Strawberry wedding

own wedding planning takes a lottime and effort, because every bride dreams of an unforgettable and unusual holiday. If you want to organize an original celebration, consider options stylized marriage - for example, a very interesting strawberry wedding. With proper and creative approach with the use of the design ideas holiday will be catchy, extraordinary and vivid. Weddings conducted in strawberry style, imbued with colors and freshness, so forever be remembered for not only the couple, but also for all the invited guests.

The bride and groom in strawberry image

Search wedding dresses can take a longtime, but there is always a chance to return to the classic version - snow-white bride, bright or black suit groom. To make a bright accent, use the optional decoration, original attributes (veil red or pink color, lilies, strawberry bouquet, color tie young, etc.).

Dresses for the young strawberry wedding in style

It is advisable to mark the wedding of a hot summer,it's the perfect time for the strawberry theme wedding. The bride can wear a bright light dress, resembling air sundress, supplement it with bright decor - red ribbon, tied under the bust. If desired, the veil is replaced coquettish hat or straw hat, which is better to decorate with strawberries or floral-berry wreath.

The bride should wear a light shirt madefrom light natural fabrics, light trousers (very interesting and unusual look spacious, airy canvas pants). Instead boutonniere is to take a sprig of strawberry (with or without berries are), but only need to use artificial attributes to light in the tissue is left ugly red spots. For young bouquet perfect composition of sweet berries, supplemented with wild flowers.

Strawberry wedding decoration ideas

It may seem that organizewedding in strawberry style is very difficult, because a lot of nuances and details of decoration require particular attention. But having put all a little effort, you can make the holiday mood light berry. The ideal option would be to appoint a date for the wedding in late spring or early summer, when to buy fresh and fragrant strawberries will not be difficult, because this berry will be the main decoration for the holiday decor.

The decor of the banquet hall

Strawberry wedding requires special decorationhall, which will be held in a banquet. The motto for the celebration - strawberries everywhere. Place the dishes on a table stacked, filled with this fragrant, juicy berries. Such decoration is not only very beautiful, but also will be a perfect complement to champagne. If you decide to hold the wedding in nature, then please be baskets with strawberries.

The decor of the banquet hall strawberries

To each guest remember your wedding and hethere were only positive experiences, prepare in advance a nice souvenir - for example, sweet strawberry jam in a pretty jar. Guests will be pleased to get filled with candy bonbonniere (a small, beautifully designed gift box). Complete Present Thank you card or ribbon having a rich red color, because each element of the decor must fully match the style of the wedding conducted.

Making a banquet hall in the strawberry theme

Accessories for the holiday table

Catching decorated banquet table, do not forgetabout registered card with strawberry and with table setting, use napkins with thematic patterns. You can entertain guests with sweet cocktails, desserts made from this fragrant berries, maintaining the style and decor of the celebration. Regarding the choice of colors, it is best to give preference strawberry twigs, the scent of which turned the head. Put them in small vases or teapots - green pleasantly refreshes, adds brightness of the overall decor. You can use any other wildflowers.

Decoration of wedding table strawberries

Options strawberry treats on a wedding

Strawberry wedding involves appropriatemenu - meat dishes should pick up a fragrant sweet sauce made from this summer berries. There are also options for salads, in which one of the main roles played by Summer berries, and in addition to it is added mint leaves and other greens. We must make sure that the table was attended by a variety of sweet strawberry desserts, which may have white and red colors.

You can put on a large banquet tabledishes, brim full of juicy, ripe strawberries - is not only delicious, but also incredibly beautiful treat. The only thing is that strawberries very quickly let the juice, so you need to have a supply of fresh in the refrigerator, to replace meals on time.

As for wedding desserts you can consider the following options:

  • chocolate fountain, next to which is a vase filled with ripe strawberries;
  • lacy pancakes with fruit filling;
  • fruit and berry smoothies;
  • Tiramisu with berry layer;
  • sweet popsicles, decorated with strawberries;
  • strawberry or strawberry jelly in beautiful rozetnitsah;
  • punnet of strawberries or fruit;
  • fancy dessert - cupcakes and macaroon with berry filling;
  • strawberry soft drinks that will appeal not only to children but also adults;
  • chocolate fondue with strawberries (you can still use a variety of fruits - for example, melon, bananas, apples, pears, etc.).

Do not forget about the most important decorationholiday table - a juicy, bright and beautiful wedding cake. This dessert is sure to be strawberries, while it can be used as decoration or filling. You can safely choose a traditional white base or to order a non-traditional version of a cake that looks like a stack of pancakes. Catching organization strawberry wedding in style, it is worth remembering that some guests may suffer from allergic reactions to this berry. Therefore, in advance ask your guests if they have intolerance to strawberries.

Strawberry dessert for wedding table

Wedding photo session in strawberry style

If you want to spend a fabulous photo shoot instrawberry style is not enough to hang this berry on the branches of trees, we must also create a light summer mood, positive charge. As the emphasis is to choose all kinds of accessories with strawberry print - blankets, shawls, pottery. Summer will be used in the filming of the berries themselves, and traditional food from them (for example. Wedding Tea Party husband and wife in the background jars with jam).

Photo shoot for a wedding in the style of strawberry