Wedding in the woods

During the wedding planning in the future spousesthe big question - where to spend your long-awaited triumph? I want to make it memorable, originality pleased guests, give a lot of pleasant experiences by the heroes of the occasion. For the summer period is ideal for beautiful wedding in the woods. This unusual idea like the bride and groom who love nature and recreation in the fresh air.

How to arrange a wedding in the style of the forest - the idea

How to make your wedding venuetell the nature. Pay attention to the surrounding natural details, which will be an ideal decoration for the holiday table, come up with a few other options decor. A great idea to decorate the wedding under the rustic style (rustic style), which has become popular in recent years. Several ideas for design of forest wedding:

  • Colored ribbons. Romantic wedding decoration will be thin colored ribbons attached to the branches and trunks of trees. With each breath of wind the tape would flutter, creating a festive atmosphere light.
  • Aroma candles. Candles - not just a beautiful decor for the wedding, but also a useful thing in nature for sure it will be difficult to avoid the annoying insects and fragrant lighting will help to drive away.
  • Paper lanterns or thread. This beautiful wedding lighting option is perfect for the evening - a cozy, soft light creates a pleasant atmosphere during the celebration. Watch the video, which will help to make a thread the lamp with your hands:
  • Flowers. When forest wedding design heroes of the occasion is not necessary to order bouquets of flower shops - on the territory of the forest will collect beautiful flowers to decorate the table, to make flower wreaths.
  • Nursery ... stones. Ideal replacement seedling cards with the name of a guest at the wedding will be the stones out of the woods, painted bright paint. Invited guests will certainly appreciate a stylish solution.
  • Garland of colored flags. On the territory of India, Nepal, Bhutan street, mountain temples and a woodland with garlands to decorate with fabric colored flags. Use a bright decoration for the wedding decor.
  • Cones. Cones can serve as a stand for the seedling cards and as lovely wedding table decorations.
  • Dishes. Do not forget that during the on-site wedding expensive crystal ware will not be too appropriate. For forests suitable wooden saucers, ceramic painted plates.
  • Table. Most suitable for a wedding unvarnished wooden table, which does not look too well maintained wood and "at home". It must create the impression that recently felled trees, and then hastily put together with nails logs for him.

Accessories for wood beautiful celebration
  • Seats. Seat options while visiting a wedding - a long wooden bench, the sheaves of hay, hemp.

This is just a small list of possible forest wedding decorations - heroes of the occasion can come up with your own, watching the natural forest environment.

Marriage registration in the forest

Visiting ceremony in the woods would be awesomememorable event. To organize such an event, the bride and groom will have to take care of the delivery of some accessories or ask for help from a wedding agency. For on-site registration will need a beautiful wedding arch, the registrar table, carpet (original or its replacement - for example, rose petals, and if the wedding is held in a rustic style - suitable hay), the number of seats for guests.

All these elements decorate in the same style,as the rest of the celebration, using natural items of interest. Guests and official representatives of the registrar should be easy access to the venue of the celebration, so choose for a wedding at the edge of the clearing, or slightly recessed portion of the forest.

Forest marriage: marriage registration

Rent camp site for wedding

For future spouses who want to extendwedding for a few days to spend time with the comfort, fit eat hostels - many recreation centers are located in scenic spots and organize open-air banquet. Below is an overview of several great places for wedding theme forest:

  • An oasis in the forest. This outside Moscow hostel is ideal for a wedding celebration. On the territory of "Oasis" the couple can arrange a banquet in one of the outdoor or indoor pavilions, allowing for up to 80 people. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, delicious food and decent service - all this awaits guests hostels. On the territory of "Oasis" is a lake with bridges, arbors, grottos, benches in remote parts of the forest, which will spend a fabulous photo shoot.

For those who are planning to stay and after the banquet, there is a possibility to stay.

Cost - 3000 rubles.

