Wedding in Seychelles

No more romantic moment for lovecouple than their wedding day. All newlyweds tend to arrange an unforgettable wedding ceremony and spend a wonderful honeymoon. In preparation for the celebration, some brides and grooms are abandoning traditional weddings in his native country in favor of a more romantic, colorful registration in a tropical island. Wedding on the Seychelles - one of the many transformations of family creation date options in vivid, memorable and fabulous holiday. Here you will be able to combine the wedding ceremony with the honeymoon.

How to organize a wedding in the Seychelles

An ideal place for colorfulwedding ceremony - Seychelles. Unique landscapes, scenic ocean, green palm trees, sandy beaches will be the natural backdrop for your holiday. If you think that to organize a wedding outside the country is problematic, entrust the entire preparatory process for the professionals of the wedding agency or travel company. They have experience in conducting such special events, they have established contacts with employees of the wedding industry of Seychelles.

The wedding ceremony in the Seychelles

Wedding on the Seychelles - is a great way tomix business with pleasure. Do not rush to return home immediately after the registration of marriage. Book yourself a hotel for a long time, and then you will be able to spend an unforgettable honeymoon in the Seychelles colorful sea. The islands have a lot of wild beaches where newly minted spouses will be able to retire and spend the day together.

By organizing the wedding, talk to yourwedding agent the possibility of non-traditional ceremonies. Seychelles offer newlyweds a different kind of marriage: the hotel, in a forest, near the ocean, within tropical gardens, underwater coral reef, on a yacht. Marriage Made in Seychelles all the regulatory rules will be valid in all countries. But the island and provide services for the symbolic marriage ceremony.

Tropical Seychelles Islands wedding ceremony

Where to spend the wedding

The Seychelles are a greatArchipelago, which brings together more than 100 island. Each of them is unique. Whichever you choose, you will be provided a fairytale wedding, these places are considered to be the most beautiful areas of the planet. The atmosphere is special climate, which provides year-round warm weather without sharp temperature fluctuations, so worry about acclimatization you do not have. Popular destinations for weddings is the island of Praslin, La Digue, MAE.

The wedding ceremony in the Seychelles

On the island of Praslin

Newlyweds who want to meet luxurysunrises and sunsets, enjoy the amazing beauty of nature, must be chosen for their ceremony, the island of Praslin. Its beaches are among the best in the world. On Praslin there is a unique grove of coconut palms, which has no analogues in the world. There you will be able to hold a unique wedding photo shoot. The frame will be able to get a rare bird that is found only in the Seychelles - the black parrot.

Praslin: official wedding

On the island of La Digue

One of the largest islands of the Seychelles - La Digue. It is characterized by the beauty and unique nature. To get to La Digu, you have to take a boat or helicopter. Like the other islands of the Seychelles, La Digue has a stormy vegetation, beautiful scenery. Your holiday can complement a rare bird - paradise flycatcher. The wedding will take place in an environment of unique landscapes. If you decide to arrange a ceremony near the ocean, a unique shade of pink sand will give an even greater triumph of fabulousness.

Seychelles symbolic wedding on La Digue


Wedding on the MAE for those loving couples,who not only want to find yourself surrounded by tropical nature, the Indian Ocean, but also to visit a secular party, to visit the expensive luxury restaurants. This island is full of touching beauty, fairytale romance. It connects to the unique atmosphere, happy mood and wonderful nature. After the wedding in the Seychelles, you can during the honeymoon dive into the nightlife of the island, visiting the elite night clubs, discos.

