Wedding in the Czech Republic

One of the most popular tourist countriesWestern Europe - Czech Republic. Every year, here comes couples intending to tie the knot. Wedding in the Czech Republic - an opportunity for a loving couple to plunge into a fairy tale with the beautiful scenery, majestic castles and beautiful urban architecture. Honeymooners attract embankments clean, cozy narrow streets, churches and strict beauty evening Czech towns, dotted with old lamps. Those who have ever visited in the Czech Republic, always retain a love for this beautiful country and a dream to hold their wedding here.

Traditions and customs

In the Czech Republic the wedding is held, in accordance with currentcanons of marriage. Traditional wedding ceremony Czechs are very interesting, some of them were borrowed from foreigners who have decided to register their marriage in this country. Wedding in the Czech Republic begins with a courtship ritual. Instead of rings, Czech bride portrayed the decoration with a unique beautiful stone vltavinom, which is extracted from the Vltava river.

The day before the marriage in the Czech Republic, girlfriend weaveBridal wreath of fresh roses, which she wears on her head before wedding. It is estimated more than bright colors contains a wreath, the happier life will be newlyweds married. On the Czech wedding party first meal the young have to eat out of a total dish to ever be together, sharing a double all the joys and sorrows. This custom couple from Russia are often used during the wedding in the Czech Republic.

The past of this country due to the knights thatimpact on modern wedding traditions of the Czech Republic. It is believed that during the Middle Ages was born the custom pick for a wedding beautiful outfits similar to those worn by the royals. This tradition is relevant to couples who have decided to get married in one of the oldest Czech castles. Having a wedding here, the young get a lot of pleasant experiences and fond memories of this joyous day will last a lifetime.

Czech Wedding Traditions

How to organize a wedding in the Czech Republic

Prior to the registration of marriage in the Czech Republic, inYoung will be a lot of worries: submission of application, planning a wedding banquet, the choice of wedding rings, dresses, rent a car. If the organization of the wedding the couple have decided to entrust the Czech tour operator, most of the problems are solved without the intervention of the young. The company itself is preparing a wedding: renting a venue for the ceremony in the Czech Republic, picks up the car, hiring staff, prepares and puts into Czech documents required for the marriage of the Russians.

Some couples prefer toorganizational issues on their own. This option is quite feasible, but often does not bring the calculated savings, no money, no respect to the elapsed time. Before the wedding has to book himself a palace in the Czech Republic, fill out forms in the Czech registry office (Matrika), look for make-up artist, photographer and other relevant professionals. Staff at all the country's courts do not speak Russian, so will have to communicate in Czech or, if you're lucky, in English.

Official wedding

At the request of the newlyweds, the wedding in the Czech Republic mayheld the official ceremony, a solemn presentation of the marriage certificate. For the wedding in this country couple must submit the necessary documents to confirm the absence of obstacles for a wedding, and that the young are mutually acquainted with the material, the physical condition of each other and are ready to provide future family.

Dream wedding

In the Czech Republic a symbolic wedding couples are not satisfiedonly to repeat the previous official ceremony, but also enjoy the informal atmosphere of the holiday, or to realize that it was not possible before. For example, the young do not have the opportunity or the time to organize a wedding in Prague, so the official part held in Russia, and the ceremony itself was moved to the Czech Republic. There the couple spend a wedding without the service of documents, but with all the other attributes: beautiful speech recorder, exchange rings, witnesses, sparkling champagne.

Where to hold the wedding ceremony in the Czech Republic?

Young, who decided to hold the wedding forabroad, you must select a city and venue. Czech Republic is famous for its beautiful castles, most couples prefer to rent one for the wedding ceremony. Many chateaux newlyweds offer to hold a wedding in the open air - on the lawn in front of the structure, in the inner rooms, the garden, the church or chapel at the castle.

Castle Detinitse

This is a unique architectural complex,located in the lap of beautiful nature (80 kilometers from the capital of the Czech Republic), which often hosts weddings. The castle is a unique construction of the Renaissance, which recreated the original atmosphere of the time. The castle Dětenice huge collection of beautiful medieval armor and weapons, and not far from the structure there is a tavern, where the wedding guests and the young can feed dishes prepared with the exact observance of recipes at the time.

