Dream wedding

Marriage - is a serious step thatIt means new status and responsibilities. Symbolic wedding has no legal force. This, above all, the ability to clearly mark the beginning of marriage or wedding anniversary. Get married at the same time a formal procedure is not always possible because of employment or under budget. So why give up a holiday for two, if you can just move it to the right place and time?

Symbolic wedding ceremony

What distinguishes the symbolic wedding of the official?

The formal wedding ceremony - it is legalregistration of marriage in the presence of the authorized person (registry office employee in Russia or representative bodies abroad), carried out according to the laws of the country where the event takes place. For a marriage must present certain documents (passport, birth certificate, etc.), And for foreign registration documents can be impressive.

After the official wedding couple getMarriage certificate. If the ceremony took place abroad, the document must be legalized at home. Marriage in the territory of another country - it is an additional expense for the young. The wedding also requires preparation, including the collection of documents, matching the dates and preliminary rituals.

A wedding without formalities

About all these boring, but necessaryformalities do not worry, if it is a symbolic wedding. It is not necessarily carried out simultaneously with the official. The time chosen by the newlyweds. And in recent times it has become fashionable again holding the symbolic marriage of several years after the primary. Place, the procedure leading marriage ceremony - it all depends only on the wishes of the young and the wedding budget.

As noted symbolic wedding

Top scenarios for symbolicceremony - this beach (under the arch) or sea (on the boat), extreme (in the sky or under water), as well as themed theatrical wedding. Much depends on the traditions of the country, where a celebration is held. Wedding tourism companies offer a large selection of holiday scenarios for the bride and groom, but the couple may organize a symbolic wedding and yourself to your liking.

Wedding ceremony on a yacht

Venues for symbolic weddings abroad

  • Maldives. Romantic retreat on the beach under palm trees at the luxury bungalows - is not the only version of the wedding in the Maldives. Wedding under the water, on the boat, or in the jungle themed ceremony in the hotel - there are no limits. The tourism industry of the country gives the groom with the bride plenty of opportunities for this romantic event.

The symbolic wedding ceremony in the Maldives
  • Caribbean. Wild beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica with tropical scenery, white sand and beautiful turquoise water - the perfect backdrop for a symbolic ceremony at the flower arch for two or a small circle of friends. Thanks to the amazing beauty of the Caribbean is a popular seaside wedding on a yacht. An additional advantage of the Caribbean is a visa-free regime for 30 days.

Symbolic wedding in the Caribbean
  • India. The symbolic wedding ceremony in India - a bright unusual sight in the best traditions of Bollywood: national clothes, lots of colors, dances and colorful ceremonies in the ancient temples. Special love couple enjoys holding weddings in Goa. It is believed that the symbolic ceremony in this small Indian state will make a marriage strong, saving it for many years.

Wedding ritual in Goa
  • Thailand. Buddhist marriage ceremony, riding on elephants, colorful wedding dresses the bride and groom, garlands of jasmine, the abundance of exotic fruits - without it seldom does a traditional Thai wedding. In addition to magnificent beaches as scenery for a symbolic wedding ceremony suit magnificent waterfalls, of which a large number of in Thailand.

Wedding ceremony in Thai
  • Czech Republic. Prague - the city of lovers kissing and where everything works on the wedding business. Many Czech towns and architectural landmarks are available for rent at various celebrations. Medieval palaces, town halls, old churches, palaces with lush gardens and an authentic organ music will make the wedding a romantic and a little vintage. Some castles offer to host the wedding with theatrical performances and tournaments.

Symbolic wedding ceremony in the Czech Republic
  • Greece. Santorini Island attracts honeymooners spectacular views of the volcano and Mediterranean sunsets, fine wines, olive and orange trees. Corfu and Mykonos are known for luxury villas and palazzos with shady gardens that make a symbolic wedding ceremony in a fairy tale. This is the place for sophisticated discerning couples who are attracted aristocratic wedding.

Wedding ceremony in Santorini

In Russia

Organization of a symbolic ceremony at homeIt is good because it allows you to easily collect guests (can afford to go every a few days abroad, at least because of the need to issue a passport or visa). You do not have to feel uncomfortable because of ignorance of a foreign language. In Russia, a lot of royal and princely mansions or estates, which shall be under the conduct of the wedding. A beautiful scenery and historical sites are in all parts of the country.

  • Moscow. In the capital of a great number of architectural attractions, ideal for an unforgettable wedding photo shoot. And to add sophistication entourage, is to hire a limo is not a wedding, and horse-drawn carriage. In Moscow for the newlyweds opened many hotel complexes (from budget to luxury), where it is convenient not only to continue the celebration with a banquet, but also to spend a honeymoon.
  • St. Petersburg. Tsarskoye Selo, Peterhof, white nights, walks along the Neva River, banquets in tents, fireworks show - it is only a small part of what offers for weddings northern capital. In the many restored and styled mansions, castles, cottages for every taste ( "castle ghost", "Bat", Belvedere, Tosno). The organization of wedding costs are usually cheaper than in Moscow.

Wedding ceremony on the Neva
  • Crimea. Crimean coast is famous for its natural beauty, mild climate and architectural gems. Livadia Palace or "Swallow's Nest" will be a worthy venue for a symbolic wedding ceremony. Popular offsite ceremony on the coast or on a yacht. Perform symbolic wedding under the open sky in the Crimea, probably from April to October.

Wedding ceremony on the Crimean coast
  • Baikal and Karelia. The stunning natural beauty of the Karelian landscape and the deepest lake in the world are ideal for extreme wedding. Celebrate the wedding is possible at almost any time of the year: in the summer - hot air ballooning, horse riding or boating, and winter - skiing, snowmobiling or dog sledding. In winter Baikal Ice Palace is worth a visit - made entirely of ice, "temple", which held a symbolic wedding ceremony.

Extreme Wedding at Lake Baikal
  • Sochi. The ski resort is perfect for an active sporting couples for a winter wedding. And the Caucasus mountains that rivals the beauty of the European resorts will be magnificent scenery of your celebration. The Black Sea coast - the perfect place for a summer symbolic wedding ceremony or romantic marriage anniversary celebrations.
  • Gold ring. If you want to spend real Russian wedding on ancient traditions, the best place for this - backwoods Russian. Organization of costumed weddings in the best Russian tradition offered by many agencies. Honeymooners waiting for old Russian jokes and fun, riding on threes, sauna and a rich banquet table with mead. And the towns and villages of the Golden Ring give wedding color which you will not find anywhere else.

The symbolic wedding ceremony in Russian

Photos of the original symbolic wedding ceremonies

Which style to choose for a symbolic ceremonymarriage? This is largely due to the time and place where it will be held. As a symbolic wedding is arranged solely for entertainment and aesthetic pleasure, the most popular choice of honeymooners - tropical countries, or the warm season, when talking about Russia or Europe. In this case, no limits have to celebrations scenario. The most original idea of ​​the symbolic wedding look in the photo gallery.