Preparation for marriage registration on the MAE

Required documents for marriage

If you decide to get married in the Seychelles, in a wedding agency or travel agency will inform you the list of documents required for registration of marriage. You will need:

photocopies of all pages of the passport the bride and groom;
birth certificate, both women and men;
the so-called affidavit - a document about freedom;
if you enter into a marriage widow or widower, you will need a certificate of former spouse or the spouse's death certificate of previous marriage;
for divorced people will need to provide evidence of the conclusion and termination of a previous union;
a certificate of adoption, if the relationship is to register people previously adopted;
if necessary, you may need to copy the original to change the name, surname;
notarized permission from parents for marriage if the marriage will be held for persons under 18 years of age.
The package of necessary documents should be submittedcompany engaged in the organization of your wedding, not later than one month before the big day. For all documents and information necessary to make an English translation, notarize. Originals of all documents must be included on arrival to the island. Upon completion of registration, a marriage certificate is transferred to the Russian Consulate in the Seychelles, where marriage is authenticated and transferred to the Russian language, according to the regulations of the country.

How much does a wedding in Seychelles

Here couples can play aformal wedding, a certificate which will be valid in all countries, as well as symbolic. The second option is a fabulous ceremony, does not differ from the official registration, but it does not end the marriage certificate is issued. From what kind of wedding you choose, as well as the celebration venue will depend on the final price of the holiday.

Official wedding

The exact cost of a wedding will tell you onlywedding agent, engaged in the preparation of your celebration. Price will vary depending on your preferences and wishes. Tours for honeymooners are selected individually. The minimum cost of an official ceremony will be drawn up as a result of the price calculation for a few services. Here's the approximate cost:

Preparation of documents, translation and authentication of the wedding certificate at the Russian consulate in the Seychelles - 250 euros.
Support of the Russian-speaking wedding assistant agent and the place of arrival - 110 euros.
Minimum price fielding ceremony in the Seychelles: MAE - 1800 euro, Praslin - 750 euros, La Digue - 475 euros. The price includes site preparation for the celebration, cake, registrar services, transfer, floral arch.

Wedding on the tropical islands of the Seychelles

If your wedding will be in the output, orholiday, you will be charged an additional fee. The same applies to cases where the couple are late to the provision of documents and submit them later than two weeks before the registration. You can expect an additional fee and depending on which hotel you choose to stay for the duration of the wedding ceremony.

Dream wedding

symbolic wedding cost will not be muchdiffer from the official ceremony. But for such a wedding you will not have to pay for the preparation of documents for registration, the visa fee for processing of the marriage certificate. The rest will depend only on your wishes and possibilities. The luxurious ceremony you want to organize, the more expensive it will cost. Minimum price symbolic wedding is the same as for a formal wedding.

The symbolic wedding ceremony in the Seychelles

Video: conducting the wedding in the Seychelles

Seychelles offer newlyweds playunique wedding surrounded by the ocean, the warm sun, the blue sky and the singing of tropical birds. Do you want to arrange a memorable ceremony of marriage or a symbolic wedding to tell each other how you are in love? Seychelles - the right place for this. You will come out colorful photos and video from such a trip. And if you are still in doubt, decide in favor of the Seychelles will help video, which displayed the charming atmosphere of the tropics.

Reviews of holding weddings in the Seychelles

Irina, 39 years old

Last year, for dating anniversary wefavorite went to the Seychelles, to register our relationship. The wedding went fabulous. The ceremony was held on the beach under the rays of the setting sun. It was magical!

Tatyana, 54 years old

When my son was going to marry, I decidedgive him and future daughter-a beautiful wedding by Seychelles for the event. Wedding agent advised me to go to the island of Praslin, and I have not regretted. The newlyweds were happy to have such a gift.

Igor, 46 years old

Our wedding was with his wife when they were young, andIt did not go exactly as we wanted was a sad sediment. So I decided to make another wedding, but this, which will be only the two of us. The symbolic ceremony staged at the MAE in a tropical garden. This time everything went as well as possible. "

Wedding photo shoot

You will not find many of these colorfullandscapes and amazing places for wedding photo shoots, both on a tropical island. Wedding on the Seychelles - an act of unique beauty in which every bride can feel like a princess. Bright, sunny pictures be able to do not only on the beach but also in the beautiful gardens, forests, which are rich island. Wedding photo shoot with the Seychelles will colorful, bright and cheerful, because in a place like this sadness will not be able to appear on your face.

Wedding photo session in the tropics in the Seychelles