Virtual wedding

If there is a virtual love, it isit is logical that they can end the wedding. Not so much the actual marriage as virtual. Now it is no longer considered to be ridiculous, because young people spend much time at the computer: work, meet, fall in love. More recently, with its internet lovers can formalize their relationship. Virtual marriage online - this is the same process as in the real registry office, but instead of a public servant, a couple is registered on a dedicated website.

What is a virtual wedding and why is it necessary?

Register conventional marriage is much faster andcheaper than in real life: no need to wait a few months to pay the state fee, fill out a bunch of papers. Registration relationship occurs instantly, you need only specify the email address on the site. This kind of game that is played by both young and mature people. Online wedding - this is a sign of a special relationship to each other, when people talk for a long time, and then begin to experience affection, confirming their registration.

Sometimes people important to recognize their socialstatus and know that choice belongs to you as seriously as you do it. Sometimes the virtual marriage is necessary when there is no possibility formalize relations in real time, for example, a young man working in Australia, and she lives in Russia. Often the services of websites offering a conditional registration of marriage, same-sex couples enjoy.

Virtual marriage as an opportunity to emphasize the social status

The order of the wedding online

Internet is similar to the real weddingthe process of registration of marriage. The pair, whose online dating has grown into a loving husband, and they wanted to legitimize the relationship, please visit the "Virtual Registry Office". In order to gain access to the service, you need to specify the email and sign up to be both Brac. It is worth noting that the marriage registration online is a paid service.

Application and selection of the date of registration

After the couple registers on the site,one of the lovers should request a virtual marriage, making their data and partner in an electronic form. Filling the document does not take long, and after will be the consent of the second half, the future newlyweds will only have to choose acceptable for both the date for the ceremony.

The bride and groom are entitled to your holiday onlineinvite your friends, relatives or other online acquaintances who want to watch this original ceremony to congratulate the couple genuinely sharing their joy. In the e-mail bride or groom will be sent the following information:

  • invitation;
  • Password access the site;
  • Date / time of registration.

Virtual wedding ceremony

At the appointed time, all participants newlywedswedding going on that site. As a rule, for the ceremony necessarily allocated page "Room for wedding" where heroes of the occasion and the guests enter an access code, which was sent to them by e-mail in a special file. At the ceremony, the marriage of the virtual youth asked the same questions that sound during a real celebration, and invited guests watched the wedding online.

A virtual wedding ceremony

Obtaining a certificate of marriage

After the ceremony the newlyweds will be sent toE-Mail a marriage certificate in high resolution, so that they can print it out on a special form of good quality, and hang on the wall in the photo frame. It is clear that the moment of registration of marriage photographer is not engraved, so wedding photos with honeymooners will not be, but that is not important. It is important that people gain happiness with each other, even if virtual.

Virtual marriage certificate

Pros and cons of virtual wedding

It is important to know that the wedding on the InternetIt has no legal force. Here, people get married and divorced quickly. Divorce online - it's even more simple procedure, which does not require the consent of the partner. His e-mail to be made aware that he is already a bachelor, and a virtual marriage dissolved. The advantages of marriage online are:

  1. You do not need any entries in the register of marriage or divorce.
  2. Wedding to nothing obliges.
  3. Virtual family life is not complicated lifestyle.

Joking aside, but the virtual love oftenIt develops into a real true feelings. There are situations where young people playing in love over the Internet, playing online wedding, after a while they could not hold out for a few hours, so as not to leave the network, and communicate with your partner. Such stories led to believe that virtual love - is a real opportunity to meet the love, happily marry or marry.

Video: How is a virtual wedding

On a virtual wedding the bride canput on a wedding dress and do her hair, to feel a real bride. Online wedding is often a trigger for the actual nuptials. For example, if a girl and boy live together civil marriage, after the ceremony, the young conditional online formalize their relationship.

Apply for official registration of marriagecan now also via the Internet. It is assumed for the 3 months prior to the desired wedding date online public services in their region. The application indicates the desired date and time of registration of marriage, but to write an application to the registry office should be in person. Take a look at the video, how to apply for a real marriage, and what is the virtual ceremony: