Wedding in Switzerland

Choosing a venue for his wedding,many want something unusual, memorable and possibly somewhere on the edge of the Earth. This is quite a romantic wish you can bring to life, if you choose this option, as the wedding in Switzerland. This beautiful country is fascinating for its beautiful scenery, nature, purity, and quality of life around. You will want to learn about local traditions of painting and its features, as well as experience, what would be the scenario of your Swiss ceremony.

The traditions and customs of the Swiss wedding

If you decide to make your ceremonywedding in Switzerland, then you should definitely get acquainted with local traditions. You need to understand at least roughly, how it will be your wedding, to know the order of passage ceremonies, rules and customs. Below you will find a more detailed description of the wedding traditions in the Swiss point by point:

  1. Wedding banquet in Switzerland strikinglyIt differs from that arrange themselves Russian couple. From the outside it looks like a modest reception with a small amount of sandwiches and aperitifs. This feast is perceived quite normal for the people of Switzerland and is not intended to lush fun.
    Wedding reception in Switzerland
  2. Such indifference to the SwissNational wedding due to the fact that the country keeps its history of more than 400 different kinds of traditions with the original rituals, costumes. As a result, it becomes difficult to give preference to any one kind of national wedding celebration.
  3. In Switzerland it made publicly disclose the legitimateregistration of marriage. You may be surprised, but it is important for local people to report the news through the local media, to avoid any possibility of polygamy.
  4. On the Swiss wedding is not customary to give flowersnewlyweds. Only the bride can be with a wedding bouquet, which she painted at the end of the ceremony just gives her friends as a symbol of happiness and no more.
  5. At the expense of the entertainment at the wedding: Swiss is not alien to the various fun contests, sweepstakes, stealing the bride, her ransom. So, regardless of the other conservative aspects of local weddings, wedding Swiss will not seem boring party for your guests.
  6. The symbol of a wedding decoration in Switzerlanda sunflower. There tend to decorate virtually any data of a flower: wedding procession, feast ceremonial arch. It is believed that sunflower brings newly made family a happy life, full of joy and solar energy.
  7. According to the ancient traditions of Switzerland bride had to burn your wreath. On how much burned this accessory, it determined how much further will develop happily married life honeymoon.
  8. But a wedding gift in Switzerland attitudepragmatic: all the guests are provided with the same advance lists of necessary items that will be useful to newlyweds. They are sent to the specialty stores and at their own discretion acquire a souvenir from the list.
  9. In Switzerland, there is a special relationship toEngagement Ring: this is one of those rare things, the purchase of which no Swiss money will not regret. Local couple bought himself a special ring for the event under the name "Alliance" from the master jeweler. They must be manufactured according to individual sketches, with the mandatory use of precious stones and gold highest order. The ride costs a lot of money in Swiss, so it is possible to suggest the cause of the humble of weddings Switzerland.
  10. In some regions the couple mustplant young pine-tree after the wedding. According to the ancient customs of Switzerland, where this tree grows out of it did for the first baby cot.
    tree planting tradition of newlyweds in Switzerland
  11. It is worth to note the dress code is a Swiss wedding: local residents have a simple attitude to the choice of attire. Guests here wear the traditional evening dresses, as well as everyday items, such as jeans or shorts. In Switzerland, it will not be shameful for any present on a particular wedding.

Features wedding in Switzerland

A wedding in this beautiful country different from theother countries that you should be prepared to the specific organization of the event. Switzerland rejects hold lavish banquets, celebrations Razdolnoe. Newlyweds give a relatively short time invited guests at the wedding, providing a modest banquet after the official registration of marriage at City Hall, a small entertainment program, and then go to a romantic trip. So they try as much as possible to devote time to each other and to devote himself to his wedding feast.

How to organize a wedding?

If you - the person addicting who lovesto organize any kind of event with the personal participation, then you will enjoy self-organizing weddings in Switzerland. In this case, you will have to search for a hotel, a restaurant, choose a venue for a wedding or a painting, to agree and organize the wedding ceremony at the site. This option will suit those who prefer to find all of the above for a maximum budget prices.

Organisation of the Swiss marriage

There is another option: contact the wedding or travel agency, which is pleased to offer a lot of interesting options. This organization of the wedding you will find the most convenient, because all newlyweds wishes will be considered here, who want to legalize their relationships abroad. Once you get further advice about what stand to take into account during the wedding in Switzerland.

Where to hold the ceremony?

Uniquely identified with the wedding ceremonyin Switzerland, it is time to think about the place where the event will occur. It may be picturesque scenery of nature and mountains, the beautiful city of beauty among the distinctive architecture of Geneva, Lausanne or Montreux, blue waters of the cleanest lakes in Switzerland. Choosing wedding venue depends only on you, but rather, what your heart closer and warmer. The main thing - to memories spectacular and unforgettable.


