Wedding in Mauritius

The romantic ceremony in a picturesque cornerthe world is much more attractive than the traditional feast with the standard of the competition program. Wedding in Mauritius - is the warm sunshine, pristine beaches, exotic gardens of earthly paradise. Here your holiday will be rich and delicious, you are going to manage your time and the choice of entertainment.

How to organize a wedding in Mauritius

Every bride dreams of a carefree and joyfulcelebration. But as a rule, organizational fuss so exciting that simply leaves no room for enjoyable moments. For the island wedding ceremony should use the service or tour operators to arrange everything yourself. The service is professional organization for celebrations abroad includes everything from airline reservations to support the agency representative in the host country.

If the independent preparation of solemnactivities included in your plans, you have to take care of all the nuances. Order tickets, choose a hotel, venue for a ceremony to issue the necessary documents. The official registration of marriage without the knowledge of local laws and the assistance of experienced lawyers may be delayed or lost.

Where to spend the wedding

The island is beautiful and fantastic ceremonyromantic. You can organize a wedding on the coast of the Indian Ocean to the sound of the surf on the white board the ship or in a tropical shady garden. If you want to triumph was extraordinary, the ceremony can be performed under water or on a crocodile farm. At your request, the wedding can be stylized Moorish or Indian ceremony. On the island are many delightful places that will fill this important day a memorable impression.

On the shore of the ocean

Mauritius - a place for wedding

Primordial nature of Mauritius is designed tonewlyweds. The ceremony to the sound of the crystal waves of the Indian Ocean will be your memorable event. Under the blue firmament cherished friends exchange rings, pronounce the oath of allegiance. At the request of the pair, to hold a ceremony on the bank installed a flower arch, organize a banquet. It will be a delightful festive event, which you will remember for a lifetime.

On a yacht

Wedding on a yacht on the island of Mauritius

The fresh sea breeze, the endless ocean andexciting sea adventure - lovers dream. Yacht Wedding - is anyone or anything is not limited freedom. The ceremony on the ship opens a lot of opportunities. For example, you can arrange a pirate party, act out the story of the Little Mermaid and the Prince and go on an exciting voyage together.

After the wedding the couple somefloat away on a yacht on a honeymoon tour. Choose whether you stay in blissful solitude away from all, or go to the epicenter of the island life. Perhaps you are attracted to a fascinating cruise along the coast of Mauritius, followed by a daily enjoyment new scenery outside the window. View of the island from the ocean - a picturesque sight, which you will marvel at every moment, being on board.

On the golf course

Wedding on a golf course

Mauritius Island is so beautiful that rightfullyconsidered the best place in the world for the wedding. If you dream of a magnificent wedding with lots of guests, the idea of ​​the celebration of the golf course will have you on the soul. In Mauritius, 13 golf courses, which are recognized among the best in the world. The ceremony at the spectacular expanse located in the most beautiful places on the island of Mauritius especially like the bride and groom who love nature and recreation in the fresh air, the mass of colorful pictures.

In a hotel

Wedding Hotel in Mauritius

The hospitality of the inhabitants of Mauritius makesstay in love pair on an island in a real fairy tale. A wedding in the hotel will not give you trouble, because organizational matters would take over the staff. You should only choose a favorite hotel to stay and enjoy the festivities. Since the arrival of the newlyweds at the monitor so that the room was always champagne and fruit. Often the hotel grounds include gorgeous scenery, which will be the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

How much does a wedding on the island of Mauritius

The cost of this solemn eventparadise earth depends on the hotel and the type of ceremony. Hotels Mauritius often make gifts to the newlyweds: fruit baskets, romantic candlelit dinner, spa-treatments for the newlyweds. Many local hotels offer discount room rates bride, sometimes one hundred percent. The cost of gala events includes:

airline tickets;
hotel accommodation;

Official wedding

Wedding in Mauritius held on the third daystay in the country, but before that you will enjoy a delightful holiday. The day before the ceremony, you will want to visit Port Louis to sign binding documents. Legalized marriage certificate is issued to spouses about a week after registration. Finally, it should assure a notary. The flight, a week-long stay at the hotel and the insurance will cost the couple around 4500 euros for two. Price depends on the season and selected hotels. The cost of the wedding package is € 750 and includes:

registrar services;
registration of official documents;
support of the Russian-speaking representative of the tour operator;
preparation of wedding dresses;
cake, a romantic dinner for two, a bottle of champagne and a gift from the hotel.

Dream wedding

In Mauritius, necessarily carry out officialwedding ceremony. Register your relationship, you can in the registry office at the place of residence, and on the island to organize a ceremony. To do this you need only a marriage certificate and a valid passport. If you feel that a formal marriage - a formality, you can arrange a symbolic wedding.

This ceremony may be carried out not onlythe bride and groom, but also couples who want to renew their relationship and to spend a second honeymoon. Vow delivered on the island, strengthen family ties. Unforgettable, holiday will remain long in your memory. Mauritius - is recognized worldwide as the standard of a luxury holiday and the best service. The cost of a symbolic wedding the newlyweds cost about 4500 euros for two.

Documents required for registration of marriage

For a formal wedding shouldprepare a paper bag. All documents must be translated into English. After the ceremony the wedding certificate issued by the Moorish, which is subject to legalization of residence. This document is the basis for making changes in passport details, name change. For a formal wedding on the island you will need:

valid passport;
copies of birth certificates of the bride and groom;
certificate of marital status;
notarial marriage contract;
profile of bride and groom;
certificate of divorce if the marriage is repeated;
a certificate from the doctor about the absence of pregnancy, provided remarriage less than 1 year after the divorce.

Video: conducting the wedding ceremony in Mauritius

Here, time stands still, hovers the spirit of freedom andidentity, all enveloped in an atmosphere of romance and grandeur. From all corners of the globe Mauritius attracts lovers who have decided to hold a major event in the life of this island. wedding day in this paradise stands out from the average of all ceremonies. The grand event will take place in Mauritius, all your cherished dreams and wildest fantasies. Such activities carried out there all year round. After reviewing the video below, you will not be able to resist the fabulous wedding on the island.

Wedding photo shoot in Mauritius

Having planned a ceremony inexotic corner, do not forget to bring your camera and enjoy the services of local photographer. The touching and romantic wedding, captured in photographs and videos will be for years to come to remind you of the joyful day. Scenic beauty is a great decoration grand island collage. Look at the photo below, which can be a fabulous wedding on the island of Mauritius.

Photos weddings in Mauritius