The wedding ceremony in Egypt

Any couple who decided to legalizetheir relationships, dreams of an unforgettable wedding. This is understandable, because a truly emotional and colorful wedding ceremony will be a bright start of family life. To fulfill all the desires of the newlyweds can a country with the warmest and most beautiful sea and ancient history - Egypt. The wedding celebration in the country of pyramids held throughout the year, as the holiday season here never stops.

How to organize a wedding in Egypt

Egyptian wedding ceremony has many advantages:

  1. Fascinating landscapes.
  2. Always great weather.
  3. Highly developed infrastructure.
  4. Beautiful local traditions.

The bride and groom can take a yacht cruise, ororganize a wedding right on the Red Sea coast. Various agencies offer an unforgettable themed wedding "Pharaohs" in a hotel or an exotic wedding on the seabed (under water). Notes of extreme newlyweds and their guests give a wedding on the Bedouin traditions in the desert, and engagement in one of the oldest temples of the Egyptian gods to be blessed. The unique party atmosphere reigns everywhere, giving a special charm to the wedding ceremony.

Wedding in Egypt

Where to hold the wedding ceremony in Egypt

Egypt - a romantic Oriental fairy tale, sowedding ceremony, held here, the newlyweds will remember for a lifetime. Each city has its own advantages and characteristics, and the number of attractions of this ancient country with amazing nature can compete with any country of the world. The young couple who have never been on the Red Sea, it is difficult to select a city for the ceremony, so we offer to learn more about the most popular resorts of Egypt among the Suite:

  • Sharm el-Sheikh;
  • Hurghada;
  • Cairo;
  • Luxor.

Resort Sharm El Sheikh

The city of Sharm el-Sheikh - a popular resortPyramids of the country, which is located on the Sinai Peninsula. This is a giant coral reef, surrounded by mountains, which creates a special microclimate of the coast, very useful for human health. Red Sea, Sharm el-Sheikh - is the most beautiful place with an abundance of exotic representatives of the local fauna: sea turtles, hedgehogs, water snakes, moray eels, stingrays and a variety of reef fish. For the wedding ceremony is the perfect place: the crimson sunsets, dark brown sand on the beaches, bright flowers, blue sea, tall palm trees.

Wedding tseermoniya in Sharm El Sheikh


Hurghada - a major administrative centerthe country where the residence of the governor, the port and the base of the Coast Guard Navy Egypt. The swimming season is not close ever. Although winter in Hurghada cooler than in Sharm el-Sheikh, Red Sea water temperature never drops below 20 degrees. Popular attractions of the resort: the Coptic Christian church, the ruins of an ancient Roman settlement, Safari center. Hurghada will present the newlyweds unforgettable wedding experience without demanding in return for large material investments.

Wedding ceremony in Hurghada

City Cairo

For over 500 years, travelers are calledcapital of Egypt, "the father of the world." Cairo - not only the largest African city, but also the most populous. It is home to more than 20 million people, but not only this famous capital: a city of a thousand minarets, full-flowing Nile and the Pyramids of Giza. In Cairo you can find magnificent views of the Nile, the tall minarets of mosques and fishnet. An echo of the past - a giant aqueduct, built from the Nile to the Citadel - can not but cause admiration for honeymooners. The best romantic wedding photo shoot newlyweds will be provided here.

Wedding in Cairo

Old city center of Luxor and recreation

The oldest tourist attraction in EgyptIt is the city of Luxor. Translated the name means "palaces", because it is a world center of archeology, where are concentrated many historical monuments. An impressive vista of the place - Karnak Temple with 134 columns 16 meters high, painted with ancient bas-reliefs. The Luxor is a city of the dead, where they buried the Egyptian pharaohs. The tomb of Tutankhamun was also found here. In Luxor there are many hotels that provide services for a memorable wedding ceremony.

Luxor for the wedding ceremony

Documents required for registration of marriage in Egypt

Marriage to a citizen of Egypt may seema fairy tale come true - an exotic country, the most beautiful sea in the world and the constant summer. All this is true, but that the Russian girl documented Egyptian marriage, you need to know a lot of nuances. According to the laws of the country of the Pyramids, the bride for the wedding ceremony, the official should have on hand the following documents:

  • help from their parents, they do not have material claims;
  • a document stating that she is not married;
  • if the parents are divorced, the divorce certificate;
  • if the future wife in a divorce, the passport must have a stamp;

Instead fiancee visa as practiced by the majoritycountries, the bride for the wedding ceremony will have to issue a working or tourist visa Egyptian. Tourist can be obtained at the airport in Egypt, and the work visa issued by the Embassy. Egyptians also provide Orfi signing a contract authorizing the transfer right to see the young couple alone and walk down the street holding hands. This agreement is not legally binding, but the expression of feelings in public without it can threaten the youth prison.

How much does a wedding ceremony in Egypt

Everything is much easier for couples who spenda symbolic wedding. That is, the couple carried out the official wedding ceremony at home, and then dipped into the atmosphere of heavenly places with white sand, the sea promenade and a fantastic wedding photo shoot on a background of the Egyptian beauty. This symbolic rite is not more than the cost of the week-long tour in Egypt for two.

Prices for holding a symbolic ceremony

Egyptian symbolic wedding ceremony -a unique chance for the newlyweds relax, learn the history of ancient civilization, enjoy the unique nature of Africa, and also great save. This celebration is perfect for couples who do not pursue wealth and luxury. The cost of carrying out symbolic wedding ceremony, ranging from $ 1,000 and up, depending on the selected package, and the Egyptian resort.

The cost of an official ceremony

Official marriages between foreign nationalsEgyptian or a foreigner and allowed to enter only in the Cairo Office of the Ministry of Justice notaries. All other types of weddings, whether "Nikah" or "Orfi" are not the state registration of marriages. Documented Union then need to be translated into Russian and certify documents to the Russian Embassy, ​​otherwise the wedding ceremony will not be valid on the territory of Russia. The cost of an official document of the marriage by wedding agency Egypt will be between $ 3000.

Video: conducting weddings in Egypt

Easy to understand couples who decide to spenda symbolic wedding ceremony in the Egyptian territory fabulous, because it is familiar with the amazing culture of ancient civilizations, the Red Sea, romantic and unforgettable sunsets of the desert. This incredible photo on the memory and delivered to the sound of the surf vow of eternal love, and more - the best scenery and exciting adventure for two.

Variants of an exotic weddingceremony, there are many, and in front of the bride and groom gets only one important question: how to choose a wedding story to reveal as much as possible facets of love between man and woman? Watch the video, which shows the natural beauty of Egypt and the newlyweds happiness, who decided to play the wedding ceremony in the Red Sea:

Photos weddings held in Egypt in 2016

Luxury hotels in Egypt all year round ready to takelovers from around the world, and the professional managers of weddings will make a holiday in an amazing and unforgettable experience with the rituals, ancient rituals, exotic dances and other services, which only wish to order a couple. Weather Egypt always pleases a warm and cheerful people of this country are very friendly and are always happy to meet with you.

Unforgettable Egyptian wedding ceremony 2016