Symbolic weddings abroad

Wedding procession, laying flowers to the gravefallen soldiers and dinner in the restaurant - it's trite and uninteresting. Today the couple no longer want to hold a wedding on a template, and a celebration was held to emotional, vivid and memorable for a lifetime, it is better to spend it in some exotic country. Especially as the newlyweds do not need now to bother the paperwork - travel companies offer their services on Wedding tours.

For whom is suitable symbolic wedding abroad?

Symbolic wedding ceremony - isan amazing adventure for those newlyweds who have already registered a formal marriage and arrange for himself a romantic holiday or honeymoon. Such exotic wedding is perfect for young couples and for couples who have been married for many years. Abroad can be unusually note 5, 10, 15 or even 50 years of marriage, renewing their pledges and vows to each other.

How to organize a symbolic wedding

Symbolic wedding ceremony onsolemnity does not differ from the official registration of marriage. The small difference between the two is only in the fact that the certificate issued abroad is not legally binding, neither Russia nor any other country. But many couples do not often put their guests aware that they have a symbolic ceremony, so that they did not have the impression of the celebration implausibility.

The biggest advantage of such a trip abroadthat the bride and groom at the same time carry out the solemn wedding ceremony and enjoy a romantic trip. Especially because no paperwork they do not worry - registration of the wedding tour ready to deal with a huge number of tour companies that dispel stereotypes about the high cost of the event. Professional organizers of weddings newlyweds offer:

  1. To prepare the necessary documents for travel abroad.
  2. Reserve a round-trip ticket.
  3. Make a hotel stay.
  4. Predsmotret several options scenarios symbolic wedding ceremony.

Suitable for the country's symbolic ceremony

To organize a symbolic wedding at anyanywhere in the world, the main thing - the desire newlyweds and a positive attitude. Samu ceremony can hold weddings organizers selected the country as a national rite with traditional costumes, oaths, rites. Popular areas such steel among newlyweds as romantic Europe, bright Las Vegas, exotic Seychelles, Democratic Crete, amazing and mysterious Dominican Thailand.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic - an exotic paradiseancient history, unique architecture and cradle of incendiary dance rhythms. Organization of the wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic - is the perfect combination of Latin American passions and luxury holiday. This picturesque country has luxurious beaches with fine white sand, which replaced the colorful jungle and turquoise warm ocean washes. For couples who want to get married here, open the door luxury villas or inexpensive bungalows on the beach.

Weddings in the Dominican Republic


In the Maldives, while stopping the run,getting lost in the numerous islands, bathing in the blue clear waters and inspired by the beautiful wedding ceremony. Stopping the choice of a symbolic wedding ceremony in one of the Maldives, the bride and groom are dipped into a fairy tale. It is ideal for those who want to escape to the quiet of the primitive nature. The bride and groom choose for your wedding ceremony uninhabited atoll, surrounded by flowers, to which they were being taken on a traditional boat "don" in the ocean of infinite distance.

The wedding ceremony in the Maldives


If a couple wants to hold the ceremony in the budgetparadise, then a visit to Egypt - the right solution for them. This country is famous for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, warm sea, low prices for services and beautiful sunsets in the desert. We should add to this attention to detail wedding program, highly professional photographer - and the couple eventually get an unforgettable celebration, which will be proud to tell your grandchildren.

Egyptian wedding ceremony

Sri Lanka

Most newlyweds, organizing theirwedding ceremony abroad, choose exotic countries. And they are right, because the vow of eternal love will be more effective if given like this: in an unusual place and extraordinary circumstances. One of the most magical and exotic places on the planet - is a tropical island of Sri Lanka, lapped by the warm Indian Ocean.

Every corner of this picturesque place is saturatedexotic and local residents cherish the old traditions. Newlyweds plunge into the idyll, listening to the rustle of the blue ocean waves, the fragrance of rare flowers and greenery after a brief tropical downpour, marveling the beauty of numerous Buddhist temples and mysterious caves. The organizers of the wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka offers many original versions of the celebration.

Wedding in Sri Lanka


Carry out a traditional wedding in Indian styleIt is present only in India. Any state, whether it Goa or Kerala, is able to recreate the desired wedding style, which will transmit the true essence of this nation. No matter what place will be chosen for the ceremony, the newlyweds - the beach, the temple or pavilion, the holy spirit of India will be felt by them in every detail.

Indian ceremony for the newlyweds


Weddings abroad - is the choice of travelers. If the couple want to combine the celebration and learn the culture of several people, they need to hold a symbolic wedding ceremony in Mauritius. On this tropical island joined cultures of India, China, Africa and Europe. The advantages of this place must be attributed to:

  • paradisiacal landscapes;
  • beautiful light outfits newlyweds;
  • Exotic fruits;
  • divine local cuisine;
  • smiles on the faces of local residents;
  • fiery music and dance.

The wedding ceremony in Mauritius

Weddings abroad: what determines the price?

The cost of a symbolic ceremony abroad depends on:

  1. Service Package selected tour operators.
  2. Season.
  3. The ticket price for the selected mode of transport.
  4. Period of accommodation at the hotel.
  5. Cost transfer from the airport to your accommodation.
  6. Spending on food.

Video: symbolic ceremony on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand

Newlyweds in choosing the venue of the celebrationabroad often choose Thailand for this romantic action. This is not surprising, because the mysterious country on the coast of the Indian Ocean combines all the advantages of a tropical paradise without requiring couples too high costs. Price may vary - depending on the season, but the tropical rains, which are very fast, is the highlight.

The largest part of the costs for the newlywedsmake a long (about 9-10 hours) flight to the tropical country of smiles, and the hotel and service prices are very democratic. Thailand for several years specialized in weddings for foreigners in the country so there are many options at an affordable price. Watch a beautiful video, in which the pair chose the paradise Thai island of Koh Samui for its symbolic wedding ceremony:

Photo Symbolic weddings abroad

Symbolic wedding abroad opens up limitless possibilities of a young couple:

  • Firstly, this is an excellent opportunity not to call for the wedding ceremony of numerous relatives, and invite her only the most close and dear people.
  • Secondly, this is a great chance to learn the culture of another country, meet new people.
  • And third - it is an opportunity to sunbathe on the gorgeous beach, take a dip in the azure waves of the ocean or the warm sea.

Wedding ceremonies abroad