Wedding in Greece

More and more young people are choosing celebrationsuch a memorable occasion like wedding, abroad. Solar Greece is one of the most popular countries among honeymooners, and they are easy to understand. This country will appreciate the hillsides, olive groves, cozy coves, excellent cuisine, the monuments of ancient architecture and friendly locals. Wedding on the exotic Greek territory will forever be remembered, moreover, that the couple can choose according to your taste triumph on the island or in a hotel, on a yacht or in an ancient temple, alone or with their parents and friends.

Traditions and customs Greek Wedding

Before you arrange a wedding in Greece, inviteguests, newlyweds need to learn about local wedding traditions. Greek culture - a model of elegance and high taste, such harmony can no longer be found anywhere else in the world. But local wedding called discreet or elegant hardly be: a traditional Greek wedding ceremony is striking in its splendor. Some villages are celebrating the wedding for a week. And no matter how modern life did not look Greek, a holiday in honor of the newlyweds is full of superstition, pagan rituals, songs and dances.

Many wedding ceremonies were borrowed fromGreek culture. For example, the custom of wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger, which forms the heart artery. The tradition to give the bride a wedding bouquet also came from Greece - the cradle of European civilization. Modern Greek Wedding resembles Russian, because it is celebrated with a lot of relatives and guests. Sometimes marriage among the Greeks present up to 500 people! The costs of such lavish events traditionally take on the mother in law and "kumbaros" - friend of the bridegroom.

Greek Wedding Traditions

How to organize a wedding in Greece

Every year, many couples want from Russiaa wedding in the Greek islands, because every celebration colorful, unique, unrepeatable. Organize the ceremony easier, if we turn to the experts (in the agency) that will solve emerging problems, ranging from the preparation of documents and ending with excellent organization honeymoon in Greece. Travel agency offer the newlyweds a wide variety of wedding programs, and young people will be solved only one problem: a project in Greece choose?

Independently conduct a wedding in Greece is also possible. To do this, the newlyweds will need:

  1. To decide on the place where the wedding will be held.
  2. Agree in advance with the local Municipality of the time / date of the event.
  3. Come up with a program.
  4. Reserve a hotel in Greece.
  5. Find the selected resort a good barber, translator, photographer, decorator and professional musical accompaniment.

Official wedding

Greece is a party to an agreement on the recognition ofmarriage laws, committed by Russian citizens, therefore conclude the marriage on its territory quite legally permitted. The mayor of the Greek city of any happy marriage register by appointment. After the registration is issued an official document with an apostille, which is legally binding, not only in Greece but also all over the world. Honeymooners will only make a notarized translation into Russian.

The Greek side may refuse to register if:

  • newlyweds at least 18 years;
  • one of the couple divorced less than a year ago;
  • the former spouse has been missing less than 4 years ago;
  • marriage between adopted children, adoptive parents or their descendants.

If the prohibitions reasons for not, for the official registration of marriage in Greece, young people need the following documents:

  1. Russian internal passports Suite.
  2. Passports.
  3. Birth certificates with apostille and an English translation, notarized.

Dream wedding

Symbolic wedding even easier to hold in Greece. To this end, the couple will need to register their marriage by visiting Russian registry office, buy a tourist ticket, place a symbolic wedding ceremony in any Greek island. This wedding can be a dress rehearsal for two before the official marriage issue at home. The advantages of a wedding celebration in one of the many Greek islands many:

  • a short flight;
  • visa does not take a lot of time, especially if you already have a bridal Schengen visa;
  • to hold a wedding ceremony is not difficult, because in Greece a huge number of Orthodox churches;
  • wedding on the beautiful island of the world.

Venues for weddings in Greece

Greece - is the perfect place for a wedding. This country will be able to realize any dream, because it is located on the thousands of islands that are washed in different seas, therefore have different natural resources and unique architecture. Year-round the sun shines brightly, so the couple visited Greece, regardless of the season. Summer wedding, they are choosing the sea, and in the winter - mountains and hot springs. Popular areas of Greece among Suite - is the island of Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos and charming town NAPF located in the Peloponnese.

Weddings in Santorini

Santorini Island - an ancient, exotic andGreece mysterious place with sandy beaches, small villages and domed monasteries. Here the newlyweds a magnificent view of the volcano, in the world's largest crater, and the pair will be able to enjoy the magnificent sunsets. Traditional colors of Santorini raduyu eyes and match the mood of the wedding.

Wedding on island of Santorini in Greece

On the island of Crete

Sunny Crete with golden beaches,blue-green sea and tropical palm trees - the most popular destination in all of Greece. It is an island of pirates and conquerors, it considered the birthplace of Zeus - the god of thunder and lightning, the chief god of the Greek pantheon. Where else but in Crete, the couple swear each other eternal love? It's very Greek!

Wedding on the beautiful Greek island of Crete

The ceremony in Mykonos

A wedding on the island of Mykonos cost newlywedsnot cheap, it's a popular place for international celebrities. It is the most fashionable bohemian resort in Greece with stunning nature. It's hard to find a place more beautiful and romantic, so honeymooners from around the world choose Mykonos for the wedding and honeymoon.

