Wedding ceremony outdoors

Many newlyweds wishing to celebrate a wedding in the summeror spring, arguing that the warm weather, the beauty of nature contribute to a good mood, creating exciting images. It is still possible to carry out painting and the celebration is not in the room and in the open air. Wedding in nature - it is a magical holiday, where there are no limitations of space, time, volume of music and fun. With proper organization of the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds and guests will receive a vivid impression, good mood.

How to organize a wedding in nature

The organization of wedding ceremonies in nature - it is exciting, but also very troublesome process, you must decide the following points for the preparation of the celebration:

To decide on the venue for the ceremony.
To solve the problem with the arrangement, organization, registration area, which will host the celebration.
The most difficult part in the organization of the wedding in natureIt is to prepare the food, service. First of all it is necessary to solve two questions: will be a banquet or buffet, prepare and serve refreshments involved specially trained people or relatives of the newlyweds. Perfect for a wedding celebration in the countryside - catering.

Catering for wedding in nature

Arrange delivery of guests and other participants of the wedding to the place of celebration.
Find the master, who can think about the script for the ceremony outdoors.
It is necessary to take into account some important point, on which the organization of the wedding in nature: weather, guests security, the fight against pests.
Tables, tents, awnings, dance area, house -availability of shelters is a must for the ceremony in the open, so that the guests had the opportunity to shelter from the rain, burning sun or strong wind.

Making an open-air wedding

Venues for the wedding ceremony on the nature

The main question that arises beforemarried couples who have decided to hold the wedding in nature, becomes the venue of the wedding ceremony. Choosing a territory, should take into account its remoteness, furnished, beauty of the surrounding countryside. It is important that the selected location newlyweds enjoyed, causing pleasant emotions. Tackle organizational matters should advance to settle all disputes arising during the wedding planning, to find a compromise.

The picturesque park or park

If there is no possibility of future spouses ordesire to go away from the city for the ceremony, the wedding in nature, and celebrating the four walls of the registrar's office or even the elegant restaurant you do not want, the best option - to arrange a holiday in the park or a picturesque setting located within city limits. The advantage - does not have to travel far. But this option has its drawbacks - the curious glances of passers-by are tens distracting, annoying guests newlyweds.

The wedding ceremony in the park

Historic manor

For couples who wish to spend on the wedding ceremonynature in a wonderful romantic place, rich in history, perfect historic manor house. Arranging such a celebration to create a complete image, maintaining the theme, style, you can rent a horse drawn carriage. The advantages of such a celebration can not count - open space, fresh air, beautiful countryside and a building for the photo shoot, the spirit of history, mystery and romance. The disadvantage of such a wedding can be a cost - rental historic estates will result in a tidy sum.

The ceremony and the wedding at historic manor

The restaurant, which has a spacious gazebo

Get married on the nature and insure themselvesin case of bad weather is possible in a restaurant with a gazebo, where comfortably accommodate all guests. This celebration option is good because it does not have to separately think about the banquet and food, shelter, and there is a restaurant located in the city, and it will save time. Lack of space can be the presence of strangers. In this case it is possible to rent a restaurant, especially if the guests invited to the wedding, a lot.

The wedding ceremony in the gazebo at the restaurant

Holiday cottage

For honeymooners who want to hold the ceremony andthat celebrated the wedding in nature to the full, without controlling the time, fit the wedding ceremony in a rented cottage. The beauty of the wedding organization of such action - a spacious yard is able to comfortably accommodate all guests, fenced territory save from curious "spectators", it is possible to arrange a variety of activities, up to the fireworks and fire show, there are no restrictions on the volume of the music, the sound of her time.

Organizing a wedding in a cottage on nature

Recreation center

Good recreation center with beautiful nature andthe presence of a venue for a wedding event is suitable future spouses who are not going to organize a large-scale celebration. Fresh air, beautiful countryside, where, as a rule, are located base, complete freedom of action (within reason) to help organize a wonderful, romantic ceremony, which will be remembered for a long time.

