The wedding ceremony in India

Romantic, indescribably deliciouswedding ceremony - your dream? Arrange the unforgettable registered in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. How to connect together romance, thirst for new discoveries and a festive celebration? The wedding ceremony in India will leave a lasting impression, give vivid emotions, combining the sacred bond of loving hearts. Ancient traditions of this country will help to better understand each other, and the wedding ceremony will be a symbol of the unification of souls.

Advantages of the wedding ceremony in India

Advantages of the wedding ceremony and India

Wedding for the people of India - one of the most importantlife events. Spiritual Heritage, ancient rituals, especially religion - Hinduism - stress the vital role of the sacred union of the soul of the bride and groom. What should learn from the Europeans, because this is a reverent attitude to the institution of family and marriage: divorce rate in India is negligible. Why is this country so popular?

  1. Organization of wedding couple ora small number of guests. If you dream of romance, and the crowd barely familiar guests disheartened, solemn painting in India - for you! You want to honor loved ones - arrange official registration in the registry office of their city, inviting the closest relatives and friends.
  2. The richness of nature. Delightful vegetation, an abundance of flowers, exotic trees and shrubs - the perfect surroundings for the wedding photo shoot.
  3. Fast visa. In this process it will take no more than 3-5 days in self-registration.
  4. Good weather conditions. The mild climate of India, the warm and sunny weather (try not to get in the rainy season) favor the holding of a wedding ceremony.
  5. The ancient cultural traditions of India. Wedding - a special holiday for the people of the country, so familiarity with ancient rites and rituals of Hindu civilization is guaranteed.
  6. The beauty of the wedding ceremony. Indian weddings rightfully occupy a leading position in the ranking of the most luxurious traditional celebrations in the world.
  7. The ability to combine the wedding and the honeymoon. In order not to get bored during the wedding trip, check out the variety of cultures, traditions of India: a mixture of nationalities on the territory of this densely populated country has a chance to get acquainted with ancient temples, to arrange a trip to the "houseboat".

When choosing a wedding ceremony in the territoryIndia should consider a number of points that can overshadow the celebration. Knowing beforehand about the pitfalls, future spouses to easily be able to avoid the following disadvantages:

  • Choosing a reliable tour operator. Unscrupulous agents can ruin the experience of love with India and overshadow the ceremony.
  • Pre-order the majority of wedding services.
  • According to the rules of the country to organize a formal wedding ceremony is not possible. Therefore, the wedding ritual, performed by a Brahmin, for the Europeans rather symbolic.
  • The vagaries of the weather. Since February in India comes spring and warm weather will accompany you the whole journey. Monsoons are typical for the summer months and in September.

How to organize a wedding in India

Organization of weddings in India

Preparations for the wedding in Indiaceremony on its own will take a long time. It requires a good knowledge of English, patience in discussing key issues with persons providing services: transport (whether it is an elephant or a limousine); rental (tent for the ceremony); Wedding (Brahmin priest) and many others. Organization of the wedding on their own it is advisable to do if:

  • you long live or work in India;
  • marry a Hindu.

It is easier and more comfortable to apply to a tourista company that helps you organize the wedding ceremony, taking into account the client's wishes. The financial component will then be more meaningful. The absence of "headache" about certain aspects of the wedding in India, the Russian-speaking escort - these moments outweigh the desire to engage in the organization of the ceremony in person.

Official wedding

The official registration of marriage in India

If the future wife and husband - the citizens of the Russian Federation, then register their marriage official authorities of India there is a possibility in the case where:

  1. The bride is pregnant.
  2. Signed long-term contract to work in India.

In the case where one of the spouses - a citizen of India, a marriage made in the country's courts, will be recognized as valid in the territory of the Russian Federation under the following conditions:

  1. On the certificate apostille - the official stamp of the Russian Embassy in India (New Delhi).
  2. Returning to his homeland, to translate the document into Russian.
  3. Notarize the translated document.
  4. Submit to the registrar the necessary documents. After a certain time - from a few days up to two months - you will get a certificate of the state sample status.

Dream wedding

The symbolic wedding ceremony in the Indian style

Unusual, opulent wedding procession withmany traditional ceremonies - a distinctive feature of the Hindus. Expensive clothes - the sari, Shervani, embroidered with gold braid - an integral part of the ceremony. As well as jewelry for the bride, the rich decoration of the rooms, the decor splendid garlands of flowers. The main part of the wedding ritual represented by the following points:

  • Preparation of the future spouses for the ceremony.
  1. Exquisite wedding dress - the sari for the bride- Will decorate the maiden. For men, a traditional headgear - turban; Shervani long jacket; churidar pants. This mandatory elements of the Hindu wedding dress the groom.
  2. Ceremony mehndi or mehendi. This painting palms bride henna special composition. The bright, intricate designs symbolize the feelings of the fortress; color - from yellow to dark brown - determine the future life.
  • Wedding ceremony.
  1. Transport. According to the traditions of India, the bride and groom come to the place of the solemn ceremony alone.
  2. The duration of the marriage ceremony. Timing depends on the number of rituals, the bride and groom selected. Mandatory for Hinduism are: exchange wedding garlands - as a symbol of love, two hearts, fire ritual, mantras Brahmin.
  3. Indian sweets.
  • Additional services.
  1. Elephant riding.
  2. Musical accompaniment.
  3. The ceremony of "7 Steps", offering gifts of the god of fire.
  4. The Russian-speaking escort ceremony.
  5. Organization wedding dinner.
  6. Rent traditional costumes Indians.