Mykonos Island for the wedding

Wedding on Rhodes

Rhodes gets its name from the god of the sun,who fell in love with the nymph and called this magnificent island its name. Primordial nature, sanctity aura of the place in which there are several churches of the Holy Apostles, and the modesty of the island in Greece make it number one for weddings. Romance and comfort are waiting for newlyweds at this point.

Rhodes for a wedding ceremony

Wedding in the city of Nafplio

Nafplio - most charismatic city of Greece. Here a special aura and atmosphere that attracts honeymooners legends of antiquity. This is a small, but very suitable for a romantic wedding town with narrow streets, suddenly leaving upward, with many balconies, overgrown thickets charming bougainvillea.

Nafplio holiday newlyweds

the celebration Scenario

Velvet sand, blue expanse of the sea and the immenseGreece sky - what could be better for a wedding ceremony? If you are still undecided with the script, we offer a ready-made version of the wedding on a Greek beach. Participants: a beautiful couple, family, friends, toastmaster. The action begins with the arrival of the newlyweds to the place of celebration after the church wedding ceremony or formal registration at the town hall of the city of Greece. The road on which they walk, was covered red carpet.

When the young are on this path to the table,present raise their hands so as to form a tunnel, symbolizing the way to the future happiness. Happiness begins with the cup which the parents hold the end of the tunnel. This is a glass of wine, which takes a sip of the groom and then the bride. In deference to his wife Groom finishes before the end of the wine and the glass breaks.


- This ritual has the following meaning: a bowl is broken for good luck, but in fragments couple goes forward in the joint future, saying goodbye to his bachelor past.

Young in fragments pass to the banquet table,but to the table with a wedding cake and champagne young to get easy, because in front of them there are witnesses or friends of the newlyweds, who hold land on the tape so low that it was easy to step over.

A witness says:

- Overcome the first hurdle of living together! If you do it easily Step back, then all the other problems will just as quickly be overcome!

The groom carries his chosen through the tape on his hands, and the young come to the table.

Leading the guests said:

- Help yourself, do not hesitate, but do not forget that for which we are all gathered here. The feast is open to all, let us raise our glasses and say a good word in honor of the young!

All guests say toasts and gifts presented. At the end of the celebration escorted the newlyweds on the background of the general applause and fireworks in their honor. The couple leaves the beach, holding hands.

How much does a wedding in Greece?

The average cost of a wedding in Greece for two - from 800 €. This price includes fiscal symbolic ceremony on the selected Greek island. The wedding agency package includes:

  • ceremonial table;
  • car;
  • symbolic ceremony;
  • wedding certificate;
  • bottle of champagne;
  • photo shoot for 1 hour.

Flight to Greece and a couple repays hotelseparately. Approximate price of air travel from Moscow for two - about 550 €. The week's stay at the hotel "all inclusive" cost newlyweds about 450 €. Total cost of the wedding budget with a week's holiday on the Greek islands - about 1800 €. Official wedding ceremony the newlyweds will cost 800 € more expensive, because here include:

  • preparation and submission of documents for marriage in Greece;
  • payment of duties and taxes;
  • Greek translation of documents;
  • Mayor of payment services.

Video: a symbolic wedding in Greece

Great and unique offers Greecelove many options for symbolic weddings. The streets of Athens, the pair talk about love, about the ancient traditions and architectural monuments, unique Santorini enchant the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea, and Rhodes is a great experience from the splendor sunsets and sunrises.

Whether the bride and groom want to celebratewedding with friends and family or to remain on the Greek island together, they will be offered a choice of modern or ancient Greek ceremony conducted in an environment of snow-white beach or winery wedding in a church or a formal wedding at City Hall. See the video version of the Greek wedding in the style of the ancient gods:

Reviews of holding weddings in Greece

Masha St. Petersburg:

I expected something extraordinary from the symbolicceremony at Rhodes, but it has surpassed all expectations! The wedding was like a fairy tale: nature, Greek music, wine, olives, seafood and surprisingly hospitable people!

Natasha Samara:

In the autumn of last year we celebrated a wedding on the islandSantorini in Greece. It was an unforgettable celebration by the sea! Beautiful sunset set off by elegant pink wedding dress and my favorite just beaming with happiness. The organizers of weddings in Greece have taken into account all the points, and we just enjoyed the holiday

Alexander Tula:

We have registered an official marriage in a smallthe city of Nafplio Greece. I note that it cost us less than if we held the wedding in his home town. There's no need to invite family and spend a lot of money, but in Greece we were only two of us and enjoyed the sun, sea, fine wine and each other.

Wedding photo shoot in Greece

Greece - a paradise for the photographer. It is amazingly beautiful place where incredibly combines sandy beaches, cliffs and ancient architecture. Greek photographers who observe the local beauty since childhood, doing landscaping wedding photography, so they come out fantastic images newlyweds on the background of the unique nature. Photographs of local artists allow you to easily see the different textures: fine particles of sand, stones, sea ripples and tree bark.

Professional photographers will find the most unusualspace for successful wedding photos. The bride and groom will have memorable and vivid pictures wearing romantic or funny character. Classic wedding dresses are complemented by bright elements, to make the contrast images on the background of beautiful exotic nature. The best solution - it is a lonely place on a Greek island, where there is a romantic setting, and no strangers.

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot in Greece