Wedding in June

June we remember from childhood as the first monthsummer vacation, it's time to sweet strawberry flavored liquid honey, flowering lilac and poplar fluff flying. As adults, many deliberately chosen in June for the most solemn events. He, more than any other month, giving a huge scope for imagination, for extraordinary, stylish wedding. No matter what style you choose for your celebration, it will certainly be a memorable one.

The beauty of the June wedding

A wedding in June - signs

A common superstition is considered that,that couples who marry in June, will extend his honeymoon of a lifetime. If you expect from marriage constant novelty of feelings and passions, not cooling down soon after the wedding, then the wedding in June just for you. Even nesuevernye people hope that this "sweet" prediction will come true.

To a happy family life is not cracked, the couple should take into account other people's signs:

  • Post a measure anyone wedding rings - not good.
  • Put in the right shoe groom a coin - to wealth. It should be kept after the wedding as a relic.
  • Hidden in the clothes of bride and groom safety pin, pinned head down - ward off the evil eye.
  • Vsplaknet bride before the wedding - to a happy marriage.
  • Rain during the ceremony at the registry office - to wealth.
  • Newlyweds simultaneously blown wedding candles - for a long and happy family life.

Favorable days for a wedding in June 2016

June - the perfect time for a wedding

Month extremely favorable schedulingwedding day in June, you did not lose. To find out which days of the month are suitable for marriage, seek assistance from the astrologers. According to their calculations, the best days are:

  • June 2 - a young family to build a cozy nest and bring up good children;
  • June 3 - the best day for celebrations;
  • June 7 - Good day for beginnings, and especially - for a family;
  • June 8 - the couple achieved a lot through joint efforts;
  • June 11 - Any case started will be completed successfully, the young family waiting for wealth and mutual understanding;
  • June 15 - between the spouses will be established very cordial relations;
  • June 21 - the couple understand each other perfectly, between them there will be conflicts and misunderstandings;
  • June 22 - a great day for the implementation of pre-planned celebration in the family will love forever reign;
  • June 25 - between the spouses will develop a harmonious, strong relationships;
  • 26 June - the couple reach their goals if they are not with anyone to share their own original idea;
  • June 29 - joint life goes according to the established plan, will be filled with work and a great vacation, travel, entertainment.

Successful days on the church calendar

Unpleasant news for couples who have plannedwedding in June and want to get married - this month did not have days that are suitable for the wedding. On June 1, 2016 Trinity week begins, and lasts from 8 of Petrov post until the end of the month. In those days, the church does not perform a wedding ceremony. If you have planned a wedding in June, with the wedding will have to wait until at least next month.

The June 2016 wedding

The best day for a wedding

June 8, 2016 - Moon in Pisces, on this day peopleThey are friendly, receptive to each other. This 21 lunar day, according to the predictions of astrologers, it is considered the most favorable for the engagement or marriage ceremony. The only negative - June 8 falls on a Monday, and wedding planning mostly on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Scientists recommend numerologists look at anothera "beautiful" date - June 6th. Firstly, it falls on a Saturday. Second, the two sixes in the date, and the third - the sum of digits of the year (1 + 5), in their opinion, will bring a lot of luck to newlyweds. Numerology number 6 characterizes as the most romantic because of its patron - the planet of love, Venus. The pair, a wedding on such a day, will keep for a lifetime acuteness of feelings, love experiences, pleasant emotions.

Ideas for a wedding in June

Very popular among young peopleIt enjoys the June wedding. And it has its reasons. Violent flowering roses, painting a variety of shades, it is necessary just for the first month of summer. The fragrance of flowers and herbs is maddening, svezheraspustivshayasya greens have not yet had time to accumulate dust and pleases the eye with vivid hues. Solar heat is not so strong as in July and August. Appetizing look at the wedding table first berries - cherries, strawberries.

At that time a huge number of young couples willingregister their marriage. How newlyweds pass extraordinary, stand out among friends and acquaintances? Use a few of our recommendations, paying due attention to the organization of the celebration, and you will succeed!

  • Let others buy for the bride's bouquettraditional roses, lilies. You take on the wedding bouquet of seasonal flowers in June - peonies, daisies. Decorate it with greenery, berries of mountain ash, and get its original composition.
  • Instead of white wreaths make his bridehands decoration for hairstyles. Tear live jasmine flowers, poppy, cherry, dip them for a moment in the melted wax. They will become stronger, of which you can easily make your wedding tiara is not similar to others.
  • Bright summer months, you need to comply. Choose your unusual wedding shoes cheerful colors, with beautiful pedicure she will make a lasting impression.
  • Fill holiday fragrant summer flowers. Let them decorate the banquet hall of the restaurant or cafe, banquet tables, newlyweds dresses, witnesses and guests.
  • Establish a dress code for the bridesmaids. Let each chosen a dress for a wedding in any one color of the rainbow and a bouquet of flowers. Against the background of this living beds bride in a white dress will look refined, as the delicate bud.
  • To achieve a variety of colorful and groomsmen will help a variety of bright bow ties. Pink, blue, lemon-colored stripes revive men's outfits.
  • God Himself told in June to decorate the wedding cake with fresh fruit - strawberries, peaches, cherries, apricots.
  • The holiday will be inimitable, if themusical accompaniment you invite a team, skillfully playing jazz. It will be a real highlight of the wedding. Yes, and a wonderful tradition - the newlyweds first dance, a jazz music will be fabulous.
  • If you are located near the pond, invite guests to enjoy an exciting walk on a ship or a boat. At the same time, they will witness a wonderful photo shoot.
  • Rent a wedding car with an open top, in fact afford this pleasure is only possible in the summer.

Creative ideas for wedding in June

As you go to the wedding

Preparations for the wedding begins with the selectionwedding dress. Summer brides model will please a variety of styles, from elegant to light long open dresses. The postulated the heat of June will allow to rely only on your taste, without taking into account the vagaries of weather. Summer is nice to look even the most unpretentious, short dress allows you to show beautiful legs. Do not wear a lot of wedding accessories, limit them to a minimum amount.

Bridegroom is not recommended in the month of June to choosewedding dress dark tones, it is much more difficult to endure the summer heat. Ideal white or cream color, and if the temperature is too high, the groom is allowed to do to remove his jacket. Stylish compositions comprise light-colored or striped trousers, short-sleeved shirt, vest, suspenders and a bow tie.

June Wedding dress newlyweds

What subjects to choose

Only summer offers honeymooners a wide range of topics for the wedding. Here are a few ideas that you can easily implement in the first month of summer.

  • Wedding in rustic style, that is stylized village. Live flowers of the field, haystacks, wagon with horses - all filled with the romance of the village.
  • Wedding in western style. Feel like cowboys, let your child's dream come true.
  • Wedding on the beach. There is nothing nicer in the hot summer than a day spent in the cool sea.
  • Lavender wedding or wedding in the style of the French Provence. The smell of lavender and honey, fresh steppe wind, the simplicity and elegance of design will appeal to all guests.
  • Vintage wedding - all its accessories old decorations.
  • European-style wedding with the marriage registration of marriage, an arch decorated with fresh flowers, and children, the spreading rose petals before the newlyweds.

The set for the June wedding styles