Fashionable wedding

In the courtyard of the new 2016-th year, which is a symbol ofIt stands a wooden lamb, because if suddenly your grand event is scheduled for this period, it is necessary to focus on the actual colors and signs. To wedding was fashionable and interesting, use the latest trends, recommended by this year at the expense of hairstyles, wedding dresses. Ensure appropriate color scheme, which is to adhere to the general design of the holiday.

Fashion color wedding 2016

This year we used sheep recommendstrendy cool colors for wedding dresses, design decor, invitations, and more. For more details check out the trendy colors for a wedding 2016:

  1. Very fashionable color scheme will be in the design ofwedding, which will be used approach "Ombre", the effect of which is achieved through a smooth transition tones from light to dark or vice versa. Use soothing colors that merge seamlessly into each other. This style has been in high demand for the past year so that its transition to the present time has a normal tendency to conquer the growing number of fans.
  2. Very nice Ombre look, if you dressseveral bridesmaids, among them all under the same style, but differ in color one or two shades. And even more interesting is, if you apply Ombre, processing elements of flower arranging, cake, curtains, using smooth transitions pastel colors.
    Fashionable style celebrations in style Ombre
  3. Wedding with pastel colors -romantic approach to the organization of the solemn feast. Trendy pastel color scheme provides for the establishment of tenderness effect, taste, cost. Use pale pink, violet, sky color, mint, cream color, especially would be a perfect choice of color solutions, if you are going to play a wedding during the spring period.
  4. Another fashionable color for the wedding of the yearThey will mint nuances that are associated with coolness, trepidation and fragility. By this scheme are all shades of light shades of blue, azure, blue, turquoise. Use this color, manufacturing small touches, designed the banquet table with mint shades, boutonnieres, invitations, hair accessories, bridal jewelry.
    Trendy mint tone at the wedding
  5. As the colors of Mother Nature were alsoannounced at a wedding fashion trend in 2016, the berry shades are more than ever in demand when placing the solemn day the newlyweds painting. This is especially true of wine or sangria burgundy hue. Let the bridesmaids will wear the dress of that color, and you will see how bright they are unique contrast with the snow-white wedding dress.
  6. Next fashionable color of the natural range of the currentWedding season takes brown, all shades of wood and elements associated with it. Very original wooden draw details wedding banquet table for guests, flower arranging decor, take a paint at the design of elegant cake that will gradually shift from beige to light delicate shades. All this looks very unusual, incredibly creative, leaves an unforgettable impression.

Making wedding with wooden elements

Fashionable evening dresses and suits for the wedding

Wedding Fashion 2016 gives the strength and the ability toinvent an original evening dress for women with delicate floral prints, animalistic style (images of animals, birds, butterflies) in pastel shades. Equally, both for men and for the ladies, very relevant to the retro image, exotic and original folk-style. on this, see below for details:

  1. This year presents us with a lot of bright ideas forcreating wedding images with exotic style. For example, the Indian style of the bride and groom, dress code for the guests only in bright saris beautiful fabrics, or something similar style African slaveholders end of the last century.
  2. Fashion trend evening dresses for weddingthis year with a bold animalistic style: Use the quiet shades of peacock feathers for the individual parts of the image, deer antlers as accessories or jewelry, prints of animals on the flying silk dresses, men's suits, and so on.
  3. In place of lush dresses for brides comelight flying silhouettes, silk, chiffon, gradually vent fashion on trains. Fashion image of a romantic evening dresses, elegant shine, special elegance and lightness that give gentle lace.
  4. Floral fashion clothing has won his honorablewedding venue 2016. Beautiful wreaths with fresh flowers on their heads, men's shirt with a floral pattern calm shades, including honeymoon, dress bridesmaids dresses in colorful flowers.

Floral fashion trends for wedding dresses

Fashion trends in wedding hairstyles 2016

Fashion wedding hairstyles 2016 also did notIt remained unchanged and brought their colorful additions. Styles and options remains insanely much as for simple flowing hair, and more complex interweaving of hairstyles with braids, forming the classic shells, laying beautiful curls to the top of his head to the side. Next, you will learn more in detail what to hair accessories should be used for a wedding this year, what with what to combine for the perfect fashionable image:

Hair bride with plaited pigtails
  1. Because the trend of the season is exotic, evenHairstyles in this regard are not far behind: for example, the popular animalistic style with deer horns in the hair give the girl a special style of generosity, loyalty and eccentricity.
  2. For Hawaiian weddings live relevant lilies woven into the hair, braid on top, which look very romantic and give the bride a gentle way.
  3. Braids are also relevant in the present wedding hairstyles. Screw hair beautiful curls and start up the braid on top of the head in the form of the rim.
  4. Flowers are particularly suitable for the wedding this year, so a wreath of fresh field of daisies, lavender, roses or classical minimalist style create fashion trends for your wedding hairstyle.
    Trendy hairstyles bride with natural flowers
  5. As accessories for the classic small shells use peacock feathers brown and beige shades.
  6. Very fashionable this year stranded braid hair into a low bun, and top to put a couple of long curls, add hair live orchid.
  7. You can make the effect of the Greek style, screwing long hair beautiful curls that prisoberite rear and top decorate surround a wreath of flowers of white lilies.

As a fashionable dress for the wedding 2016

If the wedding, for which you have been invited, hasits fashionable style, selected from trends wedding 2016, then generate the idea of ​​attire will not be difficult: all of this according to the dress code for the guests in the invitation. But here's what to do if there is none? Will help you advice of stylists and fashion designers ideas for this year's shows, for example:

  • This year is fruitful to pastels and soft colors, so choose a light dress made of silk in half the mint, violet, pink, lemon shades;
    Wedding Dress in a trendy color in 2016
  • If you - a man, the retro style weddingsIt is always relevant, so wear light trousers with a pastel blue or pink jacket, add the image brightness using mint tie;
  • If you - a bridesmaid, choose a long dress with coloring Ombre (fades into the dress color from dark to light color);
  • Choose brown sheath dress, expanding its accessories and ornaments made of wood (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc.);
  • The little black dress never goes out of fashion, just decorate it with large flower lavender shade on the chest, or a floral belt;
  • For men, this season is very relevant shirts with floral prints, especially the original look, when the wedding is decorated in Hawaiian style;
  • Male costume this year for the wedding should be light colors, with shades of mint, pastel brown, greenish;
    Trendy outfits for a wedding in 2016
  • Fashionable style of feminine image attachedextremely topical saturated color of ripe dark berries and burgundy wine. Complete dress flower pastel colors on the shoulder and you will be compelling representative of the fairer sex at the wedding (except for the bride).

Modern fashion not only strictlyfollow the latest trends, but also to be in style, using their own vision and ideas, so creative approach to any celebration will never go out of style. Let your wedding will leave a lasting impression not only for visitors, but will be a spectacular event in the life for you two. The most important thing - it's the atmosphere of happiness, love, fun, interesting contests and unforgettable experience that will impress any guest.