Wedding in Phuket

Thailand - a country of romance, love and adventure. Tourists from around the world seek here not only for the architectural attractions, culture or exotic sandy beaches, but also to spend an unforgettable romantic holiday, or tie the knot. Wedding in Phuket will be a bright, memorable event. Couples are choosing the island as a place for registration of marriage because of the tropical romance that surrounds you here everywhere.

How to organize a wedding in Phuket

Weddings on the Thai island of demandamong honeymooners from around the world. Wedding agencies both local and foreign, offer loving couples to organize an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Some people who want to combine the knot in Phuket, prefer the ceremony in traditional Thai style, while others want to spend a romantic wedding on the beach event. Choosing a suitable option, you can start preparing for the wedding.

Phuket: the organization of a wedding celebration

If you do not want to burden themselvesthe preparatory phase, the organization of the wedding in Thailand are best left to the professionals of the wedding agency. You just have to express their wishes regarding the celebrations, and agents will take care of all organizational aspects. Those who wish to organize their own wedding on the southern island, not necessarily associated with intermediaries, it is only necessary to find a wedding agency in Phuket. Then the plan of preparation for the wedding will be as follows:

  1. Choosing a local wedding agency, registered with the Thai Department of Thailand business.
  2. Selecting ceremony: classic, yacht, beach villa.
  3. Destination wedding date.
  4. professional photographer Order.
  5. The conclusion of the contract with the agency.
  6. Pay in advance.
  7. Telephone conversations with a wedding coordinator.
  8. Adding the amount of residue on the eve of the celebration.
  9. Wedding day.
  10. Production of processed photos, videos.

Wedding at the sea in Phuket

Where to hold a wedding in Phuket

The island allows the bride and groomchoose whichever type of ceremony. This does not have to be a classic traditional wedding in a European sense. In the southern provinces of Thailand, you will be able to arrange an exotic, unique wedding ceremony that did would not be able to organize in their home country. Popular types of Phuket wedding event - a ceremony on the beach, an elephant, a yacht, a villa or under water.

Types of Thai wedding

Wedding on the beach

Romantically minded natures who wantfeel the atmosphere of a fairy tale, it is recommended to arrange a wedding at the sea by this colorful beach. The water surrounded by sand, palm trees will take place union of two hearts. Wedding agents decorate a place for celebrations, install floral arch and the surrounding nature with its superb scenery becomes the backdrop for a unique wedding.

Island wedding ceremony

Wedding under the water

Extraordinary wedding ceremony under watersuitable for young, active couples who love all bright and shocking. Instead of dresses in a classic style, the couple oblachatsya in wetsuits diving. Live underwater world of colorful coral thickets will witness your wedding. Such a marriage is not only memorable, but also romantic.

Unusual wedding under water

Riding on an elephant

Discard the traditional wedding procession. Wedding agency Phuket offer a ride on your wedding day an elephant. By long-standing national tradition Thai elephants, decorated with bright robes with pompons, carry the bride and groom to the gate of the temple, where the official part of the program will be held. After that, riding on an elephant couple go for a walk through the jungle island.

The wedding ceremony on an elephant

Wedding in Villa

The celebration in a beautiful house with a uniquelandscape view - the ultimate dream for many lovers. The ceremony takes place in a cozy estate with access to the tropical garden, which is surrounded by the music and the company of invited guests the couple exchanged vows. The event is accompanied by traditional dances, music, fun, colorful fireworks, buffet.

Wedding Celebration at Villa

On a yacht or boat

The original ceremony happens on the boat,ship or an old ship. Under white sails, the sound of waves lapping on the rocks and the sea wind blows you say another oath, and only blue sea and cloudless sky will witness your love. Yacht whisk the bride and bridegroom to the uninhabited island, which will host an unforgettable wedding photo shoot.

Marriage under sail on a yacht

Scenario wedding in Phuket

Thai wedding for the bride and the groom beginsearly morning. Newlyweds clothed in their bridal attire, selected according to the style and theme of the celebration. The bride comes to make-up artist with a hairdresser, they will make a beautiful hairdo and makeup, perfectly complementing the image.

Script wedding in Phuket

Wedding scenario for celebrations in Phukettraditional sense is not. Newlyweds abandon classic bride price, detour attractions and laying flowers to the monument, as is done at home. Thai wedding - it's a romantic event, where the main actors in addition to the bride and groom are the beach, sea, sky and nature. Loving couple enjoying vacation and the wonderful weather.

