Wedding in Israel

In Israel, Christianity arose and appeared onlight, Jesus, and the wedding - a union of man and woman on the sky laws. For couples who love the holy temples of the country open their doors, inviting to hold the wedding ceremony. Wedding in Israel will be for you one of the most joyful, exciting events in life. If you wish to make a mystery of the wedding or to hold a formal wedding in the lap of beautiful nature and mild climate, there is no better place than the Holy Land is not found.

The traditions and customs of weddings in Israel

A week before the wedding hosts traditionalJewish rituals. The bride attends synagogue, prayer and reading where involved in the service, then he announces the upcoming wedding. Before the wedding in Israel staged parents honeymooners, only the ultra-Orthodox are now continuing this tradition. According to the strict canons, young people can meet before the wedding, a couple of times or only meet at the celebration. Traditionally, even in the presence of parental understanding of marriage in Israel he asks a young bride's hand from her father, and secured a contract rich ransom for the girl.

Wedding in Israel - a hugenumber of ancient traditions and rituals that accompany the process from the engagement to the wedding itself. During the engagement (Tena) break a plate, which symbolizes the destruction of the Temple of Israel. This action shows that even during the holiday the Jews experienced the bitterness of losses. Lasher plate is repeated again during the celebration. Certain days for wedding ceremonies in Israel is not, so the wedding play any day except Saturday - the Sabbath. Not satisfied with the marriage at the time of religious holidays.

How to organize a wedding in Israel

Period. The most successful time for weddings in Israel, is the period from March to May, or from mid-September, ending 15 days of November. When Europe weather do not indulge in Russia very cold, Israel attracts honeymooners warm and comfortable weather. This period is sunny, the temperature is 15-25 degrees, few tourists. Flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv takes only three hours. This is important if the young are planning to invite to the wedding or older couples with kids.

Language. Israel is considered the most Russian-speaking countries, except for Russia and CIS countries. It is home to about 2 million Russians. If you wish the newlyweds all the contractors invited to the wedding may be the Russian-speaking, and communication problems will not arise. For a trip to Israel did not need a visa, but through customs to be careful, take this process closely.

Israeli Organization of wedding

Day of the week. Working week Israel differs from the Russian. Weekends they begin from Friday and Sunday - a working day. Most shops and restaurants are closed on Fridays and Saturdays, so the couple should not plan on marrying these days. The best day will be Sunday. For us this holiday, so guests do not have to specifically ask for leave from work, and in Israel it is a weekday - then everything will work places.

A place. On the Russian wedding mood sets the lead on modern Jewish holidays - musicians and DJ. Music is an integral part of marriage in Israel. Do not skimp on holiday and hire a team of musicians, then no visitor can resist by dancing. Because oriental wide, visitors are usually recruited more than 300 people at the wedding Israel. If the young are planning to arrange a modest celebration, may have difficulty in finding a small pad. Yet, they are - look for stands among hotels and restaurants.

Decor. There are many talented designers in Israel, so that you can realize any your idea, making out celebration. Florists create beautiful bridal bouquet, selecting the appropriate grade of a wide variety of growing flowers in the country. In the design and decor of the wedding are almost no restrictions. Especially for the ceremony the couple can create a beautiful flower arch and decorations. A traditional Jewish wedding is held under the chuppah - a canopy. At your request, this piece of decoration to provide free wedding any restaurant or hotel.

Official wedding

Modern Israel offers several ways to formalize the marriage relationship:

  • Church marriage. Held among Christians of all denominations in the presence registration, marriage is recognized by Israel and other countries.
  • Ravvintskaya wedding. Reins exclusively for Jews.
  • Consular marriage. It is taking place among Israelis and immigrants who are citizens of the country, the laws of which the "native" Consuls have the right to register marriages between nationals on the territory of Israel. This type of marriage is problematic, since entails lengthy bureaucratic delays, and registration may be delayed for many months.
  • Wedding with a trip abroad. Suitable not only for Jews, but for the mixed doubles. It is recognized in all countries, is the most popular among the foreigners.

In all forms of Israeli weddingIt recommended the signing of the wedding contract. This can help in the recognition of marriage or immigration services in the country at the time of its dissolution. If one party has the citizenship of Israel, and the second - no, kindly consult a lawyer who specializes in immigration and administrative law. This will avoid deportation.

Dream wedding

This wedding is in Israel on the MediterraneanSea - a wonderful start of family life. Vows of love and fidelity, pronounced you in the Holy Land, will bless the union and staple your hearts forever. This ceremony will be ideal for a young couple who recently got married, but not properly celebrated their wedding. The symbolic feast fit and those who have lived together for a long time and wants to commemorate the anniversary of their wedding.

