Wedding ceremonies on the islands

Wedding - this is the beginning of a new stage of lifeSuite. Any pair of dreams that this moment was extraordinary, so more and more wedding ceremony was performed on exotic islands with white sand beaches, gentle ocean and the beautiful nature. This day will be remembered forever as the most romantic in the life of the couple. Marriage proposal, honeymoon on the atoll will be a special time for the two lovers hearts.

Popular islands for weddings

Wedding on the exotic islands amongsea ​​or ocean with endless beaches, hot sun always attracted lovers for its beauty and romance. The sacrament of marriage can be conducted with the guests and close family members or in the privacy where only the blue lagoons, exotic plants will witness the wedding ceremony.

Travel to the islands other than their owntraditions, religion, mentality and landscapes, give elevated mood, elated loving couple. There are options for wedding ceremonies on uninhabited atolls or, conversely, civilized Europe, depending on the preferences of the couple. According to geographical location, the island are:

Caribbean: Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica.
Indian Ocean: Bali, Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand, Seychelles, Sri Lanka
Mediterranean: Cyprus, Crete.
Pacific: Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii.


It is an island in the Indian Ocean with a uniquediversity of nature. He received the prestigious World Travel Awards and the title of "Best destination for weddings, honeymooners and couples." The island combines upmarket service, rich program, and many hotels provide accommodation for the newlyweds at the ceremony, the wedding and honeymoon with big discounts. Mauritius combines all the elements of an unforgettable holiday.

Wedding ceremony on the beach


This tropical archipelago is associated withholiday paradise where it is possible to completely move away from the present, lost in space, woven of white sand, blue skies, blue waves. Maldives - a group of luxurious island spirit impregnated completely happy and carefree. Wedding ceremony on the archipelago will surpass all your dreams, because the newlyweds often lack such a place. Many of the hotels occupy the entire island, which means that newlyweds after the ceremony will be a place of their own privacy - own beach.

Bora Bora

This island is one of French Polynesiaof the most popular places for couples. The advantage of the wedding ceremony in Bora Bora will be attended by the majority of local residents, who will give the brightness of the rite. This is the most romantic place of the planet, where the bride and groom will be able to arrange a dinner on a desert island, to see the most beautiful lagoon in the world, relax on the beaches of pink, black and other unusual shades of sand.

A wedding on the island of Bora Bora


They consist of groups of islands: Bahamas, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, the other. Barbados - the most developed and rich, which is considered to Little Britain. Wedding here includes elements of local and European culture. The hotels in Cuba are ready to fulfill any customer's wishes for the wedding ceremony of the organization, including the transfer to the venue for a very low price compared to other Caribbean islands. Jamaica will help escape from everyday worries, where the wedding can make the music reggae, then visit the bay dolphins or swim in the coral reefs.


"Coconut Paradise", which is amazinga variety of plants, underwater world, a riot of colors will leave a lasting impression on the lead on these islands wedding ceremony and honeymoon. When planning a wedding, consider the dignity of the Seychelles - the lack of seasonality, there is always warm. On this atoll no beast of prey or a poisonous insect, which will spend a honeymoon after the wedding, enjoying the magnificent nature without any fear.


It is the main island of French Polynesia, the bestlargest in the Pacific Ocean. His incredible flora and fauna will make you forget about the hustle and bustle of the newlyweds, to surrender completely to a heavenly pleasure. The ceremony on the island leave indelible impressions. Instead of champagne, drink coconut milk straight from the fruit, and the veil replace exotic flower. During the honeymoon, good ideas will visit black pearl museum, diving or fishing.

Venue of the wedding ceremony in Tahiti


This is the only island where there are 2capital at the same time. Pleasantly surprised by the culture, born of a mixture of French and African, with a marked influence of Catholicism. Wedding ceremony organized at the most popular resorts, which are located in the north. The popularity is due to Haiti low cost services in comparison with the other islands of the Caribbean archipelago with the same level of service.

How is the wedding ceremony on the islands

To realize his dream - to spendwedding on the atoll, contact your travel agent, who will present a large number of rounds. Accommodation will be in hotels with scenic views, high level of service, luxurious interior, and in the territory of the ceremony is performed, for example, in a luxurious gazebo, decorated with flowers. Some couples take an oath of love on the beach or rocks, while others - under water.

White developing dress, flower in the hairbride, birds singing and the sound of the sea - it will give unforgettable emotions newlyweds. The advantage of the wedding on the island - the opportunity to spend their honeymoon here. This holiday will make you forget about the worries, escape from the daily bustle and devote all the time its second half, enjoying the sunsets, visiting attractions, exploring the exotic culture, this time filling special memories.

Wedding on island

Legislation prohibits certain islandsconduct formal wedding ceremonies residents of the CIS countries. An alternative solution is a symbolic wedding, that does not limit the newlyweds in place, scenarios form the holiday. In this case, there is no need to collect and prepare the package of documents for official registration. The symbolic ceremony - a great option if:

The couple does not want to spend money, time on paperwork prescribed form for making wedding abroad.
The young family has carried out a formal marriage registration at home, but the dreams of an elegant wedding ceremony on exotic islands.
The couple is married, but wants to repeat the oathon the day of their wedding anniversary. This is a very beautiful secular tradition, which will once again experience the feelings experienced during the marriage, besides the holiday may have to visit your children and grandchildren, the closest people.
Many couples want to get married in exoticIslands, which is carried out immediately after the wedding, and a few years later. To do this romantic atoll, you must have a passport, marriage certificate, birth, baptism, sometimes formal, written permission of the church. Diluted must provide a certificate of divorce.

Before the wedding the bride and groom complya small office, which lasts about a week, and the date of the ceremony held Confession and Communion. The ceremony itself lasts 30-60 minutes, after which there is issuing the certificate. On some days of fasting or before the big church holidays is prohibited to carry out the rite, therefore, plan this landmark date in advance.

Wedding ceremony on the island

Video: conducting the wedding in the Dominican Republic

Any romantic dreams hold a ceremonywedding rings and share with your loved one on the beach paradise island with white sand. Registration of a new family in the registry office replaces the altar, decorated with maritime paraphernalia and exotic flowers, and the waltz Meldensona - Dominican merengue rhythm. The wedding ceremony is held on the island in the best tradition with the addition of local color at the end of which, the couple talking to each other cherished «Si, Acepto».

The wedding takes place on the ocean ingazebo, decorated with light airy fabrics, exquisite flowers, seashells, and other cute decorations. Slow charming music during the ceremony, a delicious champagne, make you feel the atmosphere of absolute love. A beautiful wedding cake, the ritual of tying strong knots, symbolizing the strength of the new marriage, boat trip on the speedboat, horse riding along the beach - it all allow you to enjoy the happiness and love.

Photo of wedding ceremonies

Post a vow of eternal fidelity and love - itvery romantic, and make this ceremony to an exotic island - twice. This wedding will be memorable because the ceremony is held in a place that is permeated with love and care to stay away in their native continent. Bright picture wedding ceremony - a reminder of the happy moments spent together on the island.

Photos of wedding ceremonies near the ocean