Wedding in May

With regard to the May wedding of old theresome differences. On the one hand, the month of May - a great time when it is already behind the cold and the summer heat has not had time to tire. Finally came the beautiful, warm spring days, perfect for a wedding, the sun is shining, the clouds disperse and the soul in the same way is clear and well! On the other hand, national sign reads: "marry in May - all his life to suffer." Therefore, many young couples do not dare to play a wedding this month. How justified such concerns, let's see.

Fascinating aspects of the May wedding

Wedding in May: signs

Until now, some superstitious people believe thatmonth of spring unfavorable for marriage, because marriage in May promises to young unhappy family life, full of adultery and painful troubles, and to suffer after such a marriage for life, no one wants. This stereotype has developed in our ancestors, even though he is deprived of all sorts of reasons. "Toil" is derived from the "drudgery", which means "endless unpleasant chores," but not the word "may". Confirm this judgment video provided below.

A wonderful spring called the name of the Roman monthMaya goddess of fertility, the patron saint of farmers and protector of children. Therefore, couples, a wedding May, very quickly acquire a healthy offspring. In Russia a month since ancient times was called the "herb" that is consonant with green juicy young grass with beautiful spring flowers. Is not it the perfect time for a family?

There are other signs of the May wedding folk, mostly weather-related phenomena:

  • Rain on the wedding - to wealth and understanding.
  • Rainbow - for good luck.
  • It disrupts the strong wind - to the windy lives of young spouses.
  • Thunderstorm storm or during a wedding - unfortunately.
  • Spider went down to the dress or veil the bride - to wealth and prosperity.
  • Bride spring morning woke up under the chirping of birds - to a happy marriage.

Favorable days for a wedding in May 2016

Although national sign advises newlywedslink their fate in May, astrologers still emit the first half of the month, according to the number of 17, inclusive, as the favorable time for a wedding. If you are comfortable with black cats and broken mirrors, just trust your feelings, the month of May will certainly please you excellent conditions for the celebration.

Against the background of blooming apple orchards, lush springgreen bride will look very happy and charming. She will wear a wedding dress beautiful outdoor favorably emphasizing all of its charms. The month of May is not allows to choose the bride along a warm cloak or coat, because the sudden rain will summery warm. Bright sun rays help to create incredibly beautiful, beautiful pictures during the wedding photo shoot.

May - a favorable month for a wedding

successful days

  • May 1 - the bride and groom after the wedding will be held successfully through the difficulties of the first years of marriage, would work on the bugs, the young will be a success.
  • May 3 - the best day for a change in his personal life, the couple is waiting for material well-being. The main thing - commitment, perseverance.
  • 6 May - conflicts and domestic troubles did not destroy the happiness of the young, if they sincerely care about your sweetheart, putting her interests above their own.
  • 8 May - the young to build a nice, friendly family, bring up worthy children.
  • May 9 - a strong family based on mutual respect and diligence.
  • May 10 - the freshness of feelings the bride and groom after the wedding will continue for many years.
  • May 11 - durable union, which is leading one of the spouses.
  • May 12 - relationships require constant work on oneself, self-improvement.
  • May 13 - spouses activity will be active and fruitful, calm quiet life they can only dream of.
  • 17 May - a young family after marriage needs constant support from the parents.

In May, there is no orthodox positions, so the churchbless your marriage and will hold a wedding ceremony in any Friday or Sunday of the month. Wedding day will be Monday and Wednesday, if necessary. Singular May not be suitable for a wedding - the day of the Holy Trinity (Pentecost), on 31 May.

The best day for a wedding

When choosing the best day of the month for the wedding the groomand the bride is recommended to use a lunar calendar. Astrologers claim that auspicious day for weddings are 21 lunar day of each month. In May 2016, they fall to 9 numbers. Oaths and promises uttered in 21 lunar day, categorically can not be broken. There is a sign - how well the wedding will take place on such a day will be so happy to live the newlyweds.

