Wedding ceremony on the beach - Photo

The dream of every romantic girl who goesmarried - is to conduct a wedding ceremony on the beach, together with invited guests. What could be more beautiful golden sand distant island among azure sea with white lambs sag waves that wash the feet of couples in love during the most solemn moment in their lives - a ceremony paintings. Bride in the mutual consent of her beloved fiancé, the sun goes down into the water, and in turn, the guests come up to you with my most sincere congratulations and wishes for the future happy family life.

Wedding ceremony on the beach

The beach - very unusual place forwedding ceremony and painting. Therefore, the organization of this action requires more effort, preparation, too much trouble, rather than during the preparations for the traditional wedding ceremony. If you entrust the organization of the wedding ceremony on the beach to professional agencies, all this is no longer part of your duties, you are freed from the extra hassle and go to the other not less important organizational issues upcoming wedding.

Preparation of a beach ceremony painting

But if your desire requires personal involvement,it all falls on your shoulders, you have no idea, it should be something to think about in advance where to start, what important moments not to miss, so read below a few tips:

  1. Be sure to think about the practicality of a wedding dress or prepare one extra outfit especially for the beach ceremony painting.
  2. Take care of shoes for herself and her lover while staying on the beach, it should be comfortable.
  3. To eliminate the inconvenience for himself and invited guests, organize a special coating on the sand, which will allow you to conveniently place all the attributes of a field ceremony on the beach.
  4. In decorating the arch, table, chairs, use colored tape (they will be original look, thanks to the wind on the beach).
  5. Carefully consider the time of the wedding beach painting: it is not necessary to do it in the time of maximum solar activity, let it be time or early in the morning or the evening sunset.

The ceremony of the painting on the beach in the evening

Outside registration

Visiting registration - ideal forthose who are tired of the traditional ceremony at the registry office uninteresting, I want to remain special memories for the entire future life together. However, you should know that to completely abandon the registrar you do not succeed, because the legal consolidation of marriage can only be there and with the official registration of the relevant documents. It is therefore necessary to plan a whole day for this. And exit the ceremony at the beach is better to spend another day together with all the attributes of this solemn event.

Organizing a beach wedding ceremony, it is important to take care of the following points:

  • The first thing you should consider is the specificthe place where the wedding ceremony will take place during exit to the beach if it is some other city, it is important to consider all the extra waste associated with the transportation, delivery, organization. If the beach (sea, river, on the artificial pond) is available in the city where you live, then the problem is much simpler: just choose a nice beach where you could comfortably place the entire inventory with a beautiful view.

Choosing a good place to paint on the beach
  • Making paintings ceremony on the beach must fully comply with the colors and style of the entire wedding.
  • As a rule, the entire inventory for exitcelebration is available to special agencies, which organize such events, so it is good to think, where to get the archway, ceremonial chair, chairs for guests, etc., if you organize yourself painting.
  • In addition to the furniture, it is important to take care of textiles to decorate the ceremony on the beach, accessories, floral design.
  • Think about the hospitality and arrange a small buffet for the guests right on the water: Put a few chilled bottles of champagne, fruit for a snack, a small cake or cupcakes.
  • Do not forget to pick up the romantic music which will be played on the beach during your wedding ceremony.

Wedding photo shoot on the beach

Not all have the necessary amountfinancial resources to conduct exit-painted beach wedding. Therefore, a great alternative that can serve as a wedding photo shoot at the romantic banks of the river, the sea, an artificial pond, where you can be alone with her lover to capture memorable shots. In this case, you do not need to bother with all the necessary organizational issues, registration and so on, you just move out together with the photographer on some beautiful and spend a romantic photo shoot.

So, what moments it is important to consider organizing a wedding photo shoot on the beach:

  1. In advance, decide with a choice of professionalphotographer - this is a very responsible occupation, because of the result of the photographer's work depends entirely on your memory about the wedding of a lifetime in the photo that you want to give yourself, your loved ones. Focus on its existing work on similar subjects, experience, beautiful portraits that you like.
  2. If the scenario of the photo shoot will be included scenes with the newlyweds in the water, in the middle of the sand, it is better to choose the day after the celebration, because your clothes may be damaged.
    Beach wedding photo shoot in water
  3. If we are talking about wedding dresses, you shouldtake care of a change of clothes, which you can change later, or purchase a dress and suit, which at the same time it was not a pity to throw away after.
  4. Time of day for the photo shoot is best to choosein the evening, at sunset, to footage obtained successful taking into account of falling rays of light. Also, it looks incredibly romantic, colorful and memorable.

Wedding dresses for a beach ceremony

do not forget to think about for a beach ceremonywedding dress in which you will look dazzling, but at the same time, you will be comfortable, practical stay in it by the sea. For such situations, there are special garments, called «beach casual». This style of wedding dresses for the beach because it is less formal style, without all these corsets, skirts lush with a very long train. By this wedding dress does not necessarily pick up shoes - you'll look beautiful barefoot or dressed in flip-flops.

Foot Decoration painting wedding on the beach

Imagine what you will be dazzlingthe bride in a dress with a beautiful bouquet of standing on some tropical beach in the middle of the ocean. However, this does not mean that you have to move away from the classic image of a beautiful wedding dress, it is quite possible to create an elegant and sexy. How to do it, see below:

  1. Give special attention to the choice of fabric for beachwedding gown: it should be easy, flying (for example, chiffon, translucent silk, crepe de chine, gauze). Let it be weightless, flowing romantic image of the bride.
  2. For a beach wedding dress and have youra certain style, which involves a very thin straps, or the lack thereof. Very nice it would look open back with a plunging neckline and a modest neckline.
  3. Skirt wedding dress for a beach wedding, perhaps to sew using a drapery of light fabric in several layers to the coat-tails hung down to the bottom in the form of a cascade.
  4. To decorate a beach wedding dressUse a variety of delicate embroidery, lace, flower petals, beads, crystals, pearls and all that will be poured, getting the light bright rays of the sun beach.
  5. When choosing the length of the wedding dress, think aboutpracticality and choose among the cocktail length dress, tea (up to the middle of the lower leg) or the ankle, so that you are not entangled in the tissues, the dress had a presentable throughout the celebration.
    Option beach wedding dress
  6. Color can be quite varied, fromtraditional white to bright orange, blue, green, red, pink. Use vivid details of other colors on the dress (for example, a blue belt on a white dress, bright red or orange ribbons in her hair, etc.).

Shoes for weddings on the beach

Given the peculiarity of any beach (sand,pebbles), it is necessary to abandon the traditional style in the choice of wedding shoes with high heels in favor of the more practical, comfortable shoes for the area, if any, to be barefoot. Follow some of the tips below to help you make the right choice of comfortable shoes and at the same time look elegant, beautiful, solemn.

Shoes for weddings on the beach
  1. To make it comfortable to stand on the sand or gravelduring the wedding ceremony, it is best to give up the heels and prefer no less beautiful sandals on a low move, ballet flats or elegant white.
  2. If you - a romantic nature, it is veryoriginal and incredibly chaste to be on the beach wedding ceremony barefoot. For this choice there are a variety of, for example, use a symbolic accessory on the legs that mimic the upper part of the sandal. They can be made of lace, stones, crystals, pearls.
  3. And if the conditions of the wedding organizationprovide a special coating, situated directly on the beach, which allows to walk freely in any shoe, you do not give up a beautiful wedding shoes with heels.

Photo of beach wedding ceremony

Beach Wedding Ceremony