The wedding ceremony in the Maldives

Many couples tend to stand out, unusualorganizing his own wedding. A perfect solution would be a romantic ceremony abroad, which will leave great impression on honeymooners. One of the most popular destinations for a symbolic wedding - it's the Maldives, who warmly greeted throughout the year couples from all over the world. To arrange a wedding for the bride and groom may be in a luxury hotel on the territory of an uninhabited island, or even under water - heroes of the occasion just have to choose the perfect option.

Advantages of the wedding in the Maldives

Maldive atolls - a desirable place for organizing wedding many people and so there is an explanation:

The main reason for the popularity of the Maldives - isgorgeous exotic nature of hundreds of islands, azure, clear waters of the Indian Ocean, unusual flowers and plants, delicious fruit, unfamiliar mammals and fish, colorful birds, the amazing beauty of the coral reefs. Appeasement, which awards the magnificent flora and fauna of the Republic of Maldives honeymoon many years attracts couples from all over the world.

Besides the beautiful nature in the Maldives culpritsthe celebration will receive a first class service. The tourist infrastructure in the Republic of Maldives has achieved a high level of development, but because the bride and groom will feel comfortable both in the popular resort and clearing room at a resort. Ordering a conditional ceremony, newlyweds can stop thinking about pre-wedding bustle that necessarily would be present at home, and enjoy the delicious food, great views, quality service.

Secluded wedding in the Maldives

Another advantage of the symbolic weddingceremony in the Maldives - is a reasonable price, as opposed to the organization of the event lush home where, as a rule, invited even distant relatives. On warm island with the newlyweds will be able to go only a few people - close friends, parents, brothers and sisters. In addition, the couple will save twice, because at the same time will combine the organization of a wedding event with a honeymoon, which by tradition all couples trying to spend somewhere abroad.

The above advantages do not end therethe pros choice made in favor of the Maldives. All year round there is hot weather, which will allow heroes of the occasion a good rest both in winter and summer (except rainy season). Newlyweds can choose from hundreds of inhabited islands of the one that is perfect for the price. Even in the Maldives very small time difference with Russia (an hour), and the flight lasts more than nine hours. To make out a thirty- visa, going to the Maldives, it is not necessary in advance - it will make at the airport.

Beautiful Maldivian wedding

How to organize a wedding in the Maldives

The only thing that needs to be done toorganize a symbolic wedding ceremony in the Maldives - this is to contact the travel agency. As a rule, companies specializing in trips for newlyweds, the package of proposals already have a different price category. They include flight (can be charged separately), reservations at the organization of the symbolic marriage, meals, spa treatments. Agreed to hold the wedding, the couple may be on the spot, if the reserve rooms without the help of a travel agency.

Official wedding

Arrange on a formal weddingMaldives by state law can not, therefore, heroes of the occasion will have to sign the registry office before the trip to the islands or to return home. But the conventional wedding, which offer the newlyweds spend instead of registration, it is a great act, do not differ in solemnity of official ceremonies. The bride and groom can choose from four options for the event, from cute and romantic wedding on the beach to extreme underwater wedding.

Dream wedding

Conventional wedding ceremony is conducted asGenerally, the language of Dhivehi - an official in the Republic of Maldives, but surcharge good hotels can provide translation into English newlyweds. Passing wedding can with the manager, who takes care of the organization of celebrations (breakfast in the salon procedures, registration, dinner) and will coordinate the newlyweds, or without. At the end of the symbolic celebrations, newly made spouses issue a certificate that looks no worse than an official document of marriage.

Symbolic Maldivian wedding ceremony

Where to spend the wedding ceremony

Venue symbolic ceremony dependsfrom newlyweds tastes, their character. For the bride and groom can arrange romantic wedding on the territory of an uninhabited atoll, where the only witnesses to the wedding will be wild animals and birds on the beach luxury hotel with folk music, dance, shedding bridal rose petals. An interesting option - holding a symbolic ceremony on board the yacht, where the couple will be able to enjoy the lapping of waves and the warm sun, but the most original option is considered to be a wedding under water.

