Wedding in April

With the arrival of spring everything comes to life, rejoicingthe first sunny days. Bloom Gardens, warm spring breeze caressing the hair, the air is full aroma of herbs and flowers. Well, it does not choose such a wonderful time for the most solemn day? April's wedding - a frequent phenomenon, although it is believed that marrying is necessary in the autumn, at harvest time. But if you can not wait until the fall, the wedding in April - a great option. It is important to determine the date of the wedding, pick a good day for himself.

Advantages of the April wedding

Wedding in April - signs

Folk omens are almost always related to the weather. April is not stable - clear warm days interspersed with rainy and gloomy. Therefore, the joint life of the newlyweds will be as unstable, after the wedding, they are waiting for the test life's difficulties. The white bar will give way to black and vice versa. To achieve understanding and harmony April paired difficult.

As the early spring, when warm, sunny daycomes the winter cold again, killing the sudden frost fruit ovary, as well as in family life, the newlyweds hot honeymoon gives way to cooling of relations, and some couples and all their rupture. If a match made in April, is not supported by real, sincere feelings, he will not last long.

Summing wedding signs of April, we select key:

  • Family life will flow with variable success.
  • There is a possibility that happiness will not last long, initially newlyweds expect a lot of difficulties.

Favorable days for a wedding in April 2016

In general, in April is not conducive to a happymarital union in terms of both the Church and according to the predictions of astrologers. Especially unfortunate for weddings is the period from the beginning of the month, and up to 12 numbers, that is, before Easter, is takes a strict fast. At this time, the Church strongly opposes the marriage. But for people not believing it would not be a particular obstacle.

Not a bad day for the wedding will be Friday - 310, 17, 24 April and Saturday 25 April. It is best to start celebrating a wedding on Friday, when the planet Venus is particularly strong, patron of lovers. Astrologers are inclined to believe that almost the entire second half of April is favorable for weddings - 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 23, 26-31 of the newlyweds will bring good luck.

Favourable wedding day in April

Successful days in the Orthodox calendar

The Orthodox Church in April, allowsmarriage and the wedding the newlyweds only at the end of the week after Easter. Not fearful superstition young people fit for the wedding two Sundays - 19 and 26 April 2016. Play a wedding they could on the eve of Friday or Saturday. According to the clergy, successful day for marriage are also 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29 April.

The best day for a wedding

The most successful day for the wedding in April in allnow considered a holiday Red Hill, in 2016 it falls on the 19th of April - after Easter next Sunday. Therefore, to better plan the wedding on April 17, as the number 18 is the new moon, which is not very good for the wedding day. It is believed that the Red Hills holiday, long notes in Russia, is a kind of lucky ticket, and the young couple were married on this day, it will conclude the most durable and long-lasting alliance.

Ideas for an April wedding

wedding decoration executed in gentle,pastel shades to create for guests a unique, warm and romantic atmosphere of spring. As a symbol of the awakening of life, will decorate the wedding banquet hall bouquets of flowers with tight buds of soft pink, yellow, blue, white, will delight the eye sprigs of fresh young greens. How to do it stylishly and beautifully, look at the video.

Wedding photo session in the spring park, on the carriage,horse-drawn, give unforgettable pictures. In the absence of fresh flowers in April on trees, artificial garlands decorate them. Especially memorable moment of the wedding will be a photo shoot on a background of a blossoming cherry orchard. And if you grow close to Sakura, you are lucky enough! their flowering period is just the end of April, using this fabulous moment for the wedding photos.

April's wedding photo shoot

On the tables set up the small transparent vasesseasonal flowers: lilies, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths. Their lovely appearance and sweet aroma will create a light, happy mood. The decor of the wedding hall is dominated by the colors let the young green and light green. Decorate the room by cutting off light, sheer fabric with garlands of small lanterns, green twigs, satin ribbons.

The decor of the banquet hall for the April wedding

As you go on the April wedding

Wedding bride's outfit is associated with the first,delicate spring flower, so he selected a pure white, symbolizing purity and innocence, or among the pastel shades of pink (the color of affection), or gold (wealth). Categorically unacceptable wedding dresses flashy colors - bright red, green. At the April wedding of the bride should not wear pearl jewelry.

Wedding dress for a wedding in April

Guess wedding warm fine day in AprilIt can be difficult, so the bride to be on the safe side stock up warm cape or bolero jacket. Do not get wet under a sudden rain will help the matching colored umbrella. It will come in handy during the wedding photo shoot to create extraordinary, romantic images. Footwear is recommended to choose a closed - shoes or boots, will not prevent even light white boots.

For the April wedding groom should be chosensuit light, pastel colors - gray, cream, smoke, white, brown. Cleverly matched shirt and tie complete image. Try to create the maximum color harmony in a wedding dress newlyweds. Eccentric nature as a bright accent use pink or red tie if he is successfully combined with a bouquet of the bride.

Classic Honeymoon outfits

Wedding in April: reviews

My sister got married on 22 April. Knew beforehand that a month is not very good for the wedding, relatives were opposed to this date. But Young insisted, and did live together for 8 years. So neither will be afraid, only rely on yourself and trust your heart.

We got the April wedding on a rainyday that it's frightening to imagine. My long wedding dress was wet and muddy, wet shoes, too. It is necessary to pay tribute to the photographer, the pictures in the rain out unique, never thought that such beauty out.

Though the day was also sunny but not warm itcall. Piercing the wind knocked down, ruthlessly destroying our wedding hairstyles. Bride fellow, remained at the level. It is not easy she had, if not a warm cape and boots, it is not known what would it ended. No, it is better to do a wedding in the summer or autumn, when the heat and the weather is more predictable.