outdoor wedding

Some couples dream of a wedding in a beautiful roomgood restaurants, while others are waiting for the warm season to organize celebrations in nature. In the summer and spring, you can use different places for the celebration of marriage in the open air. For his organization will have to make a lot of effort, but the result is worth it. outdoor wedding is ideal for a holiday with lots of guests. Where can I arrange a marriage? What is taken into account in its organization?

Ideas for a wedding outdoors

Wedding in nature - it is an unforgettable experiencefor honeymooners and guests. For holiday, you can select a piece of paradise with stunning scenery and a platform for the marriage issue is interesting, stylish and tasteful. If the young couple - incorrigible romantics, they are suitable for celebrations unusual outdoor locations. For example, creative and original wedding will turn out on the roof of the restaurant or golf course. Beach, country mansion, yacht, boat or garden can be a wonderful place for a wedding.

You can organize different holidays scenariosoutdoors. Some couples prefer to carry out all the stages of the wedding in the beautiful scenery of nature. Other first couple sent to the registrar, where the official part of the wedding, and then go to the selected site of the holiday. And some couples to register their wedding day marriage, and during the celebration ceremony commit a symbolic exchange of rings. Consider some ideas of places to organize the wedding in the open air.

Wedding on the beach

You and your chosen one like seascapes,sound of waves? And you want to connect their heart near the sea or ocean in an exotic country? Wedding at the sea - it is romantic and beautiful. What must be considered that such a festival is brought to you and your guests with fun and excitement? A few tips will help to organize a beach wedding:

  • By the choice should be approached carefully and datesresponsibly, taking into account the weather and climatic features of the holiday places. The official part of it is better not to carry out at noon, because at that time it will be too hot.
  • Consider organizing transportation for guests who do not have a car. It is also necessary to provide parking space for cars.
  • For banquet at sea should be a sufficient amount of soft drinks, juices, fruit, water to the guests do not suffer from thirst and heat. A heavy and spicy food is better to exclude from the menu.
  • You can use the theme of the sea for a beach wedding design: seashells, starfish, bottle ships.
  • For musical accompaniment suitable compositions that will be performed by professional musicians invited.
  • The hottest time of the guests and the newlyweds will be comfortable under light tents or canopies. They protect and during sudden rain.
  • For the comfort of invited friends and relatives lay up umbrellas. It is advisable to choose a site by the sea, which is near by hotel guests.
  • To make a wedding by the sea following suit colors: blue, dark blue, turquoise and white.

The wedding outdoors on the beach

In the park

Landscaped park can be a wonderful placeweddings. Green meadows, snow-white tent complex design for comfortable celebration, fresh air and beautiful design places the celebration create good conditions for rest and invited the newlyweds. If the park has an artificial pond, the proximity of the water will fill the air with freshness and give the environment a special touch. holiday decor can be green, red, crimson, pink hue. In the evening, a special atmosphere in the park will help to create lanterns placed on the lawn.

The wedding in the park outdoors

On the summer terrace

From summer to autumn a great venuewedding can be a sundeck or summer terrace. It is better to choose places that are protected by hedges or other fence from prying eyes. It is desirable to summer porch was in a quiet and shady place. It is convenient to hold a celebration on the terrace, as in this case, the service will be high-end, and the fresh air and gentle breeze give triumph a pleasant atmosphere.

Marriage on the summer terrace in the open air

Rooftop Wedding

For fans of extreme sports and the height of a good placethe wedding will be the triumph of the rooftop. This holiday certainly be remembered for the newlyweds and their guests with their creativity. For weddings, you can rent a deck on the roof of the restaurant or the business center. When choosing a location for a celebration sure to pay attention to its compliance with safety regulations.

all the necessary equipment to deliver andother items for the holiday, you will need to lift, so its presence in the building is an important factor that should be considered when deciding on the wedding venue. For the comfort of guests platform can be fitted with a canopy that will protect people from the scorching sun or rain.

If there is a place for landing on the roofhelicopter, then the couple will be able to use it for a spectacular appearance in front of the hotel after the registration of marriage. For a wedding suit with the colors black and white, milk, golden, beige shades. To make the celebration using floral arrangements, a small number of candles, couches, pillows.

Wedding on the roof of high-rise buildings

The country hotel

If you want to spend all the days of celebration inscenic spot, then select a country hotel, a holiday home or a boarding house. Excellent service, the ability to locate all the stages of the wedding in the same area and accommodate guests in next to the venue of the holiday houses or rooms - all the advantages of organizing the wedding at the estate in the country. Garlands of balloons will create a festive atmosphere in the park.

outdoor wedding in a country hotel

On a yacht or boat

Weddings on the boat or yacht will givethe triumph of romantic atmosphere. Guests can enjoy socializing with each other on the deck, watching the changing sea or river views. Larger boats can have spacious rooms for banquets and large dance floor. For guests do not get bored, organize an interesting holiday program and invite a good leader.

Wedding on a yacht

The image of the couple and the dress code for guests

Location determines the style of the weddingthe groom, the bride, the dress code for the guests. For a beach celebration groom wear, groom, guests should be festive and comfortable at the same time to move along the seashore. Flex, skirts, pins, jacket, tie completely inappropriate for a holiday by the sea. A good clothing option for the bride - a natural, easy dress, outdoor shoes with flat soles. A wreath of flowers is perfect for a romantic style of the bride. And the groom instead of the traditional white suit better to wear light pants, a shirt.

For a wedding on the veranda or the roof of the restaurant guestssuitable clothing that will reflect the mood of the summer and will fit into the beautiful landscape. Women will look great when put on long dresses in pastel shades with floral print. The dress code for the guests invited to the suburban complex, implies comfort. In this case, it is inappropriate outfits with sequins, should give preference to short and plain dresses, sundresses with colorful flowers.

Clothes for the wedding outdoors

Clothes for the wedding outdoors

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Video: exit the ceremony in the open air

The harmonious combination of nature, fresh airIt creates a special festive atmosphere for the wedding in the park. No limitation in space, the birds singing, leaves rustling, a slight breeze makes visiting the wedding ceremony, a romantic. Guests watching the young in such an environment, enjoy the joy of the holiday.

Beautifully organized exit registrationIt blends harmoniously with the surroundings of the park. Are you wondering about how to organize the exit ceremony? You'll find lots of ideas for a wedding in the park, watching the video. Notice how dressed young guests and a decorated arch and other celebrations accessories.

An example of a wedding photo shoot outdoors

Beautiful views of nature, which will be heldcelebration, can be a great backdrop for wedding photo shoots. Sea shore, waves, sand opens up a host of ideas for memorable shots. Rooftop Wedding is an occasion to be photographed in an unusual setting. And what amazing photos will turn out in the garden, park, rural hotel, and other scenic spots of nature!

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot outdoors

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot outdoors

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot outdoors

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot outdoors

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