Zurich - a city of glamor, and natural beauty. Here you will find a lot of panoramic views of the famous Alps that seamlessly fit into the urbanized landscape. Zurich excised variety of ancient streets, bends are remembered by the ancient Romans. It's a wonderful place to hold a wedding ceremony photoshoot and painting.

Swiss wedding in Zurich


Choose for the wedding ceremony in Switzerlandbeautiful town of Lugano, something reminiscent of Rio. Here you will see a lot of Spanish flavor among local traditions, enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes. Lugano forms a small bay on the lake Cherezino, sprawling on the foothills of Monte Bre and Salvatore. An ideal place for a dream wedding in the wonderful Switzerland!

Wedding near the Swiss city of Lugano


A small European village of Morcote Switzerlandcalled the Pearl, located on the Via Peninsula. You are captivated by unforgettable views of local colorful houses are comfortably took their places along the coast. Arrange visiting the wedding ceremony in a garden Scherer - and indelible impressions of a wedding away from the bustle of the city will fill this special time of harmony, happiness and love.

Marriage among the landscapes near Morcote Switzerland


If you - a couple who enjoys skiingresorts or loves landscapes of high mountains and walk on them, consider a place for a wedding as Zermatt. This unique village famous mountain slopes and is considered the best resort in all of Switzerland. You get a lot of indescribable impressions from the wedding, held in this wonderful place.

Tsermattskaya wedding near Switzerland

lake Lucerne

The perfect place for the wedding in Switzerland -Lake Lucerne. This enchanting in its beauty pond resembles the shape of a cross when viewed from above. Many legends created mankind about this unique place, located in the heart of Switzerland. This will be a truly memorable wedding, if you are organizing an exit ceremony painting directly on the shore of Lake Lucerne.

Wedding on the shores of Lake Lucerne

Resorts in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva - a place that inspiresByron of their unforgettable landscape. Therefore it will be exciting activities for you to enjoy a glass of champagne after the magic word agreement to the union at one of the resorts in the area. No wonder that Geneva is famous for its measured pace of life - is the very nature ordered to enjoy each lived a moment of your wedding.

Wedding with views of Lake Geneva

Scenario wedding in Switzerland

  • Wedding morning in Switzerland

Bride brings beauty to a hotel room. Groom calls in for his beloved in the luxury car business class. The girl goes to the balcony, and the guy sings a romantic serenade. After sincere words of love enchanted bride goes down and the couple go together to the venue of the wedding. Guests look forward Suite at the ceremonial altar on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.

  • Solemn paintings

Newlyweds go along the white path leading to the beautifully decorated arch on the banks of the picturesque pond among the mountain peaks. Guests showered with rose petals and fun welcome.

leading wedding Keywords:

- This day you will remember that twoValentine hearts have decided to conclude their alliance in the most beautiful place in the world - Switzerland. Their love and family relationships will be incredibly strong thanks to the energy produced in a given place. Let your union will be eternal, and relationships - quivering, gentle and respectful. Fill each other's joy, harmony and happiness. Let your friends will be always there, as it is now. Fasten your alliance, exchanging rings and a gentle kiss. Switzerland congratulates you on gaining new status! Bitterly!

The official Swiss painting
  • Wedding banquet with entertainment competitions

After the official wedding ceremonyguests with newly-married couple approach the festively laid a small buffet near the site of the painting. Here there is a part of the wedding greeting with the presentation of gifts: the guests at a time suitable for the newlyweds, congratulations and leave on a special table their gifts.

  • The final part of the wedding

After a brief feast newlywedsdancing wedding dance, and invite guests to see the fireworks. After that, all sent to the planned excursions, travel along the scenic country of Switzerland.

Video: conducting the wedding ceremony in Switzerland

Switzerland - a country in which a high level oflife, beautiful views of natural beauty, interesting cuisine. Holding a wedding here - a great option for those who want to get a lot of unforgettable impressions. Watch a video from the wedding ceremony in Switzerland, where you'll find a lot of interesting moments. celebration style you definitely impress and inspire.

Wedding photo shoot in Switzerland

Having been in Switzerland at his own wedding, sinnot book a luxurious photo session with local landscapes. Let the photographer will work with you more than one hour, but the result will exceed all your expectations. You can not only enjoy the flavor of the country, walking through the streets of the distinctive Swiss cities, but also to capture stunning pictures in their wedding clothes. This wedding will be a photo session for you a wonderful memory for years to come together happy life. Examples see in the photo below:

Swiss wedding photos