Wedding in Italy

Today the couple prefer to combinewedding ceremony with the honeymoon. Standard wedding is no longer so popular as before, because now young people are eager to break away from the boring and similar to each other celebrations to make the start of married life unique and unforgettable. Wedding in Italy - this is the most popular destination, because the scenery for a romantic wedding can be beautiful lakes with luxury villas, wine plantations in the countryside, beaches with white sand and the Palace Square in Rome.

The traditions and customs of the wedding in Italy

Along with the rich folklore of the Italian weddingtraditions reflect the passion and emotion of this nation. Italian Wedding begins with the betrothal of the newlyweds in the bride's home. The groom asks for the hand of his lady is not her father, as is customary in other countries, and the mother. After receiving permission to see the young it is prohibited until the wedding ceremony. Further celebrations Organization engaged the two men, under the guidance of which there is the well-known wedding foreclosure procedure, then farewell to the parents of the bride and the wedding march in place with songs, dances.

After the marriage comes theHighlight: Champagne wine flow like water, and from the numerous dishes, what Italy is famous all over the world, crammed tables. Superstitious couples and still try to play a wedding in late summer or fall at any Sunday. It is believed that this is the most favorable time for a wedding celebration. Recalling the ancient traditions, it is worth mentioning the custom, which comply with the couple of ancient Rome: during the honeymoon the couple should eat honey, to the whole life together was sweet.

Wedding in Italy

How to organize a wedding in Italy

If you choose Italy for their wedding, then organize the wedding here in two ways:

  1. Turning a travel agency.
  2. Having thought the entire ceremony on their own.

The first method is faster and easier. Experts will be engaged in the organization of wedding issues ranging from flights, to finding a hairdresser. Less of the organization - the couple overpay a lot of money for brokerage services. Himself to organize a wedding is very easy, because the Internet provides a lot of useful information. Newlyweds can directly negotiate all wedding services in the selected city in Italy, and it will be cheaper, but much more troublesome. Which method is preferable - you choose.

Official wedding

Newlyweds choose Italy because it is one offew countries in Europe where a legally binding formal marriages between foreigners. For the wedding the bride and groom can arrive in the country for 1-2 days before the scheduled date of the celebration. Italy Wedding Agency offers the best facilities and exclusive unusual items for the official ceremony, the mayor and the city selected personally hold the wedding registration. For formal weddings newlyweds will need the following documents:

  • Passports of Russian citizens.
  • Passports.
  • Originals and certified copies of birth certificates.
  • The death certificate of the former spouse or divorce certificate (if there were previous marriages).
  • The documents confirming the change of name (if it changed).

Dream wedding

The symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy, does not require any formalities. For its implementation will need only to choose the place:

  • city;
  • glamorous beach;
  • village;
  • open terrace;
  • medieval chapel;
  • shady garden.

On anywhere newlyweds will be offered atchoice of several options for a romantic wedding, after which the bride and groom will receive a symbolic marriage certificate. This service is popular not only among honeymooners: married people, too often choose to Italy to celebrate the wedding with friends and family or celebrate another wedding anniversary. Couples who have been together for many years, a symbolic wedding sum up life together, fastening Union even more.

Wedding agency in Italy specializing inthese services will take care of visas, airline tickets, hotel reservations, as well as pick the best option for weddings, couples on the basis of preferences, and estimated costs. Due to the level of communication all issues are resolved via e-mail or Skype, that is fast, convenient, inexpensive.

Where to spend the wedding

Wedding in Italy combines the melancholy of the north andenveloping the solar energy south. This country can give the newlyweds a huge number of unique locations for weddings, because of its villages, fortresses, towns perfectly coexist with lakes, inviting sandy beaches and high snowy Alps. Italy will allow the pair to plunge into the heady atmosphere of love, eternal holiday and Renaissance beauty, and its unique landscape will become gorgeous decorations for a wedding.

