Wedding in October

Autumn weddings often take place not in the samethe warm season, but they are beautiful in their own way. Young couple looks nice under the azure sky, bright sun, on a background dressed in colorful outfit yellow-red trees. This fantastic situation in October allows the couple to feel the king and queen. Golden Autumn has always been successful at times for the wedding. It left behind the summer chores completed field work, collected the long-awaited harvest, it's time to relax and have fun.

Golden autumn wedding

Wedding in October - signs

By the end of the month of October summer weddingsnearing completion, so those couples who did not register their marriage in August and September, in a hurry to make it before the cold weather. October wedding - a frequent phenomenon, but it has long been considered among the people are not very happy. The sign says that marriage will be disadvantaged, and a joint life of the newlyweds - heavy and troublesome. But do not attach great importance to take, because family relationships are always built by overcoming difficulties, while true love is even stronger.

Signs for the October wedding

In preparation for the wedding, we can not forget about national signs, warning inexperienced honeymooners from misfortune:

  • Writing to measure your wedding ring to another person - for an early divorce.
  • When you exit the registrar someone will pass or will be between the bride and groom - young family disintegrate.
  • Before the wedding the mother sends her daughter some heirloom - a strong family union.
  • When the parent summing bride wept - to a happy marriage.
  • Bride and groom at the same time put out the wedding candles - family life will be long and happy.

Favorable days for a wedding in October 2016

Gone are the hot summer days, and to the strong winterfrost is still far. Why not use this golden time for the most important event? Nature in October fascinates with its magnificent decoration as if emphasizing the solemnity of the moment. Yellow, red, brown, green leaves are falling at his feet prostyle newlyweds wedding bright carpet.

What days are favorable for the October wedding

In October, the couple will not have to wait longtheir turn in the registry office for marriage registration, because the wedding boom has passed. They will choose the date celebration that best fits their needs, and will not adjust to the "free box". Restaurant, Toastmaster services and music in October, will cost much cheaper than in summer. A fall wedding table will hit a variety of incredibly delicious and healthy dishes.

Successful choice for weddings

According to the predictions of astrologers, in October 2016better to marry in the first or third decade of the month. Marriages in the second decade will be short-lived. The newlyweds, a wedding from 1 to 10 October, be patient - their lives will be filled with trials, quarrels, misunderstandings moments. One can not say that the family is doomed to break, but the relationship between husband and wife will be difficult.

Play the October wedding on the auspicious day

If you aspire to the light, a strong alliance,select wedding third decade of October. Then the stars will be located so that the newly formed family will build a laid-back, healthy relationship. In addition, between the newlyweds will reign a full understanding, it will present destiny of many gifts - money well-being, a comfortable home, healthy children. Here are some good days for the wedding:

  • 1 October - the couple will be successful in business;
  • October 3 - The newlyweds after the wedding will be a lot of time to spend together, realizing our plans;
  • October 4 - young couple will be successful in any endeavor, unless they will lower arms;
  • 6 October - the couple will live together for a long time, if in a relationship will dominate compassion and support;
  • October 21 - will create a strong, close-knit family;
  • October 22 - the spouses give each other and people around the joy;
  • October 24 - the newlyweds have the strength and intelligence to overcome all the difficulties of life;
  • October 25 - Wedding portends financial stability;
  • 29 October - would be a good marriage, if the couple will not make rash acts;
  • October 31 - a good day for the conclusion of a happy marriage.

The best day for a wedding

Astrologers believe that the best day forwedding in October, will be the number 28 - 16 lunar day. The moon is in Taurus - the sign, stands for reliability, financial stability. Therefore, any transaction made by 28 October, will be successful. Family Union will have a long and comfortable relationship for both spouses. Especially happy to be incorrigible romantics, in front of them opens the prospect of implementing the craziest plans.

Ideas for wedding

Weather in the month of October not really pampered uswarm, so expect to exit the ceremony or picnic, it is not necessary. The best solution is to hold a wedding in the refined restaurant. And what style you will select for your holiday, you decide. The choice of topics and the October wedding scenarios is huge.

  • Russian wedding. Traditional costume show of national subjects with trained bears, clowns, performers original genre.
  • Gypsy wedding. She will not leave anyone indifferent. Lively music, bright colorful suits, perfectly in harmony with the rich decoration of autumn nature, awaken live energy, forced to sing and have fun.
  • Eco wedding. In the autumn of getting a traditional decoration of the banquet hall, and a variety of holiday table with seasonal flowers and accessories in the fruit and berry style. Created with their own hands, they will give the wedding unique, unrepeatable.
  • Autumn Festival. Yellow leaves, bright colors in the decor of the room, in the middle of a photo shoot painted crimson park - all the inherent features of an autumn wedding.

Bouquet of the bride and groom boutonniere shouldcontain seasonal flowers. They are compiled on the same principle and in one color. Invitation cards for the guests make their own hands and decorate yellowed maple leaves. Essential guests at the wedding table - ruddy apples, huge bunches of grapes, ripe pumpkin chic.

Interesting ideas for October wedding

Accessories for a wedding in October

As you go to the wedding

In the cool season outfits newlyweds haveIt is sewn from thick, warm fabrics. Bride in October should be chosen gated with lush multi-layered skirt and petticoats - will be nice and warm at the same time. To pick up a wedding dress warm robe or a white fur coat. The perfect complement to the image of the bride will be the elegant leather gloves, warming delicate hands all day. White wedding shoes should be replaced with ornate boots, because the weather forecast is very difficult to advance in October.

Suit groom should choose dark colors,complete with white shirt and tie, he will create a strict way of an elegant gentleman. Given the cool weather, take care of his outer clothing, because the open-air passes a large part of the celebration. Coat or cape for a wedding should be selected so that they blend in with the wedding dress color and style, and always had long coat.

Dresses October newlyweds

Wedding in October: reviews

Very beautiful pictures came out with the Octoberwedding! Fascinating couple stood under the crimson maples, and it seemed that they were in a fairy tale! The weather did not let us down - the sun was warm, the wind calmed down. We were pleased with the wedding. In summer, the heat would not be allowed to celebrate as well.

At the wedding I began to rain, and soiled his brideamazing dress. Attire was a pity, but the couple did not lose heart, and have fun. Though suddenly much colder, guests danced the night, after the wedding happens only once. The main thing at the banquet is not the weather, but the mood of people.

Select the time we did not have for a wedding,We did everything in a hurry. So it was that hit in October. Believe me, we are not a bit regret it. Vegetables and fruits were in abundance, wedding table was covered with incredibly beautiful and delicious! And if you count the cost, the spring wedding, I do not envy.

Wedding photo shoot in October

The most successful times for the wedding shooting isthe first half of the month of October, when the sun was still happy with its brilliant light, and the photos are vivid, colorful. Take photos in the park, botanical garden, farmhouse, at a reservoir. But in the second half of the month, it is better to hold a wedding photo shoot indoors - a nice restaurant, bar, hotel, theater. Remember - it is important not the place where you shoot and how you do it! Select a good wedding photographer and trust him, then your pictures will be perfect as the boys from our video.

Wedding photos in October

Ideas for photo shoot