The wedding ceremony in Turkey

When choosing a venue for the wedding coupleoften stop in Turkey, and it is clear: leave no one indifferent warm climate, beautiful sea, luxurious hotels, and most importantly - affordable prices for the organization of wedding couples in love. The combination of European and Asian culture will allow people who love to know Turkey in full, enjoy its beauty and fall in love with this country. The large Turkish territory there are many beautiful places where the couple will know what paradise.

How to organize a wedding in Turkey

To wedding was memorable, it is necessarycontact the travel agency that organizes wedding tours abroad. At the newlyweds have a unique opportunity to combine the wedding ceremony with the honeymoon, because Turkey offers comfortable hotels for the newlyweds at a very low price when compared to other warm countries.

Wedding in Turkey

The advantage of the wedding in Turkey:

  1. At the luxurious Mediterranean or the turquoise Aegean Sea, you can be in 2-hour flight.
  2. The visa is issued for the newlyweds at the airport upon arrival and did not need to issue any additional documents to visit this country.
  3. In all the cities and hotels have Russian speaking staff.
  4. Turkey - a country museum: tower, ancient mosques, ancient forts, ruins of old cities.

Where to hold the wedding ceremony in Turkey

Many cities are characterized by Turkeyfavorable climate and many attractions are worthy of attention. A suitable place to hold a wedding ceremony the couple will choose for itself very quickly. We want to offer to the consideration of six of the most popular tourist cities of Turkey, which is the best suited for a wedding.

The Side

Side - it is one of the most beautiful resortsMediterranean coast. From its marine panorama is breathtaking, and the clear waters allow us to consider the bottom to the smallest detail. Honeymooners from all over the world attracted by white sand and picturesque coastline. If the bride and groom want to hold a wedding ceremony on a yacht, they will be able to enjoy the magnificent scenery and explore the fascinating nature of the coastline of Side.

Side - Resort of the Mediterranean coast

In Kemer

Although Kemer - this is one of the newest resortsTurkey, but it has already become a favorite of Antalya coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its feature - a wonderful combination of natural elements: on the one hand the city is surrounded by picturesque mountains, orange groves and pine forests, and on the other - of sand and pebble beaches and clear sea, where the sea bottom can be seen at a depth of 8 meters. Kemer Agency's offer newlyweds choose any program for your wedding:

  • ceremony on the beach;
  • national celebration on site;
  • solitary triumph on one of the islands: Kekova, Imbros, Sedir.

Kemer for weddings

In Belek

Belek is famous groves of acacia, eucalyptus,cedar and pine forests. It is home to unique species of birds and a real bird paradise, which is headed by an owl Tuto-Alba, who became a symbol of the city. This is the most expensive resort in Turkey, so tourists are not very many, which is ideal for honeymooners looking for privacy. Belek has no interest, but if the bride and groom want to spend a honeymoon, this problem is easily solved: on their cars will be taken to the best historical tour of Turkey.

City Belek

In Bodrum

Bodrum is situated in the southwest of Turkey betweenThe Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. It organically combines the secluded bays with clear water, golden sandy beaches, orange groves, beautiful mountains and pine forests. All elite and bohemians Turkey Bodrum for your chosen pastime. Newlyweds will not be bored here, because in addition to the wedding ceremony in any selected pair of a place they can enjoy the most elegant and largest disco in Europe - Helikarnas.

Bodrum for a wedding ceremony

In Antalya

Antalya The climate is different from otherMediterranean places, and the sun shines here from April to October. The resort Turkey newlyweds organize a wedding tour, which will include not only the wedding ceremony, but the wedding ceremony by local traditions. And if the bride and groom decide to invite to the wedding guests, then quickly arrange additional seats at the ceremony will not be a problem. The bride and groom may choose for a formal wedding anywhere Antalya:

  • white beach;
  • orange garden;
  • Tamara lighthouse;
  • pirate ship;
  • Historic temple;
  • terrace of a five star hotel;
  • ski resort.

Wedding tour in Antalya

In the Stambul

Istanbul - Turkey is a metropolis, combiningWest charm and special atmosphere of the East. It attracts honeymooners from around the world who want to get married in a place full of charm, indescribable color, mystical secrets. The special charm of Istanbul - a harmonious blend of modern buildings with ancient architecture houses. Bosphorus Bridge, Byzantine Yerebatan Palace and other attractions will create a perfect background for romantic photo shoot newlyweds.

megacity Istanbul

Documents required for registration of marriage

If a couple wants to spend only a symbolicwedding ceremony, she does not need any additional documents other than passports, insurance for the period of stay in Turkey, and the hotel reservation. Upon arrival the couple to pay the visa fee for tourists, and then are free to stay in the country up to 30 days. If the couple decided to hold an official ceremony, they will need the following documents:

Wedding rings
  1. Foreign passports.
  2. Passports of Russian citizens.
  3. Birth certificates.
  4. The certificate of death of a spouse or divorce (if any).
  5. If one spouse has not reached the age of 18, you need the consent of his parents, certified by a notary.

How much does a wedding ceremony in Turkey

Turkey has an excellent infrastructure,natural resources and the experience of weddings, so the couple in the first place considering the country for their wedding. Attractive prices here for a wedding - it's a great option for couples, possessing a minimum budget. Depending on the selected package, the cost of the wedding on the coast varies, starting from $ 400.

Prices for holding a symbolic ceremony

A symbolic marriage ceremony - is holdingcelebration for couples already registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. The minimum cost of the wedding ceremony in the VIP-hotels can start at $ 400, but its value will not be included airfare, medical insurance, personal expenses. As a rule, here it includes accommodation in a room for newlyweds 6 nights / 7 days, meals on the system "all inclusive", an airport shuttle, a two-hour wedding program to choose from.

The cost of an official ceremony

Turkey is loyal to the newlyweds, so hereallowed to formalize a marriage between foreigners or between a foreigner and a Turkish citizen. Ceremony with the public service representative, an interpreter, a certificate of marriage registration will cost about $ 600. Administering all issues related to compliance with legal requirements or with the mechanisms of the ceremony, it is better to entrust the professionals, who have experience of this kind in Turkey.

Video: conducting the wedding for two in Turkey

If the couple does not want to invite to the weddingceremony relatives or have a small budget, the coast of Turkey offers a wealth of options for a wedding for two. This marriage in the heavens (private jet) or a ceremony on top of the famous Mount Olympus, where Zeus terrible beauty confessed his love to Hera, and even a sea voyage to the pirate schooner (a comfortable yacht).

Many young people opt for the officialceremony on the Turkish beach with the obligatory registration of floral arches, wedding cake, champagne, services, photographer, hairdresser and makeup artist. This budget option is no less attractive than the magnificent wedding with lots of guests. Watch the video where the couple chose the beautiful beach for a romantic wedding for two:

Photo of wedding ceremonies in Turkey in 2016

To find the perfect option forweddings abroad, it is best to contact a travel agency. His staff can not only offer the country and the ceremony on your budget, but also to prepare all the necessary documents in a short time. Turkey - the first on the list of countries that offer Agency for weddings. Her love for the hospitality, comfortable accommodation, and the unique nature of visa-free entry.

Wedding ceremony in Turkey