Wedding February 14,

Wedding - is one of the most remarkable andlight festivals in the life of any family. However, traditionally celebrated another special date, devoted love. To celebrate the wedding on Valentine's Day - a great idea if you want to make a symbolic celebration, fill it with joy and love. Wedding February 14 - it is original and incredibly romantic. Newlyweds at the same time is particularly careful approach to the design of the upcoming celebration.

Folk omens associated with this day

Wedding in Valentine's Day

Traditionally, for a long time for the wedding andwedding celebration recommended to choose the winter season. The first half of February was considered especially favorable for organizing a beautiful celebration, filled with romance and love. It is believed that couples who decided to legalize their relationship in the winter season, will not know any troubles or disappointments. Oddly, but in the beginning of February it falls another truly wonderful holiday - Valentine's Day. Wedding February 14 promises future family a happy life full of boundless love.

According to legends, if solemn daygo snow - the family is waiting for financial well-being. Traditional wedding signs have certain caveats. For example, to celebrate a wedding should not be during Lent. If you choose to appoint the date of the wedding on February 14 in advance, start preparing for the celebration. Valentine's Day - a symbolic holiday, so in this period the demand for restaurant, wedding services, and attributes increases markedly. This feature can be considered as modern omen associated since 14 February.

Ideas for organizing a wedding on February 14

Wedding on Valentine's Day

Today the agency has a wide selectionideas for wedding celebration in Valentine's Day - 14 February. Our site offers a variety of ideas for a wedding on 14 February. Choose your favorite option, young people can always dilute their script idea, to complement its unique and inimitable details. This wedding on Valentine's Day is not only involves choosing a suitable theme and style, but also the place of the holiday organization, design features, and more.

For example, arrange a modern interpretationTraditional legends of Valentine's Day with a romantic ending. Or take as a basis for a thematic wedding story beloved fairy tale about love. Carefully prepare a scenario, consider the details of the wedding ceremony at the registry office, come up with fun contests and entertainment, enter specific characters, the role of which can carry a couple, and active guests. By the way, in 2016 on February 14 falls on a Saturday, which itself favors holding this wedding day.

If 14 February the weather is good, spendpart of the wedding events outdoors. Alternatively, prepare a fun relay race at the rink, arrange fights with snowballs, robbery, for example, the women's and men's teams. All together with the guests blind by two snowmen - the bride and groom. In the evening beside them arrange a dance contest, launch fireworks. Remember, the theme of love should be the leitmotif of the wedding celebration.

Skins wedding on Valentine's Day

Wedding Celebration February 14

The combination of two such romantic events asWedding and Valentine's Day, involves the use of specific colors, including red, white and pink tone. These colors should dominate in the interior of the banquet hall, a beautiful dress culprits celebrations, as well as possible in the clothes of guests or even the bridesmaids. All sorts of hearts of different sizes should be present as design elements of the holiday, bride accessories, decorations flower arrangements.

Decoration hall

Making the festive hall February 14

February - month of cold and snow, sobanquet hall of the restaurant is important to arrange a warm romantic atmosphere. To emphasize the unity of marriage to Valentine's Day to help decorative accessories, hearts, angels and other symbols of love. It is necessary to think in advance the musical accompaniment of the evening. Preference is to give a lyrical compositions about love.

Valentine's Day and wedding - holidays,dedicated to the feelings of two people. However, the organization of the solemn event should not forget about the guests. It is important that all the guests were able to enjoy the atmosphere of a comprehensive happiness. To do this, prepare a present each guest a small souvenir. Suit charming cloth bags with candy-hearts. When making use of the banquet hall balloons, flower in red and pink shades, satin ribbons, candles.

The decor for the holiday table

Wedding cake for Valentine's Day

Invitation to a Valentine, a box forwedding rings in the shape of a heart - it's not all wedding attributes that should stylize holiday on 14 February. To decorate the banquet table, use pale pink background for seating guests, place them in a small photo frames. If you have time and desire to every bride can do such original decoration for the holiday table yourself.

Sandwiches, canapés and tarts in the shape of hearts,candelabra-angels, decorated champagne buckets, figurines Amurchik, other small decorative elements create a complete romantic holiday atmosphere. Especially appropriate, these decorations will look at a wedding in the St. Valentine's Day. A birthday cake, as the culmination of a wedding in the evening, should evoke associations with a romantic day on 14 February.

The original idea: at the beginning of the banquet put on the windowsill basket blank valentines, after which or through leading announce it to the guests. In Valentine's Day miracles happen, so it is possible that at your wedding to be held on February 14, two lonely hearts meet each other. The idea of ​​organizing such a fun to be particularly appropriate if a holiday is planned to invite the guests, many of whom will not be familiar with each other.

Interesting ideas for the wedding photo shoot 2016

Ideas wedding photoshoot February 14

Valentine's Day fell on February 14. -cold winter season, when it would seem, for the wedding photo shoot open not quite bright prospects. However, it is rather common misconception because the winter - it is not only cold and frost, but also surprisingly beautiful scenery, patterned flakes snowflakes and frost on the glass. With the right approach, wedding photography can turn into a real winter wonderland.

Accessories for wedding photography

Organize a photo shoot on the ice - interestingoption for young shooting. No less beautiful and will look spectacular shots taken in the evening. Newlyweds on the background of lit lanterns and slowly descend from the sky snowflakes - a picture of a romantic fairy tale. Photos of the bride and groom on the background of the interior with a fireplace and wooden furniture - is another great option for the wedding photo shoot in winter.

Wedding photography Decoration balls

When it comes to a wedding in St. Valentine's Day,ie February 14, we can not forget about the symbolic attributes: hearts, cut out of colored cardboard, decorations in the form of angels. Frames - popular nowadays attribute for a photo shoot, which will give a vintage style images. Use balloons in the shape of hearts. Many such an approach may seem trivial, but, as practice shows, the photographs are decorating always looks spectacular. Romantic meeting young on a secluded bench or swing - another great story for the shooting.