Musical wedding

If the music - it's your hobby or work, whyI would not organize a wedding in the style of music? This topic gives great scope for the manifestation of fantasy. Arrange the ceremony according to the chosen genre, and it can be classical, rock, pop, country and others. Music wedding can be performed in a variety of colors, and the main decorative elements here are all kinds of musical instruments, sheet music, CDs and vinyl records.

Scenario creative wedding music

Often the preparation and conduct of the weddingcelebration couple entrust wedding agency, because arrange themed holiday is much more complicated than the traditional standard wedding. However, if the difficulties you are not afraid, are you ready to spend a lot of time and effort in the creation of the celebration, it is worth trying to organize it yourself. Newlyweds should be noted that the financial costs in the preparation of a stylized wedding far exceed spending on standard ceremony.

  • Attributes.

If you decide to organize a bright and cheerfulwedding in the style of "rock and roll", you will need these attributes: gorgeous ballroom, discus thrower, a stage and a pink Cadillac (as at the time Presley). However, the main emphasis should be on the music, not its attributes, then, is to make a large selection of quality, which will be played during the celebration.

  • Dress code.

Warn your guests through complimentarycards that will not simple, but a musical wedding, which means that they have to come in costumes appropriate style. Since the holiday has the theme "rock and roll", the appropriate costumes for guests will be short skirts, bright shirts, pants-pipes, massive shiny jewelry. Makeup in the female half of the guests must be intense and catchy, men should do hairstyles in the style of the King of Rock 'n' Roll - with bangs combed back.

  • Entertainment.

The ideal candidate for the role of toastmaster willpresenter, who can reincarnate who can spend the holiday in the role of Elvis Presley. To show the program make a dance group, which offers accommodation in the chosen style. To be inspired by new ideas, the future husband and wife can work together to revise the motion picture "dudes", which displays the atmosphere of those times. Perhaps the film give you some new ideas and suggest how to implement them on their own celebration.

Images of the newlyweds at the wedding in the musical style

Music wedding ceremony involvesattire bride and groom in the original outfits. Even if the young dress chosen the traditional white color, it should be complemented by a bright accessory, or if the basis is the classical music celebration, leaving a gentle image. To this end, the bride may choose a snow-white lace dress with a train, and make a bouquet of daisies and roses. The original decision of the flowers will be made of music paper, which are organically fit into the concept of marriage.

The groom should refrain from black anddon the suit cool colors: white, blue, gray and blue. Support theme wedding possible with stylish accessories, such as a butterfly or a tie with the image of a treble clef, cuff links in the shape of a guitar, the original boutonnieres as a paper flower to match the "fidelity to the score," the bride's bouquet. By the way, the bride accessories and shoes can also be designed in the style of music.

Musical images of the bride and groom

Ideas Your wedding music - photo

Make a holiday musical style - a perfectoption for the music-loving and creative pairs. can inspire any manifestations of this theme: review the famous musicals, music videos favorite artists, select music to be stored on disks gift for guests. "Musical" will serve as decorations garland of hearts cut from musical notation, the menu in a box from under the CD-ROM drive, invitation with a picture of your favorite artists, tools or models as the decoration of the hall elements. And all these decorations are not hard to do with their hands.

Accessories for wedding ceremony music

The decor of the banquet hall

On the table put the bouquets of fresh flowers,musical consoles with cute slogans such as "Happy Together", candy boxes for guests, decorated with "music" picture. On the musical menu pages print, and number plates to serve tables printed pictures instrumental groups. Cardboard models of music CDs perfectly replace the standard cup holders in a thematic wedding.

Making a banquet hall for wedding music

Decoration of banquet tables

Decorated festive table newlywedsPlease use the "musical" decoration: a plate with the names of guests, nursery postcards, printed on sheets of printed music. Instead of monotonous tablecloth, you can choose a suitable theme for the celebration - decorated stave, or personally embroidered along the edges of the notes of your favorite tunes (or the famous march by Mendelssohn). Do not forget to place on tables, vases with flowers, which are also possible to paste over a musical paper.

Wedding accessories in the music category

To pack the so-called compliments andmake candy boxes for guests, you can use fabric with Music print. Theme holiday lets give each guest a CD-ROM with a selection of your favorite music. They should be packed in the original registered envelopes, made by hand. Maximum attention will be drawn to the invited wedding cake, so his choice to step up to the responsibility and creativity. Dessert should match the style of celebration, for example, it can be decorated with a treble clef, saxophone or piano.

table decoration on the wedding music

Invitations and nursery cards for guests

Music wedding, like any other,It begins with invitation cards. For invitations to selected topics will serve as records, CDs or standard cards based on music paper. Moreover, the text may apply directly to the plate in the center circle, which contains information about the songs recorded on it. An alternative would be the application of information about the upcoming wedding on the disc / album cover.

Invitation cards and a nursery for the musical celebration

Book requests in the form of a guitar or records

Unusually will look book requests,modern notes, made in the form of records or a guitar. Guests will definitely be surprised if you are asked to write a sincere wishes for the old plates. And as one might do a book for wishes, setting it to a separate table, and set, by expanding the plate under the plate of each guest.

Wedding book requests in the form of records

Video: beautiful wedding music

Musical wedding is guaranteed to surprise andimpress every visitor to your holiday guests, becoming vivid and memorable event in the life of the newlyweds. Even if not all of your ideas could be implemented, the main thing - you put into organizing the celebration your soul, and made a feast as you want personally. Think about wedding details, and let your love music sounds forever. And to strengthen the opinion that such a marriage would be a great holiday option, watch the video.