Wedding in Africa

Fashion for the wedding ceremony with the exoticemphasis is gaining momentum. If you want an extraordinary triumph and bizarre entourage, wedding in Africa - what you need. Preparations for such a holiday is not trivial, because there own rules, traditions and even the climate under which you need to adjust. If you have no experience of independent travel to Africa, all of these efforts may take on a wedding or a travel agency.

Holding a wedding in Africa

Which African country is better to get married?

The most popular among foreigners fora wedding ceremony are the countries of Africa, located on the coast of Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa. Located in the depths of the African continent attracts honeymooners Zambia stunning for its beauty Victoria Falls. It enjoys a special love Madagascar, located off the east coast of Africa. His magnificent nature, combined with the modern facilities are ideal for weddings abroad.

Wedding at Victoria Falls Africa

Before preparing for the celebration is important to determine,whether a wedding in Africa include the official registration of marriage (wedding) or only symbolic ceremony is planned. If the selected African country permits the official registration of relations between foreigners are kindly requested to submit to the office documents, which, as a rule, includes:

  • passports with visas (plus copies);
  • birth certificate;
  • certificate of absence of barriers to marriage;
  • return air tickets.

The documents need to be translated into English, andalso notarize. Some countries in Africa requires to stay in its territory before marriage for some time (usually a few days or a few weeks). All these legal formalities easily recognizable at the consulate or agency engaged in organizing weddings in Africa.

Style symbolic ceremony depends onwishes of the bride and groom and the selected country. Some wedding accessories (such as dress), will likely have to carry with them to Africa. Order a traditional cake for a wedding or a limousine is not always possible (depending on the venue). But the couple can afford extraordinary entertainment not available in Russia.

Weddings in Africa - not a cheap pleasure. The cost of travel and accommodation is possible to reduce, if to take into account the seasonality of (a popular time for the highest price of tours). Also be able to save, if you order your wedding photo and video on the spot. Serious agency offering wedding services in Africa, are always in the state of Russian-speaking skilled photographer and video operator, as well as other professionals (wedding coordinator, makeup artist, hairdresser).

South Africa

South Africa - economically developed country in Africa,so the wedding industry is here at the European level, and the newlyweds are available all the services of the highest class. A marriage contracted by foreigners in South Africa, is recognized in Russia. For formal weddings need a small set of documents, the ceremony is held in a state institution or church. You must present a marriage officer and two witnesses.

Wedding in South Africa

After the official registration of the couple can continue their wedding, choosing a place and a program to your liking. Here, they offer agencies and hotels for South Africa marriage:

  • safari and beach ceremony;
  • Boat trips on yachts;
  • luxurious private aristocratic estates;
  • reserves and national parks to explore or photoset;
  • architectural landmarks resort towns for a wedding ceremony.


The official registration of marriage Russians spendin Tunisia it is impossible, but a symbolic wedding ceremony this place is ideal. European service, coupled with the North African flavor will make your wedding fairy tale exquisite. Although Tunisia - a Muslim country, there are Orthodox churches, which allows for a wedding according to the canons.

Wedding in Tunisia

In addition to the wedding ceremony on-site oryoung beach offers exclusive spa treatments, boat trips, scuba diving, a trip through the desert by camel, quad biking, hang-gliding. Tunisia is famous natural and architectural attractions, suitable for a photo shoot. Among the cities of Bizerte stands wearing the title of African Venice. Water flow through the Strait of his living quarters, so popular here for a romantic walk on a boat.


Officially, the prisoner in Egypt MarriageIt is legal in Russia. A large selection of wedding tours (from budget to exclusive) displays the country of Africa for the first line in the preferences of the newlyweds. In Egypt, you will be able to hold a symbolic ceremony on the beach or in the desert, under water among coral kingdom or stylized "wedding of the Pharaohs" with costumes and entourage in the ancient temple.

Wedding in Egypt

Many ancient archaeological artifactsEgypt will make a wedding photo shoot unforgettable adventure. Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Makadi, Hurghada, Safaga, El Gouna, Sharm El Sheikh - find wedding tour in any of these or other tourist mecca of Africa is not difficult. In Egypt, many Orthodox churches (12 Russian Orthodox churches), so many Christians spend as wedding here.

Safari wedding in Kenya

Kenya is famous for its national parks andreserves, so here is well developed safari industry. safari wedding program involves carrying out a symbolic marriage ceremony among the African wildlife at the request of the newlyweds, with the presence of the shaman one of the tribes to the sounds of primitive music played by local residents. The ceremony is held directly during the safari or walk in front of her.

Kenyan safari wedding

How to conduct and arrange the ceremony on the beach?

Beach wedding ceremony on the coast of Africaconsidered one of the most beautiful, so be sure to include in the list of services of any wedding agency. For her, it is important to choose the appropriate season and location. Making a beach wedding ceremony for the installation of the coast means arch or tent made of light fabrics and / or color, where the bride and groom will bring each other to exchange vows and rings.

Wedding ceremony on the coast of Africa

If the wedding involves a large number ofguests need beautifully decorated chairs or benches. Care should be taken of the place where it will be cooled champagne and has a small bar with sweets, fruit and snacks. Think about what will take the guests during a photo shoot for the bride and groom. If the ceremony night, the full photoset held, usually the next day.

Wedding on the African beach

The script is plain beach ceremony. The main focus is the environment itself and landscapes of Africa (it is important to take care of the professional photo and video shooting). The bride and groom say to each other words of the oath of loyalty, exchange rings. Followed by toast with champagne, congratulations from the guests and the photo shoot. Ends wedding gala dinner on the shore by candlelight.

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot in Africa

Wedding in Africa with its extraordinary scenery make any photoset unforgettable. As the entourage for the photo shoot newlyweds are ideal:

  • ocean beach;
  • walk through the national parks of Africa (like animals - safari trip, and just on the background of exotic vegetation);
  • visiting the ruins of ancient cities;
  • balloon flight;
  • Walk on the traditional boat of the local tribes;
  • coral reefs (for a wedding under water).

To make the wedding ceremony entouragemost authentic, many wedding agencies offer to reach out to local rite of Africans. Representatives of the African tribes are usually happy to participate in the wedding of foreigners. If the newlyweds dresses and decorated in local traditions, or simply supplemented by the corresponding attributes (necklaces, belts, bracelets, made indigenous to Africa), it looks very impressive.

Wedding ceremony with the participation of the African tribe

To look great at the wedding, the bride should becarefully consider the make-up. Because of the hot climate of Africa unsuitable cosmetics can spoil the appearance and mood darken. Emphasize African style manicure (with a colorful ornament or with animal prints). For the brave girls suit henna on the hands or feet, which is applied before the wedding brides Morocco or Kenya. Do not forget about the hair (for example, using afrokosichek motives).

Fotoprimery wedding ceremony in Africa

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