The wedding ceremony in a recreation center

Ideas wedding dresses for the ceremony to nature

Organizing a wedding on the nature of the bridethink about the dress - that is ideal for a romantic evening in the restaurant is not quite appropriate and will look harmoniously in the forest areas. an open-air ceremony takes place in the summer, so you should choose a light, airy dress made of flowing materials with knee-length or slightly below.

If the celebration of the outdoors will be held ingazebo restaurant or historic manor house will fit any style of dress. An excellent option would be the dress with detachable long skirt, whereby it in a long, tight turns into a romantic mini dress. Watch a video showing fashion, which presents a model that "the movement of one hand" are transformed into sexy outfit the bride:

Weddings on the nature of what should be considered?

By organizing the ceremony in nature, it should beconsider some points that can negatively affect the celebration. But if you think about it in advance, to prepare for any possible force majeure event will be great, leaving all but pleasant memories. It does not matter what all the chosen holiday theme and how well organized the wedding in nature has its pitfalls to be aware of.

Weather forecast.
The only thing that has not yet learned to manage people- It is the weather, and "heavenly office" does not always take, and exactly fulfills the stated requirements. The ceremony, the wedding in nature may be spoiled sedimentary phenomena such as rain. How to protect yourself and to protect against adverse intrigues celebration of Mother Nature:

Planning a wedding outdoors, you need to advanceview weather information for the previous few years, to reveal the dynamics of the weather. If in a few years in that period were observed rainfall, then with probability 90% of the sky will shed water and this season.

Predict with absolute precision weatherimpossible, so you need to be ready for anything: to procure tents, covered area in case of rain. It is important to accurately calculate all, to all the guests comfortably accommodated in shelters, not crowded, do not cause inconvenience to one another.

With the heat, things are not so simple - it is difficulthide in the sultry weather unbearable stuffiness. Shelter from the scorching sun will help to tents or canopies, but the guests and save you from the tiring heat and the heat is not capable of anything. Therefore ideal for a wedding outdoors in the hottest period - assign a ceremony in the late afternoon, when the high temperature peak behind and in front of waiting for pleasantly cool summer evening.

Evening wedding ceremony outdoors

In addition to the guests and spouses affected by weatherwedding day in nature can and treats. The heat can play with them a cruel joke - after only half an hour stay of dishes on the table on a hot day, they lose their original, appetizing appearance, and in the worst case, the products may be damaged, leading to the failure of the banquet and celebration.

How to get rid of the insects.
If the weather contributed to a favorableholding weddings outdoors, it can spoil the mood of terrible insects that are very active and can make your celebration in adjustments to the summer period. Therefore it is necessary to prepare for such trouble in advance by buying a reserve insect sprays, which would be enough for all the guests. Creams should not be taken as applying them, the girls can go bad make-up or a compound ointment smell and flavor of toilet water does not cause most favorable reaction from the guests.

Sprays from insect bites at the wedding

The choice of equipment.
Organizing entertainment forwedding in nature, it is worth considering that in the open space scattered sounds better than low-quality musical instrument and distorted reports of the composition and speech, or voice accompanied by a dull echo. It is important that the sound was maximum quality voice could be heard clearly, and the music was loud. It is necessary to check in advance the equipment in the work on the nature of the order or teams that play live music.

Control of the guests.
Often guests staying in nature, desirea walk in the fresh air away from the place of celebration. In the dim light, a strange place it is likely to get lost, so on the perimeter of the site, the territory allocated for the wedding celebration, is to hang bright ribbons or garlands, and will not prevent the warning signs. It is important to ensure the availability of transport which takes guests to their homes, so they do not wander, engaging in the search for a taxi or public transport.

Photo of wedding ceremonies performed in nature

Beautiful wedding in naturethe couple will remain forever in the memory, and the guests will be delighted by the modern, unusual holiday organization. Magic open air ceremony will leave a lasting impression of all those present at the ceremony, all for a long time will remember with delight charming, original holiday in nature, examples of such weddings look at the photo below.

The wedding ceremony in the open air