Ideas to celebrate a silver wedding

25 years of marriage - is a serious anniversaryfor any pair. The couple earned the respect and showed by example that people can live in love for a long time. Why it called silver wedding? If we draw an allegory, the silver is considered a precious metal, symbolizing the purity of the family relationship, the unity, the strength of family. Husband and wife are preparing in advance for this day, considering different ideas to carry the silver wedding, but there are unchanging customs, which must adhere to the 25 year anniversary of living together.

How to mark the anniversary silver wedding?

We should be prepared for any celebration in advance andsilver wedding is no exception. Silver color goes well with the entire color palette, so absolutely any colors can be used for decoration of the wedding decor. Outfits and accessories for 25-years of marriage, too, are selected using silver, for example, gray evening dress of his wife and a shirt of the same color at the husband.

If the spouses respect the tradition of 25 years of marriage,in this day need to perform symbolic rituals. It begins with a joint water treatment, morning and kiss each other by washing of the silver container. It is believed that this ritual bath removes the burden of past years, it eliminates the current problems and prepare the couple for a new life. Wipes a couple linen towel, a silver jug, where there is water, put in the sun to evaporate all the worries and hardships.

Spouses vary silver rings

The next event is the traditional 25-year-oldJubilee - a time when "the couple" have to share the silver rings. This memorable event is to be held with family, friends or relatives. Couple gets two identical silver rings and put them on each other instead of the wedding, removing those until next year. If you want to mark the anniversary in a big way, use the ideas suggested below.

In the style of an old movie

Kinotematika gives wide scope for the imagination. In organizing the celebration of the silver in the style of an old movie to realize the most creative ideas, such as:

  1. Movie premieres.
  2. Black-and-white movie.
  3. Retro or 20 x 30 s.
  4. Silent movie.
  5. Film Festival.

The basis for the holiday scenario is takenown love story heroes of the occasion, and the genre of old film chosen to the taste of the spouses. It can be a romantic comedy, western, kind fairy tale, and even action movie in the style of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Based on the selected genre, should be selected costumes participants silver celebration, as well as decoration of the banquet hall.

Invitation to the wedding in old movie styledrawn up in the idea of ​​tickets at the movie theater or a recorded video in the style of the invitation to a black and white silent film, which reflects information about the place and date of the celebration. Apply for silver wedding in the corresponding colors: hang black and white photos on the walls of the jubilee banquet hall, create a black and white floral arrangements, pick up accessories like table decorations. Such an idea is original, and most importantly, memorable.

Silver wedding in the style of an old movie

In a school exam

Fun and exciting to come out with a touch of nostalgiasilver wedding in a school exam. This idea is particularly interesting that the pair, who met while studying or have friends since adolescence. Wedding celebration in a school exam may be to the liking of jubilee, according to the teaching profession and educational institutions teachers.

The organization of such a thematic evening in honor ofsilver wedding suit and those couples who have a tight budget. Start with the school design ideas invitations: write text on notebook sheet, which does not prevent pre-silvered, fold plane was. To celebrate, choose a banquet hall with a high ceiling and light walls, reminiscent of school premises.

Tension over the tables with brightly colored ribbonsorigami or balloons - and the decor is ready! Arrange a corner, where it will be invited to sit toastmaster - teacher. He will "take an exam" at anniversaries and guests, entertaining them in parallel witty jokes, telling the story of the love of the spouses, will create a festive atmosphere for all guests on the silver wedding.

Ideas for a celebration in the form of a school exam

The evening of pleasant memories

The most popular idea of ​​silverwedding passes on the classic scenario, when the feast is organized like a celebration, which took place 25 years ago. The evening begins with pleasant memories of redemption of the bride, when the groom takes a lot of different "test" devised by the master of ceremonies or anniversaries friends. He is responsible for all sorts of tricky questions, singing serenades his beloved again and again winning the symbolic key to the hearts of the spouses.

One of the stages is a silver celebrationviewing a collage of family photographs taken in different periods of the life together couples. Holiday immersed in a pleasant atmosphere of memories, which often cause tears of emotion in front of heroes of the occasion and invited guests. Before the feast would not be amiss to take a ride with the guests to the places of the city, where the couple went to 25 years ago, on the wedding day. This is a very symbolic!

At the banquet, guests are seated aslocated at the wedding: anniversaries, witnesses, relatives, friends. Guests again shouting "Kiss!", Saying heartfelt congratulations, give gifts, as it should be for any wedding. When silver wedding celebration is observed another tradition: the couple cut the cake and treat them with his own guests. To the celebration was successful, note the following points:

  • Make the most of the silver wedding night like a celebration, which took place 25 years ago.
  • Prepare a script in advance of the holiday.
  • Think of all the competitions that were at your wedding in his youth.
  • Take time to create a collage of wedding photos - it is useful for viewing and for decoration of the banquet hall.

Elements banquet decorations for silver wedding

Gifts for wedding anniversary?

25 years of marriage - an important date for allman, so gifts on a silver wedding should be special. Classics on this anniversary we launched considered as any silver items, but allowed to present "newlyweds" and something unusual or useful in the household. It is better to ask in advance at the heroes of the occasion, what a gift it is useful. But parents a silver wedding would be nice to get a child touching video greeting - history dating moms and dads, their love. An example is shown below.

Gift Ideas for husband and wife

By tradition, on the 25 year anniversary of marriagewife exchanged silver rings, and give each other small bouquets, consisting of 5 colors. It is a symbol tremulous relationship between them. But it allowed to give your sweetheart on the silver anniversary and many other things:

  • Souvenirs (paired candlesticks, figurines, tree of happiness);
  • jewelry (chains, bracelets, brooches and cuff links);
  • home furnishings (clock with engraved photo frames).

Gifts for the spouses of 25 years anniversary

What to give as a guest?

Guests at the 25-year anniversary also tryto present silverware: the dishes or coins. Gifts made of silver - it's good, but it is better to present a celebration of something original, for example:

  • fireworks or fire show;
  • Chinese lanterns, anniversaries that will be released in the sky at romantic music;
  • a ticket to the sanatorium or the sea;
  • professional photo shoot in nature.

Show - an original idea for a gift

Ideas on a beautiful photo shoot silver wedding

The secret lies in the beautiful pictures successfullythe chosen moment. To interesting subjects was greater before the photo session, devoted to the silver wedding, you need to prepare well. Explore the most beautiful places in the area and near the banquet hall where the celebration will take place. A popular place for a photo shoot is a studio, because it created the original images heroes of the day, the place allows the maximum relax, have on hand the necessary accessories with which embodies any idea.

Professional studio photography

Shooting loving couple in nature always comesspectacular. These pictures are touching and radiate heat. Even if you can not leave the city, perfect for a city park on the day of the silver wedding in which a professional will find many picturesque places for wonderful photos. Pose in front of the historical places of the city, or just sit on a bench, listen to the advice of the photographer and then for many years will be happy to look at your photos, remembering having fun anniversary, dedicated to the silver wedding.

Photographing in nature will bring a lot of pleasant experiences