house Wedding

Organizing a wedding involves embeddingconsiderable funds. But not all couples are willing to spend money on luxury restaurants, expensive toastmaster and other indispensable attributes of a wedding event. Sometimes the bride and groom are content with modest wedding ceremony. A wedding at home in her apartment - a great way to celebrate the most important day of your life with expensive, loved ones, and the saved money to spend on a celebration, for example, on an unforgettable honeymoon.

Home wedding

How to organize a wedding at home

Self-organization of a wedding feastIt requires serious preparation. If the couple have decided to take this step, it is required to have a diary, in which it is recommended to record the stages of preparation of the wedding. Thus, separately the following headings should be highlighted:

  • the list of invitees to the wedding guests;
  • furniture and other equipment;
  • Wedding props to decorate the room;
  • important dates;
  • menu;
  • purchase products for the wedding feast;
  • selection toastmaster, master;
  • music;
  • the appointment of assistants;
  • preparation of dishes.

The first thing to do - is to realistically assesssize of the apartment, which will host the wedding feast and reception. Owners of large country houses in the plan will be easier. A large area of ​​the room, possible to arrange a wedding reception on the terrace, in the meadow near the house, a place for the dance floor will significantly simplify the task.

Self-organization of the wedding

If you wish to hold a wedding feast inthe conditions of small-sized apartments will have to think carefully about the number of invited guests. It is recommended to invite to the wedding is not more than 10 people. Such an amount can comfortably accommodate guests in the apartment. Take care of the necessary furniture. From the room where the reception will take place, you need to make extra furniture.

If at your disposal a largeroom, the tables and chairs for the wedding should be set at the walls around the perimeter of the room, leaving space in the middle for dancing. Sometimes during a wedding in a small apartment distinguish two zones: one room set aside for the organization of the wedding feast, and the second one is equipped with under site conditions for dancing, entertainment.

Pay attention to the time of year. To arrange a wedding in the apartment hot summers - bad idea. Guests bride and groom to be stuffy in the cramped conditions. Chances are that snacks on the table quickly deteriorate due to heat. If possible, wait for the cold season. Then the guests, the newlyweds will be more comfortable, and you can use a glazed balcony, a loggia as a refrigerator that will store the products for a wedding feast.

Homemade wedding feast

What wedding complete without musicsupport? If the wedding feast is held in a large restaurant, with a choice of music is no problem. When the wedding is arranged in a small apartment, selecting background music would have to be guided not so much their taste preferences, as the terms of a bad sound insulation. From the "live" music have to give up in favor of the collection of wedding music tracks.

Independently organize a wedding feastHome troublesome. Do not be afraid to use the services of his friends, call them for help. Give each of them a wedding task, for which a person will be responsible for training. The bridesmaids will assist in decorating apartments, groomsmen help take care of the wedding cortege, music. Particularly active and cheerful people ask to come up with wedding competitions, entertainment.

Wedding apartment

How to decorate the house for the wedding

Support romantic wedding atmospherethe festival will be able to help with the beautiful jewelry. Think carefully about the room decor for a wedding and discuss with friends of the bride, who will be able to help you. When decorating the apartment for the wedding feast should be guided by the principle of brevity, so as not to overload the space of an excess of bright details. Just a few bright accents and isolated areas will create the right mood at home.

Home decor for the wedding

Start decoration from the landing, ifany. Adhere to the stairs balloons, ribbons of satin ribbons, notes with wishes for the newlyweds. Pay special attention to the front door. It is decorated with floral compositions, fabric draperies, fun posters with photos. At the entrance to the house set design of balloons in the form of hearts, swans, rings.

The room, which will host the main partwedding feast, draw up a separate place for honeymooners. The wall, which will be the backdrop for the bride to the groom places, decorated with beautiful fabrics, flowers, pictures. When choosing flowers for wedding decoration home, you should consider the fact of small-sized housing. To twig composition did not seem overly cumbersome, it is recommended to give preference to a small bouquet of small flowers: violets, chrysanthemums, daffodils, roses and carnations.

House: decorate the wedding

Guests come to the wedding with flowers, so forthe corners of the room in advance, place floor vases and bouquets placed in them, will be a perfect complement to the festive decoration of the house. Widely used in the decoration of the wedding candles, figurines, paper garlands, rose petals. They arrange not only on the holiday table, but also on the chest, the other furniture in the room available.

Wedding decoration of apartments

Sample menu for a wedding at home for 10 people

When the wedding is organized at home, the question menu,cooking should be carefully discussed in advance. It is recommended to hire a chef to prepare meals for your holiday, and the bride, her mother and future mother in law will enjoy the long-awaited day, and not to stand at the stove. The same applies to the service. One waiter enough to serve, set the table, serve meals for the feast. Menu wedding feast must contain the following dishes:

  • 3-5 kinds of cold dishes, including salads;
  • on a plate of vegetable, cheese and cold cuts;
  • two kinds of hot dishes (fish and meat) with side dish;
  • hot snack;
  • fruit;
  • dessert - a wedding cake (calculation 150 g / person) - about 2 kg.

The menu for the wedding feast

Appetizers for home wedding:

  • stuffed fish;
  • cutting (meat, vegetables, cheese, fish);
  • meatloaf;
  • jelly;
  • Greek salad";
  • Caesar salad"
  • meat salad.

