Decoration wedding hall photo

Wedding - an important and exciting day in the lifeloving couple. On this day, everything should be perfect: the newlyweds outfit, beautiful wedding ceremony, the best restaurant and the decoration of the room. When the preparations for the ceremony in full swing and all major issues have been resolved, there is a dilemma about the decoration of a place of celebration. To determine this, we are sure to browse the decoration of the wedding hall photo.

Variants of registration of the wedding hall

The best venue for a wedding feastThey are cafes and restaurants, where the atmosphere, view, interior and service already has a pleasant pastime. But the casual atmosphere of the hall is hardly suitable for such an important event, because such spaces are decorated with additional accessories to make it more elegant.

design options

Nowadays there is a huge choice of optionshome decoration for the celebration. For decorations using flowers (fresh, but sometimes used and artificial), balloons, drapery fabrics and a variety of light with lights. Often used posters and unique decoration, made his own. Before the audience you need to determine what materials you want to use, what is the theme of the event, in which all colors will be done and who will do: you or the experts in this industry. To determine if you must specifically examine and review design options for the wedding hall photo.

Using a single color scheme

Popular options for the design you can view the presented video:

Decoration wedding hall balls

Balloons - a versatile way to decorate the room for the holiday. Wedding - is no exception. Balls to decorate the wedding hall can be used in different ways:

Design with balls
  • A large number of balls flying freely from the ceiling create the effect of weightlessness around the room.
  • Balls tied to chairs visitors or small the weights and stand on the table will give a festive mood to all those present in the hall.
  • Arch of balloons twisted or heart will look great for honeymooners table (the main thing that they kept the form).
  • Lovely figures made with the ball room will make unique and memorable.

Decoration wedding hall flowers

Recently, it became more and more popularUse flowers to decorate the hall, which will be held a wedding banquet. Usually used when decorating living, bouquets, rarer decoration with artificial flowers. A common option is to decorate flower arrangement on the table newlyweds. An example of this design you can see in the photo below.

Veterinary table for newlyweds

Design options may be small bouquets on the tables of the guests (eg, as in the photo).

Flower arrangements for the tables of guests

Often there are decoration stairs and arches of flowers. It looks so elegant and ornate decor.

Decoration wedding hall cloth

Recently it became fashionable decoration weddinghalls using tissues. Typically used for such purposes, light, airy fabrics that cascade down freely (such as chiffon, silk, organza) or more thick fabrics (velvet, taffeta, satin), but that look rich. Using tissue is created a kind of canopy over the room or at the table becomes a veil young. Examples you can see on the following photos.

Using fabrics

Often there are options with a combination of fabrics and colors, or strings (especially elegant look in dim light). It looks so elegant decoration and will appeal to all guests.

Decoration wedding hall with their hands

If you have a good imagination, you cancome up with a beautiful and original decoration of the wedding hall alone. First, let's see the examples on the Internet and will be determined with the help of which you want to register room, understand that you need to do and maybe get down to business.

Independently decorate the hall you can by using the following options:

  • The easiest way to design are airballs that are placed around the room. How to do it and where to place the balls - you decide just all depends on your imagination. You can also make your own heart from balls.
  • Maybe decorate the room with the help of art posters on the walls, tape or paper pompons.
  • Make décor fabric is also very simple withoutSpecialists help. It should be easy to pick up and buy only air fabric, the color, which will be your wedding and choosing the option of fastening tissue just stick them in the right places, beautifully collected if necessary.
  • Himself possible to make decorations and colors, if you have even the slightest idea of ​​floristic have well-developed sense of beauty.

As you can see, draw your own room is not too difficult, and most importantly, everything will be as you wish, and save a little on the help of the designer.

Table decoration for young

table decorations Principles for youngin common with the main theme of the room. This may be used in tissue, flowers or balloons. Spring and summer are more often used the composition of fresh flowers on the table newlyweds. For example, as shown in the photo.

Fresh flowers in the decoration

Also, the compositions may be used in fabrics and colors. For example, as in the photo.

The compositions of fabrics and colors

Autumn and winter are used mostly used decorations of balloons and tissues as decoration flowers out of season very expensive.

Decoration guest tables

Tables for guests must be made in the samestyle as the rest of the holiday: the same materials, the same color (or colors). In this case, the wedding hall looks harmonious and beautiful. Table layout and the availability to them of beautiful tablecloths, fresh flowers or balloons bring some flavor to the overall view of the hall and create a festive atmosphere. Examples of registration of the guest tables, you can look at these photos.

Design tables for guests

Decoration chairs for guests

Often chairs in cafes and restaurants do not lookquite presentable. Or not quite match the overall style of the room. In such cases, chairs and decorate using fabrics, paintings and bows of satin ribbons or small compositions of flowers. Popular options chairs decor will look at the photo, below.

Original features