The wedding ceremony in Thailand

Each representative of the fair sex dreamscelebrate their own wedding ceremony somewhere on the romantic end of the earth, among the blue waves of the warm ocean. Many have become boring traditional painting of the local registry office, so you want a more original and exciting experiences, such as a wedding ceremony in Thailand. This is truly an interesting option that will be remembered for its distinctive style for life newlyweds. However, the main intrigue of the question: how to organize a similar festival in this exotic country.

How to organize a wedding in Thailand

Thailand - one of the most extraordinary places onEarth, where it is possible to spend an unforgettable wedding ceremony in a nautical style. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that the organization of this event will also not easy. It is necessary to take into account every detail, and be aware of local features that are important to consider in preparation for the wedding. Several informative tips to help you successfully prepare for the perfect Thai painting:

Thai wedding
  1. The first thing is to take care of the bride,preparing for the wedding photo shoot - a makeup that is suitable to the local climatic conditions. As is known, the heat in Thailand leaves no chance of normal everyday makeup that looks a win-win at home. It is better to use a special Thai cosmetics, which is made for use in hot countries. It is advisable to turn to local professionals, through which you will look irresistible.
  2. The first few days, and especially before the photoshoot, Take care of your skin from the sun's rays. In Thailand it is very easy to burn unnoticed even to those people whose skin is resistant to bright sunlight.
  3. Hairstyle is best done with the usual loose hair may cheat curls. So it will be easier to care for them.
  4. The wedding dress is better to take with you, because as a local hire is unlikely to provide the appropriate size (secretly slimmer European women).
  5. In order to wedding ceremonycorresponding to the festive mood, your service will be beautifully decorated place that you choose for the acquisition of the status of husband and wife. To do this, use a tent or in the oriental style is very beautiful arch-heart. As a decoration used different live exotic flowers, such as orchids.
  6. In advance make sure that, to order the wedding ceremony through a travel agency. So, you can confidently expect that everything will be ready for your arrival.

Making a wedding ceremony in Thailand

Where to hold the wedding ceremony in Thailand

Dream Wedding in Thailand will be one of the mostmemorable experiences in life. This amazing country is rich in beautiful and exotic places where it is possible to arrange original wedding ceremony. The choice, in fact, is great: the picturesque island of Koh Samui, the impressive resort of Pattaya, Phuket Coral, a beautiful archipelago, and many others Kood It all depends on the preferences of individual vision and a perfect wedding ceremony.

On Koh Samui

The maximum will be your memorable weddingceremony, if the venue you choose Koh Samui. This exotic island is rich with beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees and always warm sea, but this is not its main advantage. This place steeped in a long history in Thailand, the spirit of those times is still hidden in the walls of ancient temples, which are passed through the gates of many generations of lovers newlyweds. It will truly original wedding, impregnated with a special mood, positive energy and light.

Wedding ceremony on the Thai island of Koh Samui

The resort Pattaya

If you are followers of more modern wedding,filled with fun and carefree spirit, select the venue for their own celebrations in Thailand - Pattaya. You will see how this can be an exotic country energetic, inspiring, and sometimes even a little shocking. However, Thailand and the famous that there are unlimited possibilities of entertainment. So do not miss the great chance to mention the most fun day of their wedding on one of the most popular Thai resorts.

Wedding ceremony on the Thai island of Pattaya

On the coral island of Phuket

The beauty of the coral island of Phuket is not surprisedOnly you with its beautiful nature, the warm sea and the number of white sand beaches, but also the originality of the place: there is the possibility to hold a wedding celebration in this Buddhist temple. You get a lot of exciting emotions and positive energy, which will give you during a ceremony with the blessing of the Buddha, not to mention the pleasant memories for a lifetime.

The wedding ceremony in the middle of the island of Phuket in Thailand

On the island of Kood

For those who love solitude and heavenlyrelaxation, ideal seem Kood island. Here is your wedding ceremony will acquire a special spirituality and unity with beautiful exotic nature. This wedding does seem immortalized, thanks to the passage of time laid-back, relaxed atmosphere and a measured pace of life. Book visiting ceremony with a beautifully decorated with oriental tent next to the ocean with a light breeze at sunset hot sun, where you can easily organize a gala dinner with your favorite friends.