After the morning's preparations for the newlywedssent to the place where the official part will be carried out: the beach, yacht, villa. By this time, the organizers finish last-minute preparations: spread a carpet, set flower arch, chairs are arranged for guests. After reciting the vows and painted in a wedding certificate, the bride and bridegroom are officially husband and wife. For an additional fee you can order the presence of the monks who bless the newlyweds.

South Island: the original marriage

After the wedding is held weddingphoto shoot in Phuket, after which the young guests go to celebrate the event in the banquet hall of the hotel, villa or other selected location. If you make a master, he will entertain the audience with fun contests, games. Wedding day ends with a grand firework display.

How much does a wedding in Phuket?

Thai celebrations cost will depend onwhat kind of ceremony you want: formal or symbolic wedding. To arrange a formal event, you will need to visit the many government agencies and authorities to obtain the relevant documents. The difference between the symbolic celebration is that the wedding ceremony with all its accompanying attributes will take place in conditions of Phuket, but the official stamp of marriage in the passport would have to put in the place of permanent residence.

The cost of a wedding event in Phuket

Official wedding

The minimum cost of a formal weddingPhuket is $ 1,000. The exact price will depend on the style and theme of the holiday. For beach wedding in "Bounty" style will cost about $ 1,200. What is included in this price:

  • rental space;
  • floral arch;
  • bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere;
  • professional photographer;
  • path of rose petals;
  • transfer.

Wedding under water in Phuket will cost muchexpensive. Wetsuits, aqualung, underwater video and photography events, a shuttle service to the dive site, champagne and snacks will cost $ 3800. A wedding on a luxury yacht with waiter service, music, a small banquet for 4 people will cost you about $ 4000. The classic marriage of European tradition is estimated at $ 3,500.

Official wedding ceremony in Phuket

Dream wedding

The symbolic celebration, after which youWe need to formalize relations in the community, will cost a little bit cheaper formal wedding. For example, the Thai-style wedding in Phuket, some agencies offer to arrange for $ 1,500. This price includes:

  • transfer from the hotel to the place of the ceremony;
  • decoration wedding convoy with fresh flowers;
  • preparation of a flower arrangement for the bride and boutonniere for the groom;
  • symbolic certificate of marriage;
  • video and photo services operator;
  • the presence of the monks who blessed the newlyweds;
  • Thai amulets for the bride and groom;
  • banquet or buffet separately, according to the number of guests.

Symbolic wedding in Phuket

Video: conducting the wedding in Phuket

The wedding, held in Phuket, willromantic holiday that will appeal not only to the couple but also guests. Colorful scenery, endless sea, white sand, beautiful palm will play the role of natural decorations for the ceremony. Choose the style of celebration, which is suitable for your couple: be it a wedding by the sea, in a villa, a ship or other not less beautiful place, full of what Phuket. And if you still have doubts about marrying outside of their native country, while the plot of the video below will convince you in making correct decisions.

Reviews of holding weddings in Phuket

Tatiana, 32 years: "We wanted to play with your favorite wedding by the sea, so chose Phuket. To our delight there is no limit. What beauty surrounds us, the organizers of the ceremony made everything wonderful and took into account all our wishes. It was a wonderful holiday. "

Eugene, 38 years old: "After ten years of marriage, my husband and we decided to renew our vows to each other. The venue of this symbolic ceremony was chosen Phuket, where we spent their honeymoon. At sea, the sun and the noise of the waves, we have renewed our solemn promise given 10 years ago. It was excellent! "

Liliya, 24 years old: "I really like my favorite scuba diving. Therefore, thinking about how to organize a wedding, we decided to play it under water. Wedding organizer of Phuket arranged everything and arranged for us. Such a happy and joyful day, I was not. I recommend not afraid to experiment! ".

Wedding photo session in Phuket

In addition to the colorful wedding ceremony inPhuket newlyweds will spend a beautiful, vibrant wedding photo shoot. The island has a lot of scenic spots, where will be able to make unique pictures. The bride, dressed in a white dress, solemnly dressed groom surrounded by bright green, blue sea and cloudless sky, they will feel happy and radiate joy in the pictures. To make the original pictures, use this fun props.

Romantic wedding photo shoot in Phuket