How to make a wedding for two?

When the feeling of love fills the heart,unlimited happiness I want to envelop the whole world, two lovers decide to strengthen their relationship official status. And this does not necessarily organize a banquet, invite the large number of guests, buy expensive dresses. A worthy alternative to all of this - a wedding for two. What could be more romantic than a special night for the two? It opens up tremendous prospects of ideas, opportunities, and unique options for celebrating happy day the two lovers.

How to organize a wedding for two?

If you do not want to hold a traditionalwedding for a hundred people, and want to limit ourselves to only modest beautiful holiday for two - it does not mean that this day will not be different from the rest of your life. You can always come up with a lot of interesting ideas for weddings, which are ideal for hanging out on the day of marriage, when you were only two.

Interesting idea for weddings for two

Think about the place where you will notice a memorablea wonderful event, like a wedding, choose the appropriate format of the festival (ceremonial or symbolic), to determine the budget that you are willing to spend. And then enjoy the pleasant company of each other, without losing a minute of the first family day. Below you will find some good ideas on how to organize a wedding is possible only for the bride and groom.


It is impossible to imagine the newlyweds, whoI would not want to mention a wedding at some beautiful romantic corner of our planet. Organize yourself a trip or a tour of the interesting city: take a look at the city of love Verona, where Juliet on the balcony listening to the love of his recognition of Romeo, head to the fantastic Paris, where every street is filled with atmosphere of love, romance and seclusion. And that wedding organization abroad was unique, with no unpleasant surprises and memories, below you will find some useful tips:

Weddings abroad
  • It is not necessary to opt for expensive weddingstravel abroad. Today, there are plenty of budget options that can afford almost any newlywed couple and get a huge amount of pleasant experiences.
  • If you go to a travel agency, you can here be quiet for the organization of all travel details after the wedding, the place of choice - the professionals take care of it.
  • Going to a wedding trip abroad, if possible, choose places where warm and sunny all year round, so as not to feel a certain discomfort.
  • Predefine a travel format: Wedding at the beach resort or getting pleasure from aesthetic beauty, nature and historical sites during the unforgettable excursions.
  • Use every opportunity that will leave vivid impressions about the wedding, and do not forget to capture special moments on camera.

On the beach

Wedding for two implies intimacyevery moment of the day. The ideal choice would be a wedding ceremony on the beach. Just imagine how vividly remembered you own wedding if you arrange an impromptu registrar on the sandy shore at sunset, slowly drowning in the waves of the sea. Invite the photographer, so he captured some beautiful moments of the wedding of a long memory. And here are some options for beautiful weddings on the beach:

Wedding on the beach
  • You can hold a wedding on a desert islandin the midst of a vast ocean. Wear appropriate clothes for honeymooners: classic men's suit and beautiful wedding dress, the shoes are not required. Only you, the photographer, and the representative bodies of registration of marriages - romance.
  • To make the time to create a new familysolemnity, order a special exotic ritual wedding ceremony on the beach, which is accessible in virtually every corner of the world, for example, in the Maldives. To this end, settling a small playground in the sand, which is elegantly decorated with flowers and flying fabric on the background of the sea, and a representative of the church or lead solemnly declares you husband and wife.

A romantic dinner in a restaurant

Upon receipt of official documents on theconcluding marriage, book a table for two at your favorite restaurant, to festively celebrate this momentous occasion. Let this evening sounds romantic music only for you during which you will confess your love to each other and look forward to the coming days of family happiness. A decent choice for a modest wedding in style.

Wedding dinner for two in restaurant

Modest wedding home

It does not always have the financial abilityeven celebrate their own wedding together in a restaurant. An alternative to this embodiment can provide a festive dinner at home. Let the bride prepare a couple of tasty dishes, light a candle, put beautiful music, and the groom with flowers and symbolic gifts to congratulate their beloved with the acquisition of the status of a legitimate wife. You can also come up with an interesting program, such as:

  • Invite parents and a few close friends to together to share such a wonderful holiday, pleasant to hear greetings from the most expensive people.
  • It is not necessary to prepare an unlimited number of dishes: if you have two, you need to create an atmosphere of love, open a champagne bottle with chocolates, strew the floor and the bed gentle rose petals and surrender to the wonderful moments of pleasure each other. When guests come, then prepare several kinds of snacks and small wedding cake, as alcohol - champagne.
  • Optionally, immediately after the painting to go home: hire a photographer and take a stroll through the beautiful places of your city, leaving a long memory of beautiful shots in the first family album.?

Wedding in a homely atmosphere

celebration Scenario

To the wedding did not become a regularweekday, you can think in advance every hour hanging out and make a kind of celebration of the script. Work through all the possible wedding ideas for couples who, in your opinion, will be the most appropriate, and decide on one of them. Below you will find a sample wedding scenario by which you will live happily together this special holiday.

  • The morning of the wedding day - a traditional time forthe ceremony painting. The bride, no matter, for two this holiday or not perfected your appearance, puts on a beautiful dress. The bride with a bouquet of flowers meets his beloved on the doorstep and takes it to the registrar.

Transport for the trip to the registrar
  1. For this purpose, you can order a beautiful car that will take you in style to the palace ceremonial events.
  2. Be sure to invite a photographer, so he captures the perfect moment dressing rings and painting in the marriage register.
  • Full-time: after painting go for a romantic walk to interesting places in your city, to arrange a wedding photo shoot. It can be a place acquaintance or a first date.
  • In the evening, arrange a romantic dinner for two inexpensive restaurant, where you festively mark the acquisition of the official marital status - your wedding. In advance, refer to the tour operator that he had helped to choose a romantic trip where you go in the morning after a pleasant dinner and the wedding night.

Plane Flight honeymoon

Video: beautiful wedding for two

If you decide to arrange a wedding together, itwould be your personal holiday, all the attention will be focused only to each other. You do not have to lose your head in the pre-wedding bustle, thinking about everything and immediately takes care of all the invited guests, and so on. On this day you will be busy themselves only. And to this event has become a real and unusual wedding, watch the videos, how is it possible to celebrate this beautiful holiday together: