Wedding in July

Hot feelings lovers often reachits peak sometimes very hot summer, and wait for the fall to get married, have neither the strength nor the desire. Newlyweds who choose the month of July their wedding, did not regret it. Bride certainly do not have to freeze in the outdoor wedding dress, and guests can wear a dress in its sole discretion, without adapting to the vagaries of weather. Around the birds are singing, flowers bloom fragrant, I want to love and trust. July - a wonderful time to connect their destiny forever with the only indispensable person.

Pleasant moments of the July wedding

Signs wedding in July

July people call a month of work. And this applies not only to the production sector, as well as relations between the newlyweds. To family life was happy, should make a lot of effort from both sides. Life July honeymooners, as well as other couples, will dapple black and white stripes, but thanks to mutual understanding, retreat failure, and the bride and groom will live together for many years.

According to national signs good month of July for a wedding, regardless of weather conditions. There are some predictions that should not blindly believe but should listen to him.

  • Rain and thunderstorms during the marriage - to the material well-being honeymooners;
  • Strong gale - a windy, frivolous behavior of any of the spouses;
  • The wedding ceremony took place in the afternoon - to a long family happiness;
  • The wedding was played on Monday - to wealth, on Tuesday - the family will not pester the disease on Wednesday - a happy marriage.
  • Thursday and Friday - unfavorable days for a wedding.

Favorable days for a wedding in July 2016

July - the height of summer. The street is very warm, even hot. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, it would be nice to leave the stuffy cafe and arrange an exit ceremony on the banks of a river or the sea. Fresh, moist air will add vitality exhausted heat of the guests and the newlyweds, and swimming in the lake, boating and water cycling, night fireworks leave the happiest memories of the holiday. Take a look at the video as fun guys celebrated its the July wedding.

A huge number came to the rescue in July and vegetablesIt contributes to the preparation of fruit variety, popular dishes, bright wedding table decoration. It will not be saturated with hearty, heavy meats, both in the winter months. Light vegetable salads, snacks will hit the wedding, and delicious fruit and berry desserts, you will surprise the most demanding palates. Fresh sweet fruit will delight guests with their abundance.

Favorable days of July wedding

Successful days in the Orthodox calendar

In early July, still lasts Petrov postwhich began on June 8. According to church canons it categorically does not fit for a wedding or for a wedding. Ends post Sunday, 12 July. Therefore, the first half of the month it is better not to plan weddings. The Church claims that the family created during Lent, is doomed and will last for long. Newlyweds better to suffer for several weeks, and move the wedding near the end of the month. Then the heart is full of hope that you, together with your partner Celebrate silver and gold wedding anniversary.

Wedding in July

The Church does not perform a wedding ceremony on Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday. Wedding day is traditionally considered to be Friday and Sunday. From July 13 to choose the marriage of any of these days of the week. From the point of view of the lunar calendar, the best day of the month will be:

  • July 13 - newlyweds expect a successful business, travel, constant changes;
  • July 17 - very energetic, active couple, after the wedding, the couple realize all our plans;
  • July 18 - family life is quiet, measured;
  • July 19 - married - incorrigible romantics, they do not bind their lives with the finance and realize their potential in other areas;
  • July 20 - emotionally positive day, perfect for socializing, events, wedding will take place at the highest level. The couple will be with respect and consideration for each other;
  • July 21 - time for long-planned celebration. Family Honeymoon hearth filled with love, that there will always prevail;
  • July 22 - on the steep turns of fate the young couple will be able to curb the passion and maintain peace in the family, making the correct conclusions;
  • July 23 - coiling cozy family nest, the couple bring up wonderful children.

After July 25, Venus begins retrograde motion, to get married at this time astrologers do not advise.

The best day for a wedding

According to astrologers, month, day and hour of the ceremonyWedding significant impact on subsequent relationships between spouses. In order not to miscalculate, ask for help from astrologers. In July 2016 the best date for the wedding, scientists believe the number 18. This is the 4th day of the waxing moon. It promotes initiatives, fills the body forces. People feel the energy rise. Founded on July 18 the family will have a lot of energy to accomplish your plans.

Ideas for a wedding in July

Summer month of July suggests a variety of wayswedding organization. Having assessed their preferences and financial possibilities, each couple will choose for themselves a decent option, with some interesting nuances diversify holiday.

  • Wedding by the water. Sultry July day to enjoy the refreshing coolness allow wedding trip by boat or waterbus. Worthy of its completion will be a picnic on the waterfront. Lovers themed weddings are interested in the idea of ​​holding celebrations in Hawaiian style.
  • A wedding in the garden. Change the stuffy room into the fresh air, to adjust for the holiday month of July the beautiful gazebo or marquee. Home - Dining waited heat, move the midst of the wedding for the second half of the day.
  • Clothing bridesmaids. Very nice look pretty girls in identical dresses. Color tone to pick up the most vivid accents the decor of the room.
  • Children with rose petals. According to the principle of European wedding, the newlyweds go ahead fancy boy and girl throwing them under the feet of the bright petals of happiness.
  • Entertainment. Performers on stilts, clowns, jugglers, magicians will adorn your wedding.
  • Fireworks. Well, as without it the solemnity and emphasize the exceptional beauty of the moment? Do not forget to photograph the most interesting moments of the holiday.

Interesting ideas for a July wedding

As you go to the wedding

Choosing clothes for honeymooners, should be consideredespecially weather July. The bride is not necessary to stop at along with lush layered skirts, petticoats, corsets - in such heavy clothes will be stuffy and uncomfortable. The ideal choice is a light, airy dress of a light natural fabric. Very good will feel the bride, wearing a shortened or very short dress. July - the best month, when a dress is very appropriate, and looked with some spice.

Groom survive peak heat only in the light,natural suit. The dark jackets and trousers in July to nothing, chose the white, cream, gray, gray version. Well, if the wedding dress cotton or linen. At the end of the ceremony in the registry office the groom better not take off your jacket, while remaining in a white shirt and tie. Decorate it with elegant outfit suspenders, vest, merry boutonniere.

The outfits newlyweds a wedding in July,

Wedding in July: reviews

My brother got married in July, was the restaurantProblems. In such places the queue in the summer, too many who want to get married. Well, the rest are satisfied, the holiday was a success. We even rode on the boat offers! Lena.

Marriage is not allowed during Lent! As well as the conception of a baby. This is a great sin. Therefore, wait for the time when the Lord will bless you and the church to marry. In such cases, as a family, it is desirable not to hurry. Keep an eye on the church calendar. Andrei.

I do not believe in omens. At our wedding, drizzling rain, we hoped for a happy, rich life. And so it was that a month later filed for divorce. It turns out that the signs do not solve everything, and we are to blame only? Rely on your feelings, take care of the family, no matter what! Svetlana.