Ideas for wedding February 14

What could be more original own wedding,if a significant date comes to Valentine's Day? Many couples dream of in a romantic moment to carry out a formal marriage ceremony. Wedding February 14 refresh your relationship with new romantic notes, will give an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to celebrate a wedding celebration on the feast of the happiest people in the world - lovers. Let's look at the original idea of ​​organizing a wedding in February this day of love.

Where better to celebrate a wedding on February 14?

Wedding Celebration February 14

How to make a holiday to wedding and festivalValentine remembered the couple and guests in bright colors? If you allow the financial side, an interesting idea would be conducting the wedding day abroad. When planning the wedding at home you can do without the extreme and hasty departures to the exotic corners of the world. Arrange the original and peculiar identity of the romantic, book your favorite place to meet, such as a restaurant.

In a cafe or restaurant

Wedding on Valentine's celebration at a restaurant

Valentine's Day in tandem with the weddingIt requires special training newlyweds. The decor of the banquet hall should include the symbolic color of lovers - white, pink and red. Engage the range of colors in almost everything: colorful valentine, holiday bouquet of the bride and other accessories, the interior of the restaurant. Holiday balls and other decorations wedding celebration will give a special charm and a romantic mood. Beautiful cake filled with lovers in the style of, show your full readiness for a double celebration.

Making wedding accessories in romantic style

Guests will appreciate your insight, if youcarefully prepare for the celebration. Create a special atmosphere of love, inviting designers to draw interesting wedding guests and newlyweds table space. The alignment of the dish with food at a big beautiful heart, decorated with symbols of love napkins, small-chocolate heart with bright wraps, bowls with decorative hearts, cute angel in white and pink colors - these are only some elements of the "combat" readiness for a memorable holiday.


Newlyweds on nature

Guests are well remember the fabulous winter daywedding, conducted among white magic trees. Christmas trees can not only decorate with colored lights and garlands and bright valentines. Wedding with photos, amusing contests in nature - a very rare phenomenon, especially in winter. And if such a walk is filled with romanticism and adventurism lovers holiday, the universal praise, cheers, thanks to your guests will be provided. Let the weather will not spoil the celebration.

Fabulous snow-white wedding

Combining two holidays in one, draw onromantic wedding games, for example, the recognition of their loved ones with their eyes closed. And be sure to let the winners valentines or prizes in the form of colorful hearts. Let the celebration will be remembered for all invited as something fantastic, from childhood. Together with the guests rejoice, have fun going down the hill, organize funny dancing around the Christmas tree, show their skills on the rink. If under the feet of snow-white carpet, take care of the wedding cortege in a sleigh with white horses. Guests will be delighted.


Wedding on the shores of the azure sea

To celebrate her own wedding on the coastazure sea, when in the yard cold, really. Event management in an exotic corner of the world will certainly be remembered by guests. Preparing in advance is necessary, s 2-3 months before the expected date of the official wedding ceremony. Consult with your request to the travel agency. There you have to warn about upcoming weather conditions on a remote island or in an exotic country. Do not forget to book a hotel, restaurant for weddings.

The wedding party closer to the equator

No matter where the celebration will take placein honor of the marriage (Cyprus, the Caribbean or Jamaica), you can always negotiate with the local decorators holiday. And if the wedding date coincides with the world-famous holiday lovers, organizers of the festive extravaganza you will not fail. Romantically decorated arch, accessories for wedding under palm trees will allow guests and newlyweds feel the charm of this holiday.

Wedding entertainment for newlyweds

Celebrate a wedding at an exotic soundsmusic, among mysterious flora, many beautiful hearts and sparkles Valentine's Day - a bright, memorable, colorful. Romantic dinner under the stars, fiery dance compositions, yachting and other entertainment - all this exotica available to every young couple dreaming to legalize their relationships abroad.

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot

Snowfall in the wedding pictures

Winter brings about changes in the weddingphoto shoot, but upset about the cold weather is not necessary. You are lucky if the day of your holiday events happen beautiful snow: snow-white photographs among the kingdom will be unique. Well, if the wedding is still the same and the holiday lovers, this is God's finger of fate, extraordinary luck, and certainly a sign of impending successful, happy family life.

Happy couple

Valentine's Day - a bright, unusual holidayfor young people. Obligatory attribute of wedding photos should be a huge number of hearts. Not bad experiment with scarlet, white and red contrast, a newlywed couple will appear in all its beauty and charm. Do not miss out and pale pink shade for decoration bouquet bride decoration wedding dress, veil, serving a festive table, interior or outside the arch.

Photo session in the open air - are always colorful,Interestingly, at ease. A romantic walk on the wedding day on horseback, riding in a sleigh, funny winter competitions, dancing on ice - a professional photographer all event engraved in high quality pictures and videos. Do not worry, if February 14 is uncertain. Photographer will make every effort to have your wedding pictures were charming, and the phenomenon of nature will help to achieve a particular effect on the photos. Even the rain - not a hindrance. Intriguing pictures will look elegant walking newlyweds under the umbrella.

Photo of a beautiful wedding on Valentine's Day

To select a professional photographer fordouble celebration (weddings and Valentine's Day), consider all the stages of preparation for the celebration of the wedding well in advance of a significant date. After a few days before the celebration to find a professional will be problematic. Let decorators will work closely on the design of the banquet hall to photos turned out bright, expressive, memorable.

A photo of beautiful weddings on holiday lovers

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