Wedding in December

December many believe is not the best monthfor Wedding. Not only that harsh weather conditions - cold and the wind considerably complicate the wedding trip, so still and the people around are covered by pre-Christmas chores. But this does not mean that marriage has no right to exist in December. Two lovers heart will overcome all obstacles! They will create their own way beautiful winter wonderland. December month is able to give the newlyweds an incomparable atmosphere, beautiful and romantic celebration.

Beauty December wedding

Wedding in December - signs

To the great joy of the newlyweds, the Decemberwedding promises them a long and happy life together. Ancient national sign promises that spouses will develop an excellent relationship, and things will go so well that the pair will not experience any hardship. If you transcend the cold and warm love, as the intoxicating wine, even in the most severe frosts, feel free to choose the first winter month for a wedding. Signs December wedding simple and clear to everyone:

  • During the wedding snowing - for the good and well-being.
  • Hit hard frost - the first child of a young boy would.
  • The bride torn stockings - for an early birth heirs. One hand on the mattress - a daughter, two arrows - son.

Favorable days for a wedding in December 2016

At first glance, to play a wedding in the winter cold will be solved only notorious daredevils. But, on second thought, this month has many advantages:

  • In winter, due to lack of a huge number ofwishing to marry, greatly reduced the cost of the banquet hall, the musicians services and Toastmaster. You can choose them according to your taste, and not because of what was left unclaimed. The main thing - to plan a celebration for the first half of the month to ensure that your wedding is not coincided with the New Year event.
  • Enchanted sorceress-winter, nature will giveyou many fabulous frames for a photo shoot. Especially good pictures at night in December, when it snows. Do not forget to notify your intention of this photographer, that he was ready to shoot in the dark.
  • The colorful design of the pre-Christmas streetsHe will play in your favor. Decorated with garlands, lights, Christmas trees are shops, restaurants, parks will make your wedding a walk in December unusually fascinating.

December - a wonderful time for the wedding

The wedding ceremony in December

Frost will not allow the bride to wear openwedding dress, and the guests will have to buy warmer clothes. But on this December's wedding will not lose its special charm. Couples wishing to marry, it should be noted that in December does not have days that are suitable for the ceremony. All month last Advent. If you do not think a wedding without the wedding, it is better to spend a December wedding ceremony and banquet, and wedding, plan for the next month and move in the summer.

successful days

  • 1 December - 21 lunar day, the most favorable for the wedding, and in general for any new initiatives.
  • December 5 - the couple will be satisfied with each other in all respects.
  • 11 December - will create a close-knit family, where the wife will forgive recriminations and insults, to try to improve relations.
  • December 15 - newlyweds all goes according to plan, will be fulfilled wildest dreams.
  • 17 December - the day is good for the long-planned wedding. He seemed to be enveloped in an aura of love and romance.
  • December 20 - a very good, positive day. It is suitable for a romantic relationship and marriage. The Union will be harmonious and stable.
  • December 31 - 21 lunar day. Astrologers recommend in those days to sign new deal and play a wedding. Newlyweds will create a happy union, will have time to do much for the benefit of his family.

It is not necessary to plan a wedding for 4, 14, 22 and 29December. The marriage of the dates indicated, is unlikely to be happy. The relationship quickly grow cold, which will inevitably lead to divorce. Listen to the advice of astrologers to select an auspicious day for the wedding in December. So you build a family life, according to their places, keep the family hearth for years to come.

Successful days for a wedding in December

The best day for a wedding

Well for new beginnings, and especially forwedding, astrologers believe 21 lunar day. It represents progress, the creative energy, a sacrifice for a common goal. In December 2016, two of the day - 1 and 31 numbers. Oaths of allegiance and promises made in these dates, will certainly be made, because the people who dared to break the oath moon, waiting for severe retribution. Such days are good for communicating with friends, family and entertainment. Newlyweds, the planned celebration of the month of December, astrologers recommend a closer look at the dates indicated.

Ideas for the December wedding

In the middle of winter, it is appropriate to make the wedding intraditional Russian style. Newlyweds in a troika of white horses, snow drifts around maskers guests harmony, a lot of laughter and joy, bursting with a variety of delicacies tables. Liquor choose warming - grog, mulled wine, brandy, rum. Meals at the December wedding table should be high-calorie, fresh and hot, in fact, after a walk in the cold drink and guests will want to eat well.

New Year's Eve wedding in the style of slideWinter stories, based on the plot of the popular children's fairy tales: "The Nutcracker", "The Snow Queen". If the celebration scheduled for the second half of the month, feel free to use the New Year's style. The bride will not miss the opportunity to become a party to the pageant and marry Santa Claus. Popular in December wedding in color - blue, pink, burgundy. Choose wedding accessories, bridal bouquet associated with winter. Suppose that you have on hand will be the icicles, pine cones, fir branches, miniature snowmen, candles.

for the December wedding ideas

Decoration wedding hall for the December wedding

for the December wedding ideas

As you go to the wedding

In December, when choosing clothes for herself andloved, above all, take care of the insulation. You will have to spend a lot of time outdoors during the wedding walk and photo shoot. It does not fit the open air light dress fabric, like it or like a bride. It is necessary to stop the choice on a warm dress made of thick cloth covering the body as much as possible. Finished brocade, satin, stones in the form of snowflakes and icicles, wedding dresses will give the bride a truly royal look.

Attire bride does not have to bewhite. Lovers of extravagant images are in December to experiment with color. Against the background of white snow drifts look bright and attractive blue, pink, red, purple wedding dress. Just do not forget to pick up the groom a shirt of the same color, then the pair will look perfect. Protect from frost bride well-chosen coat, cape, clutch. And out of the shoe, to avoid cold feet, get a warm white boots with fur trimming.

A strong half of humanity also wantsfeel comfortable at the ceremony. Wedding groom outfit in December classic - insulated dark suit, white shirt, tie. The black coat is recommended as an outer garment, which must be longer than the jacket. Stylish black hat will not only become part of the wardrobe, but also help to create an elegant image.

Wedding dress December newlyweds

The image of the newlyweds at the December wedding

Photo Wedding in December

Given the frosty and snowy weather in December,choose the route of the wedding photo shoot and walk far away from the registrar or the venue of the banquet. You may suddenly catch the wind or snow, be prepared for it. In winter, interesting photos are sometimes obtained even in the most unexpected places - shopping centers, exhibitions. It all depends on the skill of the photographer and the ability to express their feelings Suite at the time of the shooting.

Wedding photo session in December

The original wedding photo session in December