After the wedding ceremony, you will receivea certificate confirming that according to Hindu religion you become husband and wife. Some hotels offer Indian customers fireworks in honor of the newlyweds. Unusually bright, extravagant wedding will forever remain in your heart as a reminder of the happy day, is connected to the heart and soul lovers.

Where to spend the wedding

Where to organize a wedding in India

Dreaming conclude a sacred union in the ancientIndian temple according to the canons of Hindu religion? Ancient rituals and traditions of Tamil Nadu are waiting for lovers. See the jungle, traveling on elephants, to get acquainted with the "pink city" Jaipur, visit the unparalleled Taj Mahal - a symbol of eternal love - the choice is up to you.

In Goa

Pearl of the Indian wedding mecca for tourists fromaround the world - Goa. Snow-white beaches, azure ocean, the ancient traditions of the services of those wishing to spend a wedding ceremony. Traditional tent, wedding Brahmin, the generous gifts of the rich Indian land will leave unforgettable impressions. Organize the ceremony, most tour operators offer on the basis of the Indian or European style ..

Weddings in Goa

In Kerala

Southern state - Kerala - is kilometersbeautiful beaches, lakes and tropical virgin nature of India. Wear pearl-gold sari (which differs from the traditional red dress) and become the bride eastern beauty - there is nothing more romantic. Wedding Night "floating house" held in love, make the heart beat faster after many years.

Romantic wedding in Kerala

In Tamil Nadu

You want to spend a quiet, romantic weddingceremony? State of Tamil Nadu, rich exquisite architectural treasures, temples and lush flowering, fragrant herbs, give the opportunity. "Golden City of a Thousand Temples India» Kanchipuram became the refuge of the three religions: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Quiet, clean, cozy streets of small resort towns will give an unforgettable experience.

Wedding in Tamil Nadu


Weddings maharaja style inthe current maharaja city - Jaipur - remembered color richness, vivid impressions. Magnificent palaces, ancient temples, in the territory of which it is possible to organize a wedding, will make love with the "upper-caste", which is created and the whole world. Elegant dresses, lavish suites, lots of good food - services wishing to organize a wedding ceremony in Jaipur.

Wedding maharaja - choose Jaipur

In Udaipur

In the middle of the dry Radzhstana, at the confluencethree lakes long since Maharaja Udai Singh founded the "snow-white city of India" - Udaipur. The ancient architecture of palaces, green parks, numerous hotels and ... a great expanse of water on the right middle name was given to this city - East Venice. Delightful photo of the wedding ceremony, boat trip to the palace Pihkola will start your happy family life, a great experience.

Eastern Venice or Udaipur: wedding ceremony

In Delhi

The contrast of the big city, the fusion of religion andcultures, ancient rites and symbols are intricately intertwined in the capital of India - Delhi. Most of the inhabitants of large cities are choosing "marriage for love", gradually moving away from the traditions of their ancestors. However, the legacy of generations is so great that the wedding is not possible without the "classic" for Indian apparels newlyweds, Brahmin and fundamental ceremonies.

Wedding ceremony - Delhi


To conduct the wedding ceremony in one of the wonderslight, built in Agra in recognition unfading feelings - the Taj Mahal - of such a gift every bride dreams. The snow-white marble, air architecture, exquisite patterns and moldings - from the splendor seen blind eyes and breath away. Take a walk with her husband on the ancient plates barefoot, absorbing energy and all-conquering power of love. Leave the recognition on the steps of the church, because the ancient legend of India states that if your feelings are as strong as the great love of the great Shah.

Taj Mahal as a symbol of eternal love

How much does a wedding ceremony in India

The cost of wedding services renderedtravel agencies, ranging from 350 to 1500 dollars. The package includes the organization of a ceremony in India, pre-wedding events, provide clothes rental, music, transportation and more. Price wedding tour of three days is about $ 2000 per person.

The cost of a wedding in India

Video: conducting the wedding in India

How to combine the ancient customs and traditions of ancestorsand modern views of the younger generation? Organization of wedding ceremonies in major Indian cities in a different way reveals the life of the country today. The main difference between the advanced youth was the desire to create a family of love, not conspiracy parents. Classic wedding, in the spirit of Hinduism ... and cheerful, joyful wedding banquet with many guests, dancing, fine dining European style - these are the modern tradition of India. See the bright, unusual wedding, you can watch our video:

Wedding photo shoot in India

Exquisite architecture, ancient templesIndia, the magnificent palaces of the Maharajas become a magnificent entourage for a memorable photo and video newlyweds. Capture the memory features of the wedding ceremony, elephant trekking or visiting the Taj Mahal. Detailed photo of mehndi ritual, dressing and preparing for the wedding will revive memories recalling love, unite lovers heart, many years later. for the wedding photo shoot ideas, you can see in the photo below.

Wedding photo session in ancient India