Wedding in August

When the decision is made to start a family beforenewlyweds raises a difficult question - on what month and day to appoint a significant event. How to repeat the astrologers, the wedding date affects future relationships between the spouses. If your intention is to get married in the summer, take a look at the month of August. It accounts for the peak wedding, and for good reason. Wedding in August is good because on the weather do not worry, she will surely be warm. And if it falls upon summer rain is not terrible, it is only for the good.

Pleasant moments of the August wedding

Wedding in August: signs

According to ancient folk take,wedding in August promises newlyweds a stable and strong family. After the wedding between them will not only love, but also friendly, partnership relations. The bride and groom perfectly understand each other, and this mutual understanding they will be able to keep forever. Because, if we decided to officially register their marriage, organize a wedding in August, and then the couple will be together many, many years.

the signs associated with the wedding in August

Believe signs and traditions, or not - a private matter of each person. As practice shows, many will come true. Therefore they should pay attention.

  • Bride stroking her wedding dress - not for good;
  • Bride chooses wedding open or lace up shoes - to poverty;
  • Wear a wedding dress over the feet - to the fragility of the marriage;
  • Newlyweds give to someone trying on wedding rings before the wedding or after it - to the disintegration of the family;
  • Bride in wedding day woke up under the chirping of birds - to a happy life.

Favorable days for a wedding in August 2016

August - the best place of all for monthsweddings. After all, the sun does not bake so mercilessly, in July, the evenings cool even happens. Newlyweds can choose for your wedding restaurant with outdoor area, outdoor cafe with a terrace, or a picnic in the open. The month of August will give you a chance to shoot a bright, colorful wedding photo shoot. Beautiful newlyweds are pictures on the background of lush green grass, trees near the pond. Take a look at our video how beautiful and fun wedding took place in August at the lovely couple newlyweds.

The month of August generous with fruit and vegetables in late summerkeep up with a huge number of them. Wedding tables are full of tasty dishes and original design. Pleasing to the eye melons - juicy watermelons, melons, sweet berries. Seizing the moment, Coverings such as blankets chic wedding table, and in August, it will cost you much cheaper than in winter or spring. A decorated with bouquets of summer flowers banquet room will look very solemnly. Generous summer month of August brings a lot of surprises, taking them into service, the newlyweds will organize the best holiday of unity of loving hearts.

Favorable days for summer wedding

Successful days in the Orthodox calendar

The faithful Orthodox Christians after the ceremonythe official registration of the marriage registrar bodies pass the sacrament of the wedding in the church. August 14, 2016 Dormition Fast begins, it lasts for two weeks, just before the end of the month. Keep in mind that during Lent, the Church is not crowned newlyweds. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises, plan a wedding for the first half of the month.

Wedding in August

Unbelievers should choose a good day forwedding, focusing on the lunar calendar. Astrologers believe that only three days for organizing a wedding celebration in August 2016 - 4, 5 and 6. Using a lunar calendar, learn more about each date:

  • 4 August - 21 th lunar day, the most favorable for the wedding, plans for the future come true, if the couple focus on the desired and will gradually reach the goal;
  • 5 August - to create a successful family, they will succeed by itself. The couple spend most of their time together, doing the life and upbringing of children, giving them the wisdom and spiritual wealth.
  • August 6 - expect the newlyweds after the weddingthe trials of life, they will overcome with dignity, supporting each other. The family will have all desired, earning it an honest living from month to month, using their knowledge and good education.

The best day for a wedding

From the point of view of numerology, the best day of the monthfor marriage will be August 8, 2016. Two eights in the date of the wedding (08/08/2016) promise eternal happiness and well-being of the couple, as the number 8 is a symbol of infinity. Another month of August date is noteworthy - 15/08/2016, it occurs twice the number 15. Both dates fall on a Saturday and only suitable for weddings.

Ideas for a wedding in August

To start with the venuewedding banquet. If everything in the restaurant is relatively simple - furniture, kitchen, hall decorations are ready, then, for organizing a wedding in nature have to work hard. What will it be: a place by the river, gazebos, forest glade, open veranda or ordinary villa - to solve the newlyweds, but we need to do everything possible to ensure the comfort of guests at the wedding.

Locations celebrations in August

Depending on the selected venuecelebration chosen decor. If the wedding hall of the restaurant requires a lush and elegant design, a holiday in a modest farmhouse to be shrouded in simplicity and comfort. In the colors of the month of August is dominated by warm and even hot floral and fruity shades of pink, orange, yellow, green, white. Decorators do not recommend the August wedding is too variegated, deviations from the basic color must be low this month.

Colors August wedding

Lighted candles on the tables, flower vases andfruit is very popular with the newlyweds and guests, they give holiday romance. Wedding August, the menu should include light salads, low-fat meals, snacks. Pay special attention to soft drinks. Well, if among them are: mineral water, lemonade, smoothies, iced tea. Wedding cake, ornate cream, is more appropriate for a winter wedding, and in the summer would be a much better choice of fruit and berries.

August Wedding Menu

For guests do not get bored at a wedding in the open air, prepare them for fun, let them have fun with all the heart, become better acquainted with each other:

  • Traveling in a balloon together with the newlyweds;
  • Wedding walk on horseback;
  • Descent from a hill in a clear bowl;
  • Retro disco;
  • Caricaturists, magicians, clowns on stilts, trained animals.

A fitting end of the holiday will be a honeymoon newlyweds spent their honeymoon.

Entertainment on August wedding

As you go to the wedding

Given the hot afternoon of August, weddingclothing newlyweds better to choose from light natural fabrics. The bride will be comfortable feel in a white dress with a bare back and shoulders. It will not hold up on themselves burning rays of the sun and allow the body to cool flushed a breath of fresh air. With its central location in the month of August in the air, free looks that wedding dresses, refusing to close corsets and multilayered skirts.

To the bride easier to stand the heat,wedding hairstyle is better to make a high, picking up hair and decorate them with artificial flowers. A great amount of varnish or mousse you only spoil the appearance of hair and do not create the desired image. During the hot months it is not recommended to use such means, replace pins and invisible. The same applies to the make-up, because the sun, stuffiness, hugs and kisses guests stand not just make-up.

It would be great if the groom will get towedding light suit made of natural fabrics. Hue can be anything - pure white, gray, cream, olive, ash. In a dark wedding dress to make the midday heat is much more difficult. Instead of a tie, feel free to breath better to choose the appropriate color butterfly. Wedding dress in the month of August only required for the official ceremony, after the groom will be comfortable without a jacket. Stylish vest or suspenders give extravagant outfit.

The image of the newlyweds at the wedding in August