Hot appetizers for a wedding:

  • Julienne with chicken and mushrooms;
  • empanadas.

Wedding hot dishes:

  • grilled fish with vegetable puree;
  • Meat in French with eggplant;
  • Chicken kebab on skewers with a side dish of broccoli and cauliflower.

The menu for the wedding

The scenario of the wedding house

Guests are greeted newlyweds wedding at home or inentrance, lined up in the hallway. Passing by the bride and groom, they sprinkle rose petals, chocolates, rice, coins, and say: "Happy wedding! Council and love "Young, who stopped at the threshold, meet the parents, and say the phrase of greeting:" Congratulations to the bride and groom! Let mutual grievances remain beyond the threshold, and the new family life only love you waiting for, happiness, mutual understanding. "

Home Wedding Script

Then, parents poured harvestedWedding wine glasses for champagne newlyweds, offer them a drink. The bride and groom drinking champagne, wedding smash glasses happiness. Then the husband takes his wife on his hands, and puts out the door. Then parents endure the traditional bread and salt, and offer a taste of the young, who, bowing to them, try the bread and salt. Then the couple, their parents, witnesses and guests pass for wedding table.

Word takes the bride's parents. It says: "A husband and wife with you this moment, we wish many happy years, without loss, more love, good fortune, less envious of words and word of mouth." Then the floor was given to parents of the groom: "Congratulations on your cardio, love each other forever, you joined fate from this day you together forever. Let strife among you will not ever! "

The script and the text's leading wedding

Then, my congratulations to pronounce witnesses: "Congratulations to the bride and groom, let whole life you will be together, we wish you love, happiness, even if you pass the bad weather that marriage was indissoluble, faithful to keep up to the gray hair." Wedding feast begins. The first toast to the bride's mother says: "My dear daughter, in this joyful day I congratulate you and wish you happiness and health to you, happiness."

Toasts recite all the guests one by one: "Dear newlyweds! We wish you a happy and fun to note not only the ceremony, but also paper, wood, crystal, silver, gold, porcelain, and even red wedding. " Later, the bride and groom danced the traditional wedding dance. Toward the end of the feast is served wedding cake, which cut the newlyweds. It ends with a wedding ceremony of throwing the garter and bouquet of the bride.

How to hold a wedding party

Contests and games

"How well do you know the bride." Bridesmaids made daisy, petals on which are written the important dates for the newlyweds (date dating, first date, kiss, birthday). Coming off another petal, the groom must give the correct answer, and say what happened that day. Every wrong answer the groom pays for the team. Money folded in the family coffers.

Wedding contests

"Theft of shoes." Traditional tests for redemption bride groom does not end with the wedding day. When a company is already drunk, girlfriend kidnapped bride's shoe. To return loss, the groom and the witnesses should fulfill certain requirements, for example, the dance of the small swans dance or gypsy with the release, push-ups from the floor, who, as he can, etc.

"Read your favorite." The bride is blindfolded and offer to find out for her lover a kiss. Lead reports that all of the men in the wedding will take turns to kiss the bride, and she needs to find out who among them her betrothed. The essence of the competition is the wedding that the bride would kiss only her fiance, but she previously know about it should not. Fun to look at how the bride will react to kisses on how she thinks, strange men.

Games for a wedding feast

Advantages and disadvantages of the wedding house

Wedding celebration at home has its advantages andminuses. This is the subject of disputes for the supporters and opponents of such an event. Self preparation wedding in the home requires tremendous determination. But if you decide to arrange a wedding in the conditions of your house or apartment, make sure you weigh the pros and cons of such a holiday.

The advantages of a home wedding


  • A budget option. Wedding House greatly save your family budget, you do not need such large investments, both in the organization of the feast in a posh restaurant.
  • Cozy atmosphere. You do not like noisy companies, want to spend the day alone with your loved ones dear to you people? There is no better way than to get together all the small company of best friends to a feast at home.
  • Wedding in the apartment like your older relatives. Grandparents can take breaks during the feast and relax in the adjoining rooms of the revelry.
  • Houses are no working hours in the restaurant, so you can celebrate the wedding at least until morning.

Disadvantages of the wedding feast at home


  • Sometimes a sense of solemnity is lost in the celebration of the marriage of the house. Therefore it is necessary to take care of cheerful contests, entertainment program.
  • You risk to spoil the party parents, if you ask them to prepare a wedding feast and all meals. Without the help of the cook can not do.
  • The house is not much space to arrange a spacious area for dance in the banquet hall.
  • To arrange a wedding feast at home will have to take care of the required amount of furniture, tableware.
  • If the wedding takes place in the summer or warm in the spring, the house can become too stuffy and hot, what will be uncomfortable for guests, as well as for honeymooners.
  • In the context of small-sized housing you will be limited choice of the number of guests, because the house can not accommodate so many people.

Video: holding the second day of the wedding house

To organize a wedding in an apartment or house - anot a bad idea to financially constrained bride and groom. The main thing - to take care of the selection of the cheerful company, which will not allow to get bored and will be able to maintain the spirit of the wedding, will create a festive atmosphere during the spiritual feast. Beautifully decorate the home, pick up themed props to create fun photo. If you are followers of the classic wedding feast in restaurants, in the conditions of the house you can make a holiday on the second day of the wedding, as the video below, which convenes only close friends.