Ideas for wedding

Month of May makes us happy color saturation,spring freshness. Therefore it is best to make a colored wedding, choosing a basis for a green and all its shades - lime, olive, pistachio. If taken as a primary color yellow, turquoise, cream or white, then the accessories chosen green tones. It is important to keep your wedding style and accents the right to design the wedding hall was gentle, delicate as spring itself.

Making a banquet hall for a May wedding

Banquet tables decorate vases with bouquetsspring flowers: tulips, daffodils, lilies, hyacinths, lilacs. You can add flowering branches of trees to them. Flowers for the wedding is better to take in the bud, because the month of May - the growth and development of youth and beauty. Porcelain and ceramic trinkets, elegant candle holders, will be the best decoration of the banquet hall. Successfully will look green tablecloths on the tables, combined with a beautiful snow-white crockery.

May wedding menu must contain freshvegetables, fruits and herbs, which all so bored during the long winter months. Food should not be too high-calorie, it is necessary to reduce the number of severe winter salads with mayonnaise. The meat and fish post spring snacks, instead of fat sweet biscuit - original cake from fruits, cherries and strawberries on a platter.

In good weather would be a good solutionhold a banquet in nature - in a country house or dacha, where the blossom trees, a lot of fresh air and space. Try a few months rent for a wedding a beautiful two-storey villa overlooking the sea or the old castle in the forest. See how fun to celebrate the day of his May wedding the bride and groom from our video.

Photoshoot newlyweds at the spring forest gladeor in a beautiful green park - trump the May wedding. Hung on trees bouquets and vases with flowers, air cuts of transparent fabric, ruffles, their background will come out extremely beautiful wedding photos. And pictures of the bride and groom on a bicycle with a bunch of wild flowers - a genuine romance that can surprise many.

Wedding on May Nature

As you go to a wedding in May

The image of the bride in the month of May is associated with youngspring. Therefore, from the heavy wedding dresses with layered skirts and bright make-up will have to give. Attire bride sewed mainly of light, flowing fabric. Well, if she chooses for the wedding truncated model that emphasizes beautiful legs. Cute shoes, barely noticeable makeup, hair style, decorated with fresh flowers - these light touches to the portrait of the May bride.

May outfits newlyweds

Spring is traditionally the groom's suit brightshades - gray, brown, beige, blue. In some regions, where May is a hot month, the bride will be happy to put on a beautiful white wedding dress. If the bride chose a light sleeveless dress, the groom can wear instead of the classic suit without a jacket, but with a stylish vest. Be sure to decorate it a bright tie and a buttonhole to match the bride's bouquet.

Wedding in May: reviews

Inna, 28 years old: "My friend was married in the month of May, and it was amazing bride - herself purity and innocence. She organically looked at wedding photos! Guests praise spring weather was warm, fun fun! With products in the spring hard, expensive everything. "

Lyudmila, 29 years: "I do not know whether the role played by bad luck, but we parted a year later. Although, in my opinion, it's not a sign. People often get divorced, no matter what month was a wedding. Themselves to blame. And we also helped the mother in law, veins, we have it. Young, my advice to you - get married, when you want, but live separately from their parents. "

Olga, 30 years old: "It is true! It is foolish to blame fate, if they themselves did not protect their own happiness. We here in May, got married, and not a drop did not regret it. At best my husband. And I do not believe that some silly prejudices can destroy a family. "

Photo May weddings

Spring offers newlyweds the chance to take offorganic, bright wedding photos on a background of flowering, covered with green plants. What could be more beautiful than a spring garden in the photo shoot? The month of May - time of flowering apple trees, chestnut trees, lilac, fragrant lilies, yellow dandelions. The bride in a white wedding dress looks among them, as if the very large and beautiful flower. A good photographer, considering the theme of the wedding, be sure to find a lot of stories to pictures carrying positive energy, a sense of beauty, boundless happiness.

Wedding photo shoot in May