Wedding in the Czech castle Detenice

Karlstejn Castle

This magnificent structure is often usedfor weddings, it reflects the main canons of the gothic architecture of the Czech Republic. Built in the 14th century castle of Charles IV. It is believed that it lived and the rules of this famous Czech king. Impregnable fortress is located on top of a 72-meter cliff, the path to which symbolizes the difficulties of family life, which should pass the newlyweds. If the couple decide to hold a wedding in the castle of the Czech Republic, this holiday will long be remembered, not only the bride and groom, but also for all the guests.

Czech Castle Karlstejn as a place for weddings

Czech krumlov

The small town of Krumlov, resulting inthe Middle Ages, is located in the south of the Czech Republic. He is considered one of the most beautiful European cities, where many newlyweds celebrate the wedding. The settlement was founded seven centuries ago on a steep cliff near the river Vltava. Thanks to the huge number of monuments of culture, Czech Krumlov registered in UNESCO. Newlyweds who choose this Czech castle for a wedding, to plunge into the fairy-tale atmosphere.

A wedding in the town of Krumlov in the Czech Republic

Chateau Liblice

This romantic castle is located near thePrague - Prague. Weddings take place in the beautiful hall, decorated with elegant stucco, painted gold and precious marble. Additional wedding in Liblice Czech live music, which give the newlyweds and guests of local talented musicians. Decorate the wedding photo shoot and walk young in a wonderful French garden with many flowers and park sculptures.

Liblice castle rental for wedding

Old Town Hall

The building Old Town Hall Czech Republic annuallyvisited by hundreds of couples from around the world to celebrate the wedding. Music of the old organ will accompany your wedding vows, and at the exit of the building to form a family you will congratulate famous worldwide Czech Astronomical Clock "Orloj", installed on the tower. Newlyweds who choose to hold their wedding in the castle of the Czech Republic, representatives of the feel of an old aristocratic family.

Wedding Hall Stargorodsky

Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou

Hluboka is included in the list of most romanticCzech castles. No wonder come here and play here for the wedding the newlyweds from different parts of the world. Czech castle complex includes 140 rooms, decorated with original wood carving, 11 towers and two inner courtyards of magic. Not far from the deep, the hotel Shtekl, the young will be able to hold a gala wedding banquet guests and place the login prompt.

Hluboka Castle for a wedding

wedding script

To the wedding day spent in the Czech castle,was a success, you need to consider an interesting and original holiday scenario. A good option for a wedding ceremony in the Czech Republic will be a re-enactment of the story of chivalry - it is unusual and fun. When the wedding guests and the young gather in the prepared room of the castle, master says opening speech to immerse them in a medieval atmosphere:

- Soon we would get with you in the days ofMiddle Ages, in the era of beautiful ladies and brave knights! And it all began when some fashion beautiful ladies presented the Czech lace handkerchiefs. They did not know what to do with this beautiful and, at first glance, a useless thing. One day the lady realized that using the handkerchief can attract the attention of men, is just waving them gracefully.

However, Czech beautiful ladies did not want towaving a handkerchief soldiers or bullies, so were the knights. It was these men who do not feed bread, but give perform feats in the name of the lady of the heart and its own glory. We offer all gathered to try on the role of a romantic medieval characters and feel the atmosphere of the wedding of the time.

All the representatives of the stronger sex are enrolled inthe ranks of brave knights and beautiful women are lovely ladies. Let's begin our acquaintance with you. I ask each guest to honor the wedding write a couple of lines of the wise, comments or wishes for the newlyweds on the arms of family happiness (it is prepared in advance by the poster, which is installed in the hall of the castle).

Then begins an acquaintance invitedbetween itself and the presentation of wedding gifts youth. Guests who came to the wedding, in turn causing the center of the room, starting from the groom descending degree of closeness. Each invitation is given a certain rank, title.


- Before you sit down at their placesbanquet tables laden with rich meats, let us delve deeper into our fairy-tale atmosphere of the Middle Ages Czech wedding. Please withdraw my guests called for certain characters. On our fabulous ball present:

Prince, who is also the groom.
Princess - beauty-bride.
Kings - young fathers. They awarded the Order (cardboard stars).
Queen - young mother. They get a beautiful magic fan.
Fairies - matchmaker. They handed the wands.
Knights - matchmakers. They were awarded with medals.
First Knight - the best friend of the young. He owed boutonniere.
The first lady of the heart - the closest friend of the bride. She also receives a boutonniere.
The brave soldiers - the other men.
Beautiful ladies - the female half of the guests.
The court - leading. At your service, right honorable audience. I'll try to spend a happy holiday, but not without your help.

