Ideas for a small wedding

Little Wedding - a celebration that isthere are no more than 20 guests. This has its own charm, because you will be surrounded only the most close and native people. There is no need to try to please everyone, behave decorously and pose "the public." Let's look at the most interesting ideas for a small wedding. In such circumstances, the young will be able to really enjoy the day of his wedding.

Specifics of a small wedding

If you decide to organize a magnificent celebrationYou do not want a small wedding that will be a great solution. You can organize an unforgettable ceremony visiting with a small feast for the guests. Where it is better to arrange? Lots of options: in the woods, on the roof, in the cozy restaurant on the banks of the river. However, the wedding did not turn into an ordinary picnic, you need to take care of its organization and think about the script. Arrange a magic show for their friends and loved ones, let them remember that day. What are the advantages of a small wedding?

  1. Saving. Slight budget - this is the main plus a modest ceremony. If you decide to hold a small wedding, you will be able to save a lot of money. Thus, the usual event usually spent about three thousand dollars, and a small holiday easily organize just one thousand. Significant savings. Moreover, that is not spent on a costly triumph of money you can spend for anything, for example, to go on honeymoon.
  2. Calm. There is no need to wrestle with how to choose a restaurant there to fit 200 guests, as they drop off there and sit where. The beauty of a small wedding in that part of the organization associated with the event is greatly simplified. Small holiday, you can easily arrange themselves. Perhaps, some girls do not want to give up the prenuptial hassle. But those who do not like the fuss, this option will ensure the wedding of mind on the eve of the most important day.
  3. A small number of guests. This dream of almost all newlyweds. Who wants to watch on your holiday huge number of unfamiliar, and sometimes even strangers? Little wedding suggests that you only the closest people will surround. And as the guests will be a little, then they will be able to participate in fun games and competitions. No one will get bored.
  4. Selecting a cafe / restaurant. If young intend to hold a small wedding with their parents and friends, then choose the restaurant on a small number of people it will be much easier. You do not have to save on dishes, you can safely indulge yourself and guests the most delicious and expensive treats.
  5. Originality. Ideas for small weddings can be different. If young love extreme sports and adventure, you should fly with the guests on a hot air balloon or helicopter. Such a plan is feasible only with a small number of guests, so why not take advantage? This game will require additional costs, but your family is guaranteed to get a lot of positive experiences and appreciate the effort.
  6. Everything's under control. Little wedding, unlike the usual, runs much quieter. Even if there are any problems, resolve them will be much easier, since only the closest people and understanding are among the guests. The modest celebration will give the young to worry about, and allow peace to enjoy this beautiful day.

Where and how better to hold a small wedding?

Nice piece mini wedding - this is what youshall have the right to organize the day as you want without thinking about the desires of numerous guests. The modest celebration will take place in a close circle of family and friends who will take your every decision. Nobody will blame the bride, if instead of the traditional white magnificent dress she wears a light summer dress and decorate her head a wreath of flowers instead of a tiara.

A small wedding allows you to come up with the youngoriginal holiday and enjoy it without fuss and anxiety. For example, the bride and groom can rent a convertible and the two go to the next town, or go hiking, on a picnic, make a parachute jump. The main rule that should guide the wedding day - do what you want!


If the young have decided to organize a smallwedding outdoors, you need to hold it so that it differed from the usual hike on a picnic. Hire a lead, take care of decorative elements, use the services of a photographer. Advantages of such a wedding would be fresh air, unlimited in time of celebration, spacious area. It will be able to make up their holiday schedule, not to expect queues at the registry office and register their marriage on the road. Arrange the photo shoot on a background of beautiful nature - you are sure you will enjoy the pictures.

Small wedding in nature

In a cafe or restaurant

If you chose option only celebrationalone or in the company of the closest people can afford to go to an expensive restaurant. Book everything your heart desires that you could not afford at a banquet with a large number of guests. You might want to focus on the original design of the room or exciting restaurant concept. Choose what you like. The bride is not necessary to wear a wedding dress. For such a celebration would be appropriate evening dress, the more practical thing that you can wear in the future.

The small wedding in the restaurant

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Modest wedding home

Want to organize your holiday home toreduce costs and enjoy the atmosphere of home comfort? Then the important point will be the preparation of the premises for guest arrival. room equipment - a task №1. Do not forget that people are invited to the wedding will not only eat, but also dance, participate in contests, relax. Create the appropriate conditions for this. For guests do not get bored, a little homemade wedding scenario should not be less bright than in the restaurant.