Chalet for "Oasis" festive event
  • Trinity. Recreational Trinity is located not far from Moscow - at a distance of 12 kilometers, which will allow anyone to easily reach the venue of the wedding. At the camp site on the banks of the reservoir is a hotel complex, surrounded by a beautiful forested area, there are several sandy beaches. At the newlyweds will have the opportunity to try the local cuisine in the banquet hall or take the arbor up to 50 people.

Rental nearby rooms - from 2000 rubles, rent a cottage (6 seats in the house) - from 10 000 rubles.

Recreational Trinity for a wedding celebration
  • Taiga complex. Near the hostel is located in Moscow, "Taiga". Interior tourist recreation center is in the old Russian style, creating a unique pleasant atmosphere, but the wooden interior - not the only plus "Taiga". You can arrange a summer dinner under a tent, accommodating 80 people, and the fresh air, a small pond and a picturesque area camp sites give the opportunity to spend a good rest.

The "Taiga" is a mini-hotel for 10 people - rental of 15 000 rubles.

Tourist recreation center Taiga wedding

Dress code

Dress code depends on the event from the wedding theme. Several ideas for thematic dress code:

  • Rustic. Rustic Wedding suggests naturalness, natural beauty. Couples can dress in comfortable, lightweight linen or silk fabrics. Bouquet of wild flowers, hairstyles suitable for loose curls, make do in nyud style. For shoes, choose not refined high heels and comfortable ballet flats, and the groom - suede shoes.
  • Russian style. Former Russian costume perfectly reflect the idea of ​​a wedding - it's a return to the pagan origins, where nature was worshiped and idolized. Instead of the white dress the bride can wear a sundress embroidered with colorful threads, and a man - comfortable trousers with a free shirt.
  • Fantasy images. Mystery Forest conjures images of beautiful fairy - forest nymphs, swamp witch, beautiful fairies, elves amazing. Spouses may choose one of them to create a truly unique atmosphere of the wedding.

Fairy dress code forest wedding

Advantages and disadvantages of the wedding in the woods

In such an event like a wedding in the woods, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Consider the basic dignity of the forest wedding:

  • Communion with nature. Feast on fresh air is reflected perfectly in the mood, well-being and overall health. The peaceful aura of the forest will help to distract from the bustle of the city, forget about the stress of everyday life, which constantly reminds the noise of the big city.
  • The originality of the wedding. Who is like the wedding is only gaining in popularity, so the heroes of the occasion there is a great opportunity to be among the first to arrange this great action.
  • Unusual wedding story. Forestry triumph - not only a reason to get together with the guests to drink to the health, the happiness of the newlyweds, but also a chance to realize the present representation, which will be remembered forever present.
  • Beauty. Against the background of the surrounding nature, guests with young spouses can arrange an interesting photo shoot.

Beautiful nature of the forest for the wedding

Disadvantages of on-site wedding:

  • Marriage is not for everyone. Certainly not all guests like the idea to be completely cut off from civilization, so pick the place is close to the road.
  • Insects. Anyone who has spent a lot of time in nature, faced with the problem of pesky insects. Take care of the media against mosquitoes and midges, or light a special incense sticks and candles, to drive them away.
  • Uneven terrain. This can be a real problem of people involved in the holiday decoration. To smoothly put the table, or choose to be perfectly smooth meadow, or bad done prior to the event to create a flat surface.
  • Wedding Jewellery. Service people are drawing a celebration can be expensive if they have to travel far from the city. Perpetrators of celebration can save by taking up timber decoration for the wedding themselves.

Watch the video celebrating the triumph in the fairy forest:

Wedding photo in the woods

Wedding on the territory of the misty forest

Romantic forest wedding

Visiting Forest wedding

With the mysterious forest has long been associated muchlegends, superstitions: there happen really fabulous event, so will be the perfect wedding of young people. Such a celebration to prepare harder than that carried out in the room, but a great atmosphere, great nature and beauty will be compensated spent force.