Next guest is carried out in the castle hall with covered tables, which offer a taste delicious holiday meals and enjoy the noble wines.


- Please fill your glasses. We are here because the knot decided to hold together two loving hearts. Let's raise our glasses for that feeling united the young, growing every year, charging the magical energy of the future spouses and their offspring.

Then comes the time of wedding toasts. Newlyweds say warm words of parents and witnesses, then all the other guests at a time.


- From time immemorial, all the holidays, and especiallywedding, accompanied by music, and the guests danced. Let us not depart from the Czech traditions. We invite brave knights and beautiful ladies in the dance hall of the castle, where the charming newlyweds will dance their first wedding dance.

Included favorite song young, they dance. When the music dies down, it's time to weddings contests.


- At the Prince's shoulders great responsibility - it must contain his charming princess. Let's unveil the curtain of the future, and learn how to be able to groom earner.

From paper-cut figures: house, car, money, beads, stroller, etc. They are mounted on a thread or tape. Young blindfolded and given a pair of scissors with which he had cut what should get a young family to the first wedding anniversary.


- It is time to test for the brave knights and beautiful ladies. May will see three pairs of bold, ready to perform the task. Embrace each other with one hand, and the second you need to:

clean banana;
tie a bow;
to tear a piece of paper on the drawn line.

- I see that many of the soldiers are tired and want to drink soft drinks, and the ladies are hungry. Let us return briefly to the festive table.

After 15-20 minutes the feast, competitions continues:

- It's time to return to the test. During the Middle Ages Czech knights were supposed to possess the virtues of 7: horse riding, fencing, hunting, writing poetry for ladies heart, swimming, javelin throw, the game of checkers. We will offer a slightly different test. Let come the most valiant knights and show they can cope with the seemingly hopeless situation.

The men seated on chairs. Included is music that they need, without getting up, dancing in different parts of the body - arms, head, legs, lips, shoulders, eyes.


- It is time to evaluate what our wonderfulladies. Women have long known how to win the favor of men - it should compliment. I suggest the beautiful half of the guests to continue the phrase "Knight - a ..." so that after these words the knights inspired to new exploits present in the lock.

By Ovation guests gathered at the wedding,determined by the winner of the contest, and then in a beautiful room and the ladies of the castle knights awarded prizes. Rounding out the main cast of the wedding bouquet, garter bride. Later, cut the wedding cake. This is done in the Stamp hall of the castle, and then turn on the music and start dancing for the guests of the festival.

The cost of a wedding in the Czech Republic

There is a stereotype that a wedding abroad -It's expensive, and easier to hold a ceremony at home. But often economical celebration in the homeland is more expensive wedding in any castle Czech Republic. Carrying an average Czech newlyweds wedding cost 6 euros. For comparison, the capital of the Russian pairs have to shell out for the organization of the wedding ceremony more impressive sum (modest holiday worth 10-12 thousand euros).

If the young have decided to order a wedding in the CzechTravel agency, its value will fluctuate in the range 700-3000 Euro. The price of the event depends on the package, which will choose the couple. Luxury option ( "luxury") includes:

Transfer and young guests;
registration of documents;
rent rooms for the wedding ceremony (the town hall, the castle);
hiring a decorator in the Czech Republic, leading, florist, photographer, interpreter;
makeup and hairstyle of the bride;
a car for the newlyweds and decor;
bridal bouquet;
boutonnieres for the groom and guests;
order the restaurant for wedding party (including menus);
translation of documents Young;
wedding music accompaniment.

Video: Dream wedding for two in the Czech Republic

Symbolic wedding in the Czech Republic - a greatoption for couples who have already registered the marriage at home. This solution is suitable and couples who want to spend an unusual wedding anniversary in a great location to get a new bright impressions and refresh the senses. Symbolic wedding in the Czech Republic held a traditional ceremony, but without prior submission of documents for official registration of marriage. Formal wedding Czech does not provide for restrictions on the money and is available for young people.

Wedding photo shoot in the Czech Republic

The beauty of the Czech landscape, majesty of castles,ordinances of the temple, the old town hall as if specially created for weddings. Filled with magical atmosphere feelings Czech castles like a romantic dream that suddenly became a beautiful reality. Thousands of couples arrive to the Czech Republic, to plunge into this fairy tale, and receive a souvenir beautiful wedding photos. Lovely Bohemia street do not require additional details for a photo shoot on the background of the couple will be similar to the medieval prince and princess.

Wedding photos from Czech Republic