The wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic - one of the most exotic andromantic corners of the world, which is located on the rich wildlife of the Caribbean islands. Visit this republic to rest - it is a pleasure, but even more happy to spend the wedding of your dreams. Just imagine how fabulous would be a wedding ceremony, if it organize some beautiful beaches of this warm country. The impossible becomes a reality when you have to think carefully about every detail and go to their goal. It is interesting how much this wedding ceremony is real ...

How to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic?

The organization of the wedding has now become moreavailable and the segment of the population that is not accustomed to bathe in luxury, but loves something interesting and uncommon. If you decide to celebrate their wedding in the Dominican Republic, an unforgettable experience and you will be provided with delight. There is always a choice of wedding what you want: formal or symbolic, classical or Hawaiian, with guests or together. All the rest - a matter of taste and preference.

Organization of the Dominican wedding

Today's tour operators offer offers a varied program to suit all budgets devoted to the wedding ceremony in this exotic country:

  • visiting ceremony in the Caribbean-style beach wild island;
  • marriage in the original Church of the Dominican Republic;
  • feast on a large number of people among the blossoming trees in the ocean or on a yacht.

Where to hold the wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic?

In the Dominican Republic a huge varietyscenic places, where it is possible to hold a wedding ceremony. Almost all the hotels are located here, offering professional services for a beautiful wedding right on their territory. Your choice is always taken into account, so no harm will be available closer to the suggestions and possible places of exotic wedding on the island of Dominican Republic.

On the beach Macau

For those who are madly in love with the exotic, energetic andcheerful, the best choice would be a wedding on the beach Dominican Macau. This package is offered a couple who prefers simplicity and brightness simultaneously. On the beautiful long coastline of Macau you will get a truly distinctive unforgettable dream wedding. There is the possibility to arrange the perfect photo shoot the newlyweds in the ocean, cliffs, fishing boats. Here is a detailed description of how the Dominican wedding:

  • By the time stipulated supplied car to where you are. He will take you to the beach, which will be held wedding ceremony.
  • On the Atlantic coast, you'll find brightly decorated arch, next to which will be the leading and cold champagne on the table.
  • The bride will give a bridal bouquet of bright Hawaiian colors and groom - the same buttonhole.
  • The wedding ceremony is conducted in Russian to any music that you pick up in advance.
  • Having a mutual agreement with each other, you sign a marriage certificate design, which will have a long memory (if it is a symbolic wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic).
  • Macau Package includes a delicious wedding cake, full buffet on the agreed number of persons and a bar.
  • Next, you work a professional photographer, who will help to create colorful wedding photos on the beach of Macao.

Wedding photo shoot on the island of Macau

On the island of Saona

The largest island of the country, which is famousthat is the national reserve of the Dominican Republic - Saona. For local residents it is a historical place, because it was opened by the famous Christopher Columbus. There is a lot of beautiful beaches covered with white sand, which is washed by the endless waves of the azure ocean. You will be shocked by the views and scenery that will open eyes on the Dominican island of Saona. And your ceremony will be organized as follows:

  • By place of residence is served in the morning the car, which can take the bride to the beauty salon. There it will wait for the master who knows the Russian language.
  • Then the newlyweds in Bayyabe transported from where they will travel in comfort by the sea on the prepared for the wedding ceremony beach Saona island Dominican (the road will be about one and a half hours).
  • The bride and groom arrive at the private gated beach for a photo shoot titled «Love Story».
  • Then it held a wedding ceremony with all the accompanying components. Provided the opportunity to eat at the buffet table: grilled lobster or other in Dominican dishes.
  • To consolidate their positiveimpressions of the wedding, the bride and groom offer a swim in the Caribbean Sea. You may choose to dive to see the real starfish and coral reefs.

Wedding on Saona Island in Dominican Republic

On the beach of Cap Cana

If the young couple prefer moreDominican solemn wedding, with all the appropriate attributes, the Cap Cana - best place. Here at your disposal will be an intimate atmosphere, where you will place the wedding invitation, a restaurant with professional service and comfort. The wedding ceremony will be organized in such a way that you get as much pleasure from a holiday, being in the paradise of the Dominican Republic with dear to people. You will be on the beach of Cap Cana:

  • Quick organized transfer comfort.
  • Exclusive accommodation in a closed private beach Dominican Republic.
  • Reserved beach in the afternoon.
  • Beautiful countryside, which opens eyes where converge two pools: the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
  • Wedding ceremony in Russian by the water with a buffet.
  • Diverse photoshoot.

Wedding ceremony on the beach of Cap Cana

On the beach Juanillo Beach

Another great place where you canan unforgettable wedding ceremony Dominican - is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world Juanillo Beach. Here the newlyweds have incomparable with anything opportunity to enjoy each other in such a special moment, the wedding day in the wild Caribbean nature. If you choose here the beautiful Dominican wedding with the ceremony, you will find:

  • Transfer from the choices to the venue of the wedding.
  • The arch of flowers or a heart made of shells to choose from.
  • Chilled champagne and a small buffet.
  • Holding the ceremony at the Russian-speaking leading to beautiful music.
  • The original certificate on the conclusion of the marriage.
  • Professional photo shoot among the exotic nature of the island of the Dominican Juanillo Beach.

