Wedding in Germany

Choosing a venue for a wedding ceremony,pay attention to the European countries. For example, a wedding in Germany, near the ancient castle can be your best solution. It is not only the beautiful architecture of the city, the unusual, the European purity, but also very spectacular ancient customs. In Germany observe many ancient rituals associated with the wedding, and sneaked them through the centuries. You have the opportunity to try their "taste" and start a family in the German tradition.

How is the German wedding: customs and traditions

Conduct a formal wedding atGermany Russian citizens are not allowed, so it is better to visit the registry office, and then to go on the plane. In this country it is customary to equate to formal wedding reception status of the family, but these rules apply only to the indigenous inhabitants of the country and its citizens. Russians can put a signature in the registry office after the wedding in Germany, but it is recommended to perform well in advance.

Germany - an ideal country for a wedding celebration

Among the commonly used wedding traditionsGermany recovered ritual planting rosewood. It represents the first joint work which is carried out with the newlyweds and symbolizes the beginning of a new life. Plant a tree, the bride and groom can take care of him, that would be a good family tradition. As a new plantings may be a bush, fruit or other process, and some residents of Russia prefer to put the symbol of their homeland - the birch.

Very bright tradition of the inhabitants of Germany is associated withsmashing crockery. On the day before the wedding the bride's house to the groom's suite suitable representatives and the gesture banish bad spirits that can accumulate on the new family. The loud sound of breaking dishes sure to frighten unexpected guests, they leave the house without disturbing the bride ready to go get married. The event ends with a party in honor of a bright future wedding.

Another German tradition associated with the presentationdowry of the bride. Before the wedding, the girl presents the accumulated property, is located on five wagons or carts. To this was added duvets, pillows, blankets, kitchen utensils, the bride sits in the center of this good and drives the streets of Germany. Travel may begin near her home and take a visit to the housing of the groom and the return back. After a trip on the pillows, the participants spend leisure time for the holiday feast, to which showered newlyweds beans for good luck, well-being.

How to organize a wedding

Organizing a wedding in Germany

To take into account all the points for a wedding abroad(Germany is no exception), you need to prepare well, stock up on a large notebook, patience and record everything in order not to forget anything. Since the celebration will take place near home, just bring along everything you need because of the shortage of return will not succeed. When planning a wedding, consider the following points:

  1. Registration of passports, entry permits andleaving. It is necessary to think not only for honeymooners but also for parents, friends invited to the wedding. We do not recommend this option to perform last. There are times when the full readiness of one of the spouses prohibits leaving, and all the preparations for the wedding of the German becomes unnecessary.
  2. Buying airline tickets or the definition of otherroutes. To be in Germany at the wedding in time, acquire travel documents in advance. If you plan to invite to the wedding guests, they also have to buy tickets in advance.
  3. Check the venue for the wedding ceremony. To determine in advance and make the option that has pleased. Be sure to ask about all the nuances, ranging from language barriers guests with service personnel and ending with the payment currency in Germany.
  4. Ordering hotels or other places to stayhoneymooners and guests. If the wedding is planned not for one day, be sure to think through these issues. It is important that housing was located close to transport interchanges, the venue of the wedding celebration.
  5. Order a guide or assistant for the wedding organization. To make it easier and easier to observe the correct execution of the holiday, select a mate in Germany, who could always tell the right decision. This person should know Russian, German and English.
  6. Choosing a wedding theme, too, is important, even if the celebration takes place abroad. Stick to the general rules exist in Germany, and make their wishes for the chosen scenario.
  7. Buying rings, costume and dress better to exercise in the home country, in order not to burden themselves with such problems abroad. But the flowers for the wedding is better to buy already in place in Germany.

Where do we draw ceremony

Determining the place for a weddingceremony in Germany is very important because it will be remembered for a lifetime. Choosing German wedding, stop for the version that combines the beauty and originality. If you dream of a wedding in the spirit of chivalry, the best place for you to become one of Germany's many castles. If you are attracted to types of botanical gardens and ponds, the wedding ceremony in Strasbourg, will long be remembered for you and guests. The main selection criteria wedding venue will be the budget, and your personal desires. What will you choose?

The royal palaces of Bavaria

Wedding in this palace - the dream of manyhoneymooners, it's beautiful, unusual and very touching. The royal chambers were celebrations, where royals joined hearts. This place is considered to be a popular and expensive. Bavarian castles of Germany will be an ideal venue for weddings for couples who appreciate the old days, and is interested in history.