Wedding on the island of Kood in Thailand

Documents required for registration of marriage in Thailand

Making a marriage in Thailand will not be for youspecial difficulties, because here the procedure is very easy. All you need to at first - this permission from the country's embassy in the marriage, which will give you the right to receive an official certificate of personal information. Further, this document will have to be translated into the official language of Thailand and legally approve using the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And here is a detailed list of the required documents:

  • Certificate of your country's embassy, ​​which must be translated into Thai and formally approve the ministry. It takes about three days, so take care in advance.
  • Data on the place of work, position and monthly income.
  • Notarize a copy of the divorce (for those who have previously concluded marriage) and translated into Thai.
  • Data on persons (at least two), who live next to the applicants (their addresses, names).
  • Passports.
  • If the applicant was not yet twenty years old, you need written permission from their parents or their personal presence, when they apply for.
  • To received in Thailand, a marriage certificatewas legal in Russia, it is necessary to translate it into Russian in the Thai embassy and approve the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the same country.

Prices for holding a symbolic ceremony

Symbolic wedding - it is an opportunitymarried on the territory of an exotic country, feel the atmosphere of local color and national traditions. It depends on what kind of ceremony you prefer, will vary the cost of such a ceremony in Thailand. Also, take into account all your wishes about what kind of items you would like to add / remove, plus a mandatory way you will be offered the most viable option for the budget to your dream wedding was not for you fiction. Indicative prices, what you can expect at a Thai wedding:

Symbolic wedding ceremony Thai

1. Beach wedding ceremony European style on one of the islands of the country will cost you about $ 850 a pair. This will include the following items:

  • Comfortable Suite shuttle to the hotel to the venue of the wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding bouquet for the bride.
  • Beautiful garland with live exotic flowers.
  • Direct beach ceremony under beautiful music.
  • Wedding photo shoot with a professional photographer.
  • Russian-Thai coordinator.
  • Russian-speaking master of ceremonies.
  • Arch with flowers, petal salute, chilled bottle of champagne and fruits.
  • Symbolic certificate holding a wedding ceremony.
  • Media with pre wedding photo frame.

2. Budget option ceremony on the island of Pattaya at the Buddhist temple, the estimated cost of which will amount to about $ 400 a pair. These include:

  • Comfortable shuttle bride and groom to the venue of the wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding bouquet for the bride.
  • Beautiful garland with live exotic flowers.
  • Wedding ceremony with the best Thai tradition (in the temple).
  • The gifts of the local monks.
  • Wedding photo shoot inside the temple.
  • Russian-Thai coordinator.
  • Symbolic certificate weddings.
  • Media with pre wedding photo frame.

3. Mixed Thai wedding ceremony on the beach and in the temple ceremony. Price - 1150 $. What is included:

  • Comfortable Suite shuttle to the venue of the wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding bouquet for the bride.
  • Beautiful garland with live exotic flowers.
  • Buddhist blessing to the marriage with the ceremony.
  • Beach wedding ceremony in the European style.
  • Arch with flowers, petal salute, cool bottle of champagne, fruit.
  • Russian-Thai coordinator.
  • Russian-speaking master of ceremonies.
  • Symbolic certificate carrying a symbolic wedding ceremony.
  • Media with pre wedding photo frame.

4. Thai wedding ceremony «All inclusive» on one of the islands of the kingdom. Approximate cost of a couple - $ 1,700. This includes:

  • This includes items that are included in a mixed Thai wedding ceremony on the beach and in the temple.
  • Comfortable shuttle service for the day.
  • The arch of flowers with a choice of colors when placing.
  • Stylist to create a wedding image: make-up, hairstyle.
  • Wedding photo shoot during the day.
  • Taking professional video clip, which will last from 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Symbolic certificate weddings.
  • Media with pre wedding photo frame and clip.

The cost of an official ceremony

Officially sign in Thailand maybut it takes a lot of time and money, unlike other countries belonging to the Hague Convention. You will have to visit a lot of instances, to officially register the marriage in the kingdom. And it must be done by the consular legalization of the union to be valid, both the Thai territory, and Russian.

The official ceremony of the painting in Thailand

This means that the documents need to belegalize using the authorities of both countries: first you legalizuete of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and only then duplicated the procedure, referring to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Thai kingdom. It will cost you all of about $ 200-300, if you arrange your own. Even you can ask for help from turoperataram who provide their prices for additional services.

Video: wedding ceremony for two in Thailand

Thailand - a country of exotic romance,worthy to spend the wedding ceremony and honeymoon. There is a lot of pans and options as possible to spend unforgettable wedding in this amazing country. Focus on your own budget and preferences. And to be sure, in fact, as your ideal Thai wedding can be organized, view the video below. Here you can learn many interesting things and get a lot of positive emotions.

Photo of wedding ceremonies held in Thailand

To understand what style and location you wanthold his own wedding - you need to be inspired by the proposed options, a little dream and fantasize. Therefore, the photo below, will help you to decide on his own wedding idea, desires and aspirations about it. Look at the color of the local landscapes in the water, under the water, the beauty of the environment, to tune in the desired way the wedding ceremony in Thailand.

The wedding ceremony in Thailand

Svadby in Thailand