Wedding ceremony at the waterfront Juanillo Beach

Scenario wedding in the Dominican Republic

  • Morning. Beautiful bride takes a chic car class of the hotel and takes on the Dominican fabulous beach. Here, at the ceremonial wedding arch, it is waiting for the bride with a bouquet of beautiful Hawaii. His traditional outfit: white pants and shirt, but podkrucheny trousers, no shoes on his feet.
  • Day wedding ceremony on the sandy beach. She steps on the long red carpet that leads to her lover. He joyfully meets the bride, bridal bouquet hands, and the two of them are facing the registrar.

master of the Word:

- Dear newlyweds! At this moment you connect your heart which will beat in unison with the rest of your beautiful future life together. This beautiful paradise of the Dominican Republic will provide you a talisman in the future fate of the family that she was filled with happiness, family and joy, love and mutual understanding. I invite you to take a pen and documented to assure the formation of a new unit of society.

The bride and groom are suitable for the ceremonies, which gives them the signature on the certificate of marriage.

- Now, when there is no turning back (jokingly), I propose to seal the event a sweet kiss and drink cool champagne.

Guests shout "bitter", the bride and groom kissing.

  • Banquet. Beautifully designed wedding Dominican buffet is spread directly on the sea. Guests with a newly-married couple celebrating the occurred event, having fun with the music, enjoy the exotic nature.
  • PHOTOSESSION. While invited a good time for a walk by the sea, the newlyweds are photographed against the backdrop of the beautiful Dominican nature.
  • Epilogue. The end of the wedding feast is celebrated Dominican encounter unusual beauty of the Hawaiian sunset leaving in the sun Ocean.

Dominican Scenario wedding

How much does a wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic is rich not onlydistinctive beaches, exotic nature and the hot sun, there are plenty of quality hotels which allow very budget to spend an unforgettable vacation. However, for tourists of our country such a trip is not always afford because of the expensive airfare. If you decide to organize your own wedding in this paradise world, you do not want to learn in advance what are the prices of services in the field of wedding ceremony.

Prices for holding a symbolic ceremony

Informal event, during whichlovers can improvise to get married in the Dominican - symbolic ceremony of the wedding. Many travel and the Dominican Republic, and hold a ceremony in the Caribbean, when he was in the status of "married" on the eve of receiving it in the registry office of the country officially. As they celebrate their honeymoon. This kind of wedding Dominican will have a symbolic character, but it will be at least fun, enthusiastic and will bring a lot of pleasant emotions with unforgettable memories. Prices for holding such a marriage:

Dominican Dream wedding
  1. The wedding ceremony among the exotic nature of the island of Macao Dominican Republic will cost around $ 1,200.
  2. To marry in the reserve Saône, you will need to meet the sum of about $ 1900.
  3. If you arrange the Dominican symbolic wedding ceremony at the coastline of Cap Cana, such a pleasure will cost you about $ 1,300.
  4. But a symbolic wedding in the Dominican Republic Juanillo Beach beach will cost approximately $ 1,500.

The cost of an official ceremony

In the Dominican Republic, and possibly conduct an officialwedding ceremony. The marriage certificate obtained after the husband and wife status of ads in this country will be the same authentic and home. It is given to newlyweds only in Spanish, so on arrival home you will have to do the translation and notarize it. The Dominican Republic has its own requirements that you have to pre-submit the following documents for registration of official marriage:

Official Dominican wedding
  1. Translated into Spanish birth certificates of both bride and groom. They must then be notarize their country.
  2. Composed by a notary statement honeymooners and translated into Spanish. It should indicate that the pair up to this point was not officially married.
  3. Copies of passports for travel abroad in color printing.

The very official wedding ceremony atthe Dominican Republic will cost you $ 1390. This is an additional cost, which will need to be put on top to the cost of your chosen ceremony anywhere in the Dominican Republic (eg, Macau beach with on-site ceremony, Cap Cana, Saona or Juanillo Beach). This extra cost includes:

  • Tour operator services for registration of documents in the Dominican Republic.
  • Legal advice on the registration of the marriage documents.
  • Delivery of the state registrar of the Dominican Republic to the place of exit wedding ceremony.
  • Government duty.
  • The procedure of legalization of marriage certificate.
  • Shipment finished official certificate with a stamp from the territory of the Dominican Republic your home (about two weeks), or presentation directly into the hands if the couple are on a 10-day vacation in the country.

Video: conducting the wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic

The idea of ​​celebrating his wedding atexotic islands of the Dominican Republic will be for you a perfect wedding plan. Check out the video below where filmed a beautiful wedding ceremony in one of the most picturesque islands in the Dominican Republic. You can learn many interesting things for yourself and experience the wonderful experience a couple that captures video. You might want to make something of themselves in a wedding, and leave something as it is.

Photos weddings held in the Dominican Republic

For a memorable wedding day inexotic country remain fresh in the memories even after 10 years, you should definitely take care of a good photo shoot. It will be different chic frames on a background of the unusual nature of the Dominican Republic, the azure ocean with fishing schooners, yachts beautiful, white sand and palm trees. To see how it will look in the end, look at the interesting wedding photos captured in this wonderful country, full of heavenly pleasure and romance.

Photo Dominican weddings