Wedding in Croatia

Some couples go after marriagetravel through the beautiful corners of the world, and other lovers organize a celebration in itself beautiful places in Europe. The beautiful nature and the mild climate in Croatia is ideal for weddings. Where to arrange a wedding on the coast of the Adriatic Sea? What should be taken into account when organizing the celebration, to a wedding in Croatia brought the newlyweds and their guests the maximum of positive emotions? How much will the wedding abroad?

How to organize a wedding in Croatia

Beaches with spectacular cliffs, beautiful forests,ancient attractions, the amazing island in the middle of the Adriatic Sea - all this you will see in Croatia. It is a country with a subtropical climate, so the summers are dry and hot, and the winter - warm and humid. If you choose Croatia for a wedding, then you will be pleasantly surprised there cheap prices and excellent service. The script of the celebration on the Adriatic coast can include travel by yacht, visiting castles.

Official wedding

Some couples decide to organize a wedding inAdriatic coast alone, while others rely on this business to professionals. If you decide to officially marry in Croatia, you will need to agree in advance of the ceremony with the mayor's office of the city you selected. The registration procedure takes place in a registry office, but if you wish the couple may agree to hold it in a nice hotel, a villa or in the open air.

The official wedding takes place at the locallanguage, so you'll need a translator. To arrange to hold the ceremony and to clarify all the details required for registration, it is necessary to come in and apply to the municipality of any city in Croatia for 2-3 days prior to the planned date of the wedding. So you can legalize their marriage in Croatia, please bring the following documents:

  • Birth certificates of the bride and groom (originals and copies of notarized translation into Croatian language with apostille).
  • A document confirming the status of the unmarried to marry and to guarantee its recognition in the country of residence newlyweds. The certificate is issued to Russian citizens consulate in Zagreb.
  • Passports.
  • Other documents that may require local officials.

Dream wedding

If you do not want to designofficial documents for the marriage ceremony, you'll like the other option for the celebration: is a symbolic wedding in Croatia. This holiday will not be limited to the place or the time of registration, so the marriage will actually hold at sunrise or sunset, in the water. Symbolic wedding in Croatia perfect for those couples who at home have registered marriage, want to create a nice mark the anniversary of their family, or just to give their attitude of new emotions.

Where to spend the wedding

In Croatia, there are many places with beautifulgrounds overlooking the sea. The islands of the Adriatic Sea Vis, Hvar and the peninsula of Istria - a fabulous venue for weddings. And the ancient city of Dubrovnik, Split and resort Opatija will give you the wedding an unforgettable flavor. Photo shoot on the beautiful expanse of Croatia will give you extraordinary footage and a lot of pleasant impressions.

On the island of Vis

Remote island in Croatia is ideal forWedding with a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Vis is covered with plantations of grapes, which gives it a certain mystique. Many volcanic islands surround the island, which creates a wonderful backdrop for wedding photos on the beach. Little Bay landscape make this place beautiful, unique.

Marriage on the Croatian island of Vis

In the city of Split

At this point, Croatia united differentarchitectural styles, that gave the city a special color. In Split near adjoin the ruins of ancient civilizations and modern shops with fashionable clothes. Suddenly controversial city ideal for weddings unusual and curious couples who love all new and unusual. Here you will learn about the culture and history of Croatia.

Split - a beautiful place for a wedding

The island of Hvar

Adriatic island of Hvar is impregnated with aromaslavender and rosemary that grow on it everywhere. This place Croatia can become a romantic area to register your marriage. In one of the most beautiful bays you can arrange the ceremony right on the beach and contemplating the amazing seascape, tell each other words of love. Especially romantic registration on the coast will look at a sunset or dawn sun.

Hvar Island for marriage registration

The resort Opatija

Do you want to hold the wedding in Croatia there,where she is doing a celebrity? Then choose a resort Opatija. It has everything for the organization of elegant and spectacular wedding. Excellent service and infrastructure, beautiful vegetation and amazing views of the sea can give you an unforgettable holiday on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic.

The resort of Opatija for marriage

On Istria

The sea air and the smell of pine needles - it's the atmosphereIstrian peninsula. Unusual beauty of nature of this region invites to his lovers from all corners of the earth, to unite their hearts in marriage among the beauties of Croatia. Venetian style buildings in Istria win the newlyweds and all guests with its elegance, finesse. The crystal clear seawater and pleasant aroma, reigning around, will help create a festive mood to all those present at the wedding.

Istria Peninsula for wedding

In the ancient city of Dubrovnik

If you are planning a romantic wedding with notesMiddle Ages, then in Croatia have the right to undertake such celebrations the city - this is the famous Dubrovnik. Its streets are ideal for creating the image of a medieval wedding. This organization is recognized as the Croatian city of UNESCO world treasure. Dubrovnik is prized for its stunning nature and picturesque bays, mild climate, interesting historic architecture, excellent infrastructure.

Wedding in Dubrovnik

How much does a wedding in Croatia

The cost of the wedding in Croatia depends ona number of factors: the number of guests, type of ceremony, planned entertainment, excursions. For example, the average price of the official ceremony in the Croatian Adriatic coast is around 1,600 euros. This amount includes the cost of training, translation of documents, support for the application, the official registration of marriage, translation services, local taxes, legalization, translation of the marriage certificate.

If in addition to the official registration of the couple yetwill order a banquet or a walk around the city / island with a photo shoot, then it will increase the holiday budget. Additional costs depend on the capabilities and preferences of the bride and groom, so the final budget for the official wedding is unique for each pair. The average price of a symbolic ceremony starts at 2,500 euros. This amount includes the cost of the wedding services manager, a translator, a ceremony on the beach, floral accessories, photo shoot marriage certificate.

Video: a wedding ceremony in Croatia

Dreaming of an unforgettable, romantic ceremonywedding on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia? Your dream is easy to make a reality. It is only necessary to determine with some nuances, to collect all the documents for registration. Wedding in Croatia - a sea clean air, friendly people, cove unearthly beauty, yachts, magnificent mountains covered with forests. Watch a video about how one couple to realize his dream and has organized a celebration on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Wedding photo shoot

In Croatia, there are many beautiful places tothe wedding photo shoot. Beautiful pictures can be on the beach or near the rocks, coniferous forest, bright colors. Wedding photos taken in the breathtaking landscapes of Croatia, will be original and unique. The ability to make very beautiful pictures - it is just one of the advantages of the wedding in Croatia. Wedding on the coast of the Adriatic is still following advantages:

  • You will be able to hold the wedding and honeymoon, enjoying the beauty of the Adriatic Sea in a beautiful nature.
  • After the wedding in one week you cansee the many attractions of Croatia, and, if desired, also visit a number of European countries are located. It will be easy to do, because this country has excellent transport links with neighboring countries
  • The mild climate allows for a wedding near the beach from March to November.
  • Climatic conditions in Croatia are well tolerated in adults and children.
  • Arrive on the Croatian Adriatic coast is possible in 3 hours.
  • Wedding in Croatia will be different stunning feast with lots of seafood and exotic fruits.

Wedding photo shoot in Croatia