In Rome

There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding in the Eternalcity. Rome open love chic dining at the Fontana di Trevi, kisses under the walls of the legendary Coliseum, luxury wedding presents of the most fashionable shops in the world. Rome - a unique treasure trove of sights in Italy, and all the cultural heritage will be at the disposal of the newlyweds.

Romantic destinations for weddings in Rome

In Milan

The atmosphere is impossible to convey the words of Milan. This stylish city-maze, where lovers can walk endlessly. Milan was built in the VIII century BC, so remarkable for its architectural monuments and museums. It is an ideal town for a wedding and a wedding, where numerous churches especially for newlyweds decorated with white flowers.

Wedding and Wedding in Milan

In Florence

A romantic trip to Florence will givenewlyweds an excellent opportunity not only to play a beautiful wedding, but also to see the Uffizi Gallery. It is a popular place for tourists, which brings together the unique fabric of the world's most famous artists - Botticelli, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and many others. Florentine wedding will be elegant and refined.

Wedding in Florence

In the romantic city of Venice

Choosing to Italy for a wedding, mostnewlyweds opt for Venice - the most romantic city in the world. He bewitches visitors from the first minute stay, captivating their hearts forever. Venice - a city of this fantastic beauty that silently remind the couple of true values, shaking them in a gondola and lulling traditional Italian wedding songs.

Wedding for Valentine's in Venice

Wedding on Lake Como

Lake Como - a warm climate from May to October,clear water, beautiful views over the Italian Alps, at the date palms, lemon groves, which are located on its shores. This favorite places Stendhal, Tchaikovsky, Goethe, de Musset and all the newlyweds who for their wedding often choose a villa on the shores of beautiful Lake Como.

Lake Como - the best place for a wedding in Italy

On Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore located on the border of Italy andSwitzerland. It is considered a unique natural complex, therefore the couple fell in love. Surrounding the lake vegetation amazing variety of species, so there are many amazing broken beautiful parks, perfect for a romantic wedding.

Lake Maggiore for a wedding event

The town is the pearl of Verona

Verona is famous for a beautiful love story. Here lie the remains of Juliet and no wedding does not pass without a visit to her tomb. The residence is surrounded by the famous lovers in bright colors and lush greenery. It attracts many couples who visit Italy for a wedding, as do pictures in Juliet Lodge is considered a sign of special good luck.

Wedding in Verona guarantee eternal love newlyweds

The medieval castle of Piedmont

Piedmont - is the jewel of northern Italy. Here the wedding season opens at the end of March, when the snow was gone, and nature becomes incredibly beautiful. Newlyweds often chosen for a wedding medieval castles, which are very much in this area of ​​Italy. From the height of each of the Piedmontese castle offers stunning views of the surrounding Alps.

Piedmont ancient castle - for an aristocratic wedding

The famous resort of Positano

Positano is located on the territory of three paintingsvalley, sandwiched between sea and mountains. According to legend, he founded the Italian resort itself Neptune - god of the seas and oceans. And according to Homer and his "Odyssey", there lived a siren. From any point of the small town offers great views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, so Positano - great choice for a wedding.

Positano - a paradise for honeymooners Italy

the celebration Scenario

If you are planning an Italian weddingindependently and holiday scenario is not yet ready, we will be happy to offer its own version of the celebration with their parents and guests newlyweds. Thus, according to Russian custom wedding bridal groom's parents met at the restaurant. Mom keeps the loaf and said the following words:

- Finally, we have waited for! The guests gathered, tables covered, and you, dear newlyweds, we congratulate with the most important step in your life - the wedding! Break off from a piece of wedding loaf, and we know who will be the head of your new family!

Young break off a loaf, and my father continued:

- And that your marriage was a happy one, share wedding loaf with all the guests.

Newlyweds go into the hall, cut loaf into pieces, giving their guests. Tamada transplants guests bride and groom in front of each other and said:

- I invite all to pour a drink, a bite to eat! Let us tell why we are gathered around the table in Italy! Each guest is obliged to get up and congratulate our honeymoon!