In a hotel

The hotel, on whose territory thesymbolic ceremony, the newlyweds will provide all imaginable amenities: Seen this morning massage treatments for the groom and the bride - makeup, hair, manicure. Then wear a traditional bridal costumes (although, if desired, they can wear classic outfits), the wife would be taken to the altar separately. A little later, the bride appears that Maldivians will bring to the place of the symbolic ceremony on a palanquin.

Wedding at the Maldives

After the wedding the newlyweds waiting for the cake,champagne, snacks, walk on the boat after sunset. Usually, hotels are trying to do with the bride groom's impression of an unforgettable ceremony. Therefore, after the wedding, bridal room waits, petals strewn with exotic plants, a light dinner, and in the morning - delicious breakfast with a glass of chilled champagne.

On a yacht

If the couple - lovers of sea adventures,excellent option - to get married during a walk on a yacht. The bride and groom will be surrounded by only the Indian Ocean blue, the sound of waves, bright sun and melodious voice of ceremonies that though unofficially, but officially conclude a marriage between perpetrators of the celebration. Any ceremony in the Maldives goes touching, because the wedding blessing by three main elements for Maldivians - Water, Air, Earth.

Carrying Maldivian wedding ceremony on a yacht

Under the water

The bride and groom can make the event a trulymemorable if organizing wedding under water. The coral reefs of the Maldives attracts divers from all over the world, because there live beautiful exotic fish and the seabed landscape looks amazing. Newlyweds can put on the wedding dress, put on a mask, with ceremonies to go to the dive site, and then give a silent oath of love surrounded by amazing underwater flora and fauna. Photos that will remain after this ceremony, will always please the spouses.

Maldivian underwater wedding

On a desert island

If the couple wants to romance, privacy andcalm, ideal of a symbolic ceremony - a trip to a desert island, where in addition to the person conducting the wedding, there will be nobody. Singing birds, beach with clean sand, tall palm trees - a tropical paradise corner remembered forever the newlyweds. The special atmosphere of the event will create the appearance of the bride: the bride arrives at the island just before the girl and future wife will bring a romantic carriage - a traditional Maldivian boat Doha.

Carrying a symbolic wedding ceremony on a desert island

The glass at the water

Glass hotels under water - it is amazingplaces that allow the couple to escape from it all, experience real serenity of the underwater viewing. As a rule, such premises are rooms of restaurants, they need to be booked long before the organization symbolic ceremony, otherwise there is no chance to get there. There are also underwater sleeping rooms with all the amenities that the perpetrators of the celebration can be ordered for the wedding night.

Marriage in Maldivian underwater hotel

How much does a wedding ceremony

The cost of a symbolic marriage ceremonyvaries depending on the venue, famous hotels providing wedding services. For example, hotel "Hilton Maldives Resorts" holds have become popular in recent years, underwater ceremony, as well as an interesting action called "Chapel of Love". The bride and groom in this case, are married in the seaplane, and then sent to travel on a long boat.

Hotel «Kanuhura Beach & SPA Resort» offernewlyweds the best conditions for a symbolic ceremony: a traditional Maldivian drums, with palm branches, which will fan the bride and groom, a large retinue. The cost of the wedding starts at $ 2,700, diving wedding will cost from $ 1,000, "Chapel of Love" - ​​from 1300, while the minimum price of the event - 700 dollars.

Video: conducting the wedding ceremony in the Maldives

Carrying Maldivian symbolic ceremony -it is always a beautiful event, the atmosphere is able to pass only high-quality photos and video from the event. Hero for the day waiting for a pleasant morning with cosmetic procedures, then before the wedding altar decorated with flowers, Maldivian tradition, interesting national cuisine, familiarity with the official language, traditional music, wedding cake and drinks. Watch the beautiful video with a selection of amazing photos of the newlyweds, who have decided to play a great island wedding.

Photos weddings held in the Maldives in 2016

Over many years of symbolicMaldivian ceremonies, resorts and Resort is not much changed, just the attention to customers has become even higher and the quality is better. Therefore, the majority of couples from all over the world continue to come to the sunny Maldives to celebrate there is a major event in their lives. See Pictures of the beautiful Maldivian Wedding 2016:

Maldives wedding 2016