Where to spend the wedding

Modern fashion, sweeping the world - for a weddingabroad. Lavish ceremony, the beautiful sea and exotic atmosphere - what could be more romantic? Services on wedding in Israel have many travel companies. But when planning a holiday, the young have to decide on a major issue, where they will play exactly the wedding. Consider the most popular place for wedding ceremonies in Israel.

In Tel Aviv

This city is considered commercial, financial centercountries. Famous for Tel Aviv is not only a variety of shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Famous local yacht clubs are appreciated by tourists from around the world. Why not arrange a wedding in the sea? If you decide and move away from the usual canons, you can see Israel completely different angle. Enjoy a fascinating voyage alone or with guests.

The wedding on the shores of Tel Aviv

In Eilat

Eilat is called the pearl of the Red Sea. Here people like to be different ages: young people, children and even the elderly. Wedding ceremony in Israel, in the lap of the amazing nature, rainbow mountains, oases or in the comfort of home one of the many hotels in Eilat will give young extremely pleasant memories. Outdoor swimming pools, clean rooms of hotels, hospitable people and delicious food - just a small list of what this city is famous for.

Eilat - an ideal place for wedding

In Jerusalem

Israel Christian Center is located inJerusalem. Believers are newlyweds who want to hold a wedding ceremony here, the opportunity to be married in the old city of Jerusalem, near the main shrines of Christianity - the Holy Sepulcher. Aleksandrovskoe Compound is a traditional destination wedding many of the great of this world, including the family of the Romanovs.

Jerusalem as a place for weddings

In Netanya

The young but already famous Israeli resort -Netanya. The city is located on the shores of the Mediterranean caressing. Netanya offers newlyweds a huge range of leisure facilities: luxurious restaurants with lots of different dishes, a variety of attractions, walks through the mysterious and ancient district of Jaffa. The bride and groom will be able to enjoy a wonderful beach, walks in the evening promenade, and the fresh sea breeze.

Wedding Netanya

In Bethlehem

You can grasp one of the seven sacraments, ifI want to mention a wedding in Bethlehem. Wedding in the Church of the Nativity, the oldest religious buildings, preserved to our days, is the first significant step in the family way. Some couples come to this decision sooner, others decided on this after a long married life, coming to the altar already mature people. The wedding ceremony takes place at sunset, the couple put on festive attire and join them for ever in Christ.

Bethlehem - a place for wedding

In Haifa

Sunny city of Haifa in the north ofIsrael, for its shores thousands of tourists come every year, including couples. Conventionally, the city is divided into the lower part and a business center. Newlyweds who want to get married here, will be able to enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Mount Carmel. Ceremonies Haifa Jews suit in a big way, observing the entire range of wedding rituals of Israel.

Wedding off the coast of Haifa

How much does a wedding ceremony in Israel

About 100 thousand shekels (131 thousand Russian rubles) is a wedding ceremony in Israel. This money goes to:

  • rent rooms (76-77 thousand);
  • purchase wedding dress (7500);
  • hiring musicians (5000);
  • hair and make-up Bride (2100);
  • Custom video and photography (7000).

The local population of Israel preparing forceremony is about 9 months. Young choosing a place for the ceremony, invited guests, make the marriage contract. This is the time period determined by the symbolic and suitable for gestation and birth of a new family. Traditionally, Jewish wedding suit from July to September. The most popular day for weddings considered Thursday that influences the cost of the holiday. During the "high" season ceremony on this day the couple will be more expensive by 25%. Winter wedding value only increased by 6% on Thursday.

Video: conducting the wedding in Israel

Wedding can have different formats, the choiceIt depends on the religious pair. Orthodox community in Israel obliges young dance separately, and the dishes for the holiday pick kosher. Less religious newlyweds can enjoy not kosher vegetarian or fish wedding menu. Russian couples who choose to marry in Israel, does not necessarily have to follow this tradition. In modern weddings hear new songs and the old Jewish music. An example of how it is possible to hold the wedding in Israel, will be the video below.

Wedding photo shoot in Israel

Any wedding every couple is unique. Newlyweds have their own history of relations, however, always remain unchanged feelings and positive emotions that the photographer tries to capture the ceremony. Carefully choose a specialist for the filming of their wedding. A good photographer is completely given to the work, the only way possible to pass on the film Happiness young, an atmosphere of love and celebration. Newlyweds will look fabulous on the background of beautiful nature, fresh embankments and ancient temples. See how it looks in the photo selection below.

Wedding ceremony on the shores of Tel Aviv