Wedding in January

Many girls dream of a wedding, where allIdeally, from festive decorations and ornaments to the selected date. Even some hundred years ago, few people would have dared to celebrate the wedding in January. The winter months are rich in religious holidays (Christmas, Yule, Epiphany), and the post lasts until 7 January. Bringing an application to the registry office, where there is no summer rush, future newlyweds themselves often bought the day and month of celebration.

Wedding in January - signs

According to some old legends wedding plannedfor the first month of the year, promises early widowhood. But today's young people believe that not all the signs are to be believed, and rightly so. Let us consider some of the signs of a wedding in January:

  • If during the wedding is heavy snow - a prosperous life and full prosperity.
  • When a strong wind - the life of one of the spouses may be windy.
  • Severe frost hit, when celebrated the wedding - the first-born is a boy with good health.
  • The full moon in one or two days before the wedding - the marriage will be a happy, long.
  • wedding scheduled time after twelve hours of the day - the most successful for the mural.

Favorable days for a wedding in January 2016

According to east horoscope, 2016will take place under the sign of the Blue Wooden Goat or Sheep and does not promise any constancy in any sphere of life. When planning a wedding in January of this year, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of the date. This month is full of festivals as folk and church. Well, if the wedding date is selected in the favorable period taking into account all traditions.

Successful days on the church calendar

In January church calendars give permission toholding a wedding only after 19 the number. Therefore, a wedding ceremony is best to plan the following days: 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, 31 of January. From January 1 to January 7 is Christmas post and from 7 to 19 January - Christmas time. During this period, the church does not hold the wedding, and on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week. There is a solution: it is necessary to plan the registration of marriage in the registry office for the first half of the month, and marry later. It is also possible to combine the two celebrations at the end of the month.

The best day for a wedding

  • January 1, 2016 - will bring a lot of joy to family life.
  • January 5th - young couple will have excellent health, which will affect the healthy offspring.
  • January 7 - the most successful this day in all spheres, as falls on a Wednesday.
  • January 10-12 - the family wealth.
  • 17-19 January - the family will be financially secure, and the disease will get round.

Unfortunately, the good days of January for a wedding,named after the astrological calendar does not coincide with the church's recommendations. In this case, marriage is celebrated before, and only after the couple married in the church. According to the predictions of astrologers, the bride and groom, who decided in January to join their fate awaits a happy life in love and faithfulness.

  • Ideal for wedding day of the lunar calendar are considered 3rd, 6th, 12th, 17th, 24th, 27th day.
  • In January, they fall on January 2nd (increasing moon) - the adoption of important crucial decisions.
  • 7, 14 January 17 (decreasing) - surprises from the native people.
  • For the new lunar month 22, 25, 31 January, with a rising moon - financial income, a good time for planning.

Ideas for a wedding in January

Some future newlyweds are scratching their heads: when it is better to organize a celebration on the occasion of the wedding - in January or July. Some do not hesitate to vote for the warm season. What about those who do not want to wait until the summer? Have you heard that in January to appoint wedding day "cold", "boring"? It is fiction, because even in winter wedding can be a bright and memorable.

The January bride

The bride in a white coat, like aSnow White, will not forget that recently celebrated the New Year. wedding decoration, selected in the sky-blue shades, silver, white, will remind guests of the fairy tale. Sparkling crystals, beads that adorn the bride dress will seem stiff with frost, and white decorative twigs standing in vases instead of flowers, enjoy the atmosphere of the winter forest. Bouquet of the bride and groom's boutonniere should be unusual, winter. The combination of white flowers and pine cones will give a special charm to the floral discovery.

Making a banquet hall in winter style

The January wedding menu should be selected especiallycarefully. There must enter a comfortable hot drinks such as mulled wine, fragrant teas, coffee with cream. After a frosty walk, guests will be delighted not canapés and light sandwiches, so take care to appear on the tables just warm salads and hot main dishes. Liquid heated chocolate and freshly baked donuts will be the logical culmination of a wonderful evening.

Serving wedding table during the cold season

As you go to the wedding

January - a month of holidays. Iridescent in the sun snow scenic landscapes are the ideal backdrop for a photo shoot the newlyweds. When planning a wedding on the conduct of the first month of the year, consider your wardrobe. Bride is better to buy a dress made of thick fabric, such as satin. Long sleeve, the minimum open upper part of the dress, coat or cape extra help to avoid hypothermia. Shoes should be closed, a wide selection of white boots will not freeze even in extreme cold. For the groom podyschu suit of thick fabric, the appropriate season.

clothing options for the newlyweds in January

Guests also need to take care of theirwardrobe. For the January wedding more appropriate indoor clothing of neutral and dark tones. Forget until the summer of transparent chiffon and bright colorful dresses. On January wedding looks good female costume, dress a strict classical style. The man, who prefers a tuxedo or a three-piece suit, always irresistible. Regardless of the fact that winter - the time cold, do not forget to bring your shoes. Pereobuvshis, during the banquet, you will feel much more comfortable, and look elegant.

Winter wedding bouquets for January

Wedding winter get romantic and fabulous,if you approach it with the responsibility of the organization, add a touch of creativity. Find your solutions for young clothes, decoration of the hall, the winter menu - and your triumph will be remembered for a long time guests. Given the cold, the bride can wear a stylish coat, make an unusual make-up and the groom will be able to give his beloved fur to the wedding. Choose a day in January to get married and make it warm thanks to your love.