The small wedding house

Options for implementation, depending on the time of year

Ideas for a small wedding, or sootherwise, depending on the season, which is scheduled to triumph. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at some period of the year and why more fortunate for wedding, holiday, and what options the organization should consider taking into account the small company of invited guests.

Spring Summer

Spring weddings are rare, despite thewhat this season is the most romantic. The advantages of such a marriage is a low cost wedding dresses, no queues at the registry office, the decline in prices for services of the organizers of the celebrations and rental of premises. The disadvantages include the high cost of vegetables, fruit, and a ban on the wedding because of Lent.

The most popular time for weddings is consideredsummer. Favorable weather - an excellent opportunity to organize the celebration, where everything from the restaurant to the sea. Choosing a summer wedding, you will be able to organize the exit ceremony in the country (for example, to invite guests to a country house or on the nature). The abundance of cheap fruit and vegetables - an important plus in the summer celebrations. And the honeymoon at this time of year, the young can carry out, where your heart desires. Outs Summer weddings are the high prices of attributes, including costumes and incredible turn in the registry office.

A small summer wedding

In spring and summer it is possible to organizesmall tourist wedding or picnic. In painting the young can come in T-shirts and jeans, and the reception is to arrange in nature. Details traditional wedding is inappropriate, so they will not need to spend money. Modest ceremony means savings on wedding dresses, floral design, master.

The ideal, and most importantly - the original decisionIt will be a small wedding on the boat. It is worth to give free rein to their imagination. Arrange everything in a pirate style (based on the young can take the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"), or organize a simple romantic holiday with marine motifs. On the table put wine, seafood and vegetables. The fresh sea breeze, beating on the side of the wave, sound of the sea - it will make a lasting impression on guests. When evening comes, a guest should offer cozy cabins to relax.

Autumn winter

The advantages of a wedding in the fall will be low priceson the necessary attributes, products, and fresh flowers. Coupon shares on dress after last season, too, is attributed to the bonus autumn celebration. However, there are significant shortcomings of the wedding in this period: unstable weather and the need to purchase additional accessories for the bride's dress (warm capes).

Organize a winter wedding can be a little onthe lowest prices. Many restaurants offer good discounts to young to hold celebrations. In winter, it turns out very beautiful pictures on the background of beautiful scenery of this season, which is also not forget. The disadvantage of a winter wedding will be a lack of range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and limited in the choice of venue for the celebration.

A wedding in the fall or winter

Despite the fact that the house is now rarely weddingmarked, this option has not been canceled. If you, your family has a spacious house or apartment safely celebrate the holiday there. This solution would not come when you need to accommodate a hundred guests, but since the young have chosen a modest little wedding, this option would be the best. The holiday will be comfortable and soul, that will not be offered in a restaurant or cafe.

Video: example of the wedding with a small number of guests

for a small wedding can be scriptunusual and interesting. A big plus modest celebration - there is no need to worry about a large number of guests. As a result, many limits and restrictions will be removed. Thus, the celebration will be pleased with not only the guests, but also you. Easy Wedding format will bring positive emotions to all those present, including the young.

Ideas for a beautiful photo shoot small wedding

On horseback. Due to a wedding photo session with horses, the young remain beautiful pictures. The future will bring a lot of joy to spouses, when they will be remembered for a happy day and a romantic stroll with the noble animals. Horses help create a holiday a magical atmosphere, will cause a lot of positive emotions. It is necessary to determine the plot and the venue for the photo shoot.

Wedding pictures with horses

Picnic. Since most weddings are held in the summer, the idea of ​​a photo shoot in a picnic style would be the best solution. In filming a romantic picnic is not a minus, but solid pros. Young will not even have to go for it in the country, because every city has beautiful parks with lots of greenery, which will be the perfect backdrop for photos.

Honeymoon Photoshoot

Amusement park. Why not organize a photo shoot in a place that is steeped in magic and recalls a happy childhood? The main thing - to approach the process with humor, props stock up bright and fun from the heart! These photos will be a farewell gift of a carefree youth, before the start of family life. On the other hand, you can wait until nightfall, when the rides light up the lights, and spend a romantic shot in the style of Paris.

Wedding shooting in an amusement park