If many guests, the wedding ceremony shouldoccur intermittently, or the couple did not remember all the congratulations. After the presentation of gifts, the dance of the evening and the traditional cutting of the wedding cake, the couple danced the last dance at their wedding at a beautiful melody. The hall must extinguish the light to many candles flickering romance added at this point. After the dance, toaster turns to the groom:

- That ended your beautiful wedding night, but before I leave for a new life, take off the veil with his lady - she is not the bride and wife!

The groom removes the veil and the applause of the guests removed the couple from the audience.

The cost of the wedding ceremony in Italy?

Italy - a country loyal to the newlyweds andholding a wedding celebration here at the price of the newlyweds will be cheaper than in many other European countries. formal wedding cost in the attractive cities - Venice, Piedmont or Verona - will cost a couple around 1900 €. And, for example, in the municipality of non-touristic city Laurita couple will pay only 50 €.

wedding cost also depends on the selectedItalian cities. The most expensive church wedding ceremony is held in Florence in the Anglican Church of St. Mark. Newlyweds this pleasure will cost 1800 €. But no end of wanting to get married here, because the church is famous for his operas and theatrical productions featuring the best performers in Europe. Other churches in Italy only require a donation in the amount of which will be able to afford to pay the bride and groom.

As for a symbolic wedding, thatNumerous travel agencies put ready prices on wedding tours, starting from 2,000 €. If we add to this amount, the cost of flights for two people - about 650 €, the cost of the hotel - from 80 € per night, the budgetary symbolic wedding ceremony and a week-long trip to Italy newlyweds will cost about 3100 €.

Video: conducting the wedding ceremony in Italy

Italy for centuries attracted theStatement romantics and art lovers. And what is more romantic than a wedding? The mesmerizing natural beauty, unique works of art, historical monuments and famous Italian dishes newlyweds will leave a lasting impression on this country. All couples who dream to change the outdated decorations wedding or get married in secret from numerous relatives, Italy will provide all that is needed.

You need peace and privacy? Or do you prefer to invite a lot of guests and surprise them with luxury kitchen to the wedding? Or maybe you want to hold a wedding ceremony on a beautiful beach in the blue warm sea? Italy will fulfill your every desire. Watch the video, which shows a small part of the beauty of this country, which is visited once, you instantly turn into her fan for many years:

Reviews of holding your wedding in Italy

  1. George and Angelina's wedding was performed on the islandComo. They ordered a symbolic wedding ceremony, which was carried out perfectly: a beautiful view of Rome, an extraordinary dinner at the hotel, service at the highest level has made for honeymooners Italian wedding in a wonderful dream.
  2. Boris and Galina ordered the wedding in one of thechurches of Rome, and then went to look at Villa Borgeze, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and the final destination was a restaurant located in the heart of the Eternal City. The wedding went great, and the view from the restaurant was spectacular, especially at nightfall.
  3. Evgeny and Svetlana yourself organizedformal wedding in Venice. It was the most memorable experience in my life: the ringing of bells, the splash of narrow channels, the feeling of happiness and harmony in the world. At their disposal was a palace Cavalli is decorated in Venetian style, a gondola ride and dinner for two in the cozy family restaurant on the waterfront.

Wedding photo shoot in Italy

Italy - one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is perfect for wedding photo shoots: the unique coastal line of the Riviera, ancient architecture of Rome, Naples, Florence, the charming Lake District (Como, Garda, Maggiore) - these beautiful places will give the newlyweds the most unforgettable moments. Professional photographers will give Italy the couple cheerful, lively and original images, as no longer make staged wedding photos. They are trying to catch a spontaneous smile, emotion, movement, sight.

Professionals will allow the newlyweds to walk onstreets, enjoying the hospitality of Italy, searching for the lens look love newlyweds, cheering them hospitable local people against the backdrop of the best sights of the chosen city. We love couples have the opportunity to create a unique wedding photo shoot in the interiors of castles in Italy. And so the pictures were thoroughly imbued with its spirit, the couple should be sure to visit Rome, and take a picture on the background of the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, St. Peter's Square and other famous places of the Eternal City.

Italy for the wedding photo shoot