Russian Wedding Honeymoon in Bavaria

In Baden-Baden

High ancient buildings, unusual architecture,large column depicting animals - all this can become a part of your wedding celebration in Baden-Baden. In my dreams you appear at his own wedding in the lush dress with a long train and take pictures at high steps of the ancient castle in Germany? This desire you can realize in Baden-Baden.

Baden-Baden - the old town for a wedding

The historic castle not far from Cologne

The historic city of Cologne (Germany) stands ondeepwater river Rhine. The combination of natural beauty with a wealth of historical sites makes it very attractive for tourists and those wishing to spend a wedding celebration. Of particular interest for such purposes Moselle locks (this is the name of the river): Reichsburg, Eltz, Zatsvay, Pyrmont. Medieval bridges, heavy wrought iron doors, stately halls, the situation with knightly times - this is what awaits you in Koln, if you want to celebrate a wedding here.

Wedding celebration in Cologne

In Munich

Pearl Bavaria is located near the Isar River,so beautiful water views can become part of a photo shoot at your wedding. Munich is very good for those couples who want to give preference to the beautiful expensive restaurant for a party. A natural scenery of the German city can be an excellent solution for the organization of the wedding.

Munich wedding

In the old city of Cologne

The choice of this city will make a pair,preferring quiet, tranquility and privacy. Even if the wedding will be great (with the number of invited more than 50 people), this place will do. In Cologne, Germany, collected many attractions that you can visit, for example, during a wedding a walk and take pictures. You will be interested to see the town hall, Hohenzollern Bridge, visit the Cologne Cathedral, the fish market on the Square, the fountain dwarves).

Wedding in the city of Cologne locks

In Dusseldorf

This German city is considered one of the mosttoday, so it is ideally suited for art lovers of modern times. Tall buildings, mirrored surfaces, minimalist, unusual green wedding can become an ornament or photo shoot newlyweds. In this city, there are plenty of attractions in Germany (Etienne Museum, TV Tower Reynturm, City Hall), against which a bride in a white dress looks amazing.

Düsseldorf - the city of new technologies for the wedding

Documents required for registration of marriage

Officially hoop in Germany can onlythe inhabitants of this country. If one of the newlyweds is a German citizen, the registration is possible. So you have to choose whether you will sign in their homeland, and then go to Germany only for the wedding party, or get citizenship in a new country for at least one newlyweds. The second case occurs very rarely.

When planning a trip to Germany for a weddingbring a passport of a citizen of the country and overseas, help with TIN, marriage certificate, birth certificates of children or their passport, proof of booking hotels, restaurants and other establishments, travel tickets (in both directions at once). It is advisable to always carry extra credit or debit card in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

How much does a wedding in Germany

The cost of a wedding celebration in GermanyIt depends on where the ceremony will be held. Total amount is influenced by such factors as the number of guests, type of organization of the event (either alone or with additional help), the number of days to celebrate, location photographers, videographers, and leading musicians, young outfits, automotive maintenance, guide. The average wedding price may vary as follows:

  • Castle Lesfeld (2,500 euros);
  • Lake Eibsee (from 4400 euros);
  • Castle Ereskhofen (from 10,800 euros);
  • Alpes (3,500 euros);
  • Wiesbaden (from 3500 euros);
  • Drachenburg (from 3525 euros);
  • Neuschwanstein Castle (from 4400 euros).

Video: conducting the wedding ceremony in Germany

To be sure to choose a placeweddings in Germany, the young is familiar with all the nuances. Discuss your decision about the upcoming holiday with parents invited. Many people can not tolerate flights, long trips and moving long distances, their position is also worth considering. It is best to imagine how the wedding ceremony can be held in Germany, you can, watch the video below.

Wedding photo shoot in Germany

German planning a wedding, do not forget aboutphotographer. Then your German ceremony will be captured on a beautiful photo. Later, looking at the pictures, you'll be able to revive the memory of the best moments of the festival: a photo shoot on a background of beautiful castles, in the picturesque places of nature with a wreath or bouquet. Consider the route and the shooting script, to visit and capture the wedding of the most significant and memorable places: parks with fountains, original vintage or modern buildings, the interiors of castles, churches, museums in Germany.

Wedding photos in Germany