants found on the shelves all year round. Wonderful decoration future wife in March will be a floral arrangement, made with crocuses or snowdrops, tulips elegant, bright chrysanthemums or delicate irises. The bride wedding for March can choose the design options and classic bouquet - roses, orchids, alstroemeria, roses Peony- - all depends on the taste and style of holiday.

Bouquet of the bride March

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot in March

To capture the beauty of the March wedding,newlyweds can order the services of a professional photographer. The specialist will help them choose the right props, prompt ideas for the survey. If it's too cold, the photographer can arrange for the perpetrators of the March celebrations studio shot, where the bride and groom will be able to completely relax. Wedding photo shoot will take place in a cozy cafe - this is especially true at the beginning of March, when the cold has not completely disappeared. More March wedding ideas, in the photo below:

a photo shoot for a March Wedding Ideas

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