coffee wedding

Delicate aroma, delicate, pastel colors,non-standard decisions in the interior - are all present in the coffee wedding. If you are familiar with concepts such as Irish, American, doppio, cappuccino con panna, latte, macchiato, mocha, espresso, then this theme is for you. Coffee wedding is not only the original their repertoire, but also easy to perform. Learn how to create the right atmosphere at the celebration, which colors to base, adhere to the classical tradition there.

The image of the newlyweds for coffee wedding

Away from the standards - the right decision, ifyou choose a coffee theme for the wedding. The choice of flavored beverage is already talking about the fact that you have a multi-faceted fantasy and classic usual ceremony you do not like. The atmosphere depends on the venue of the festival, selected decor, accessories, but the main decoration of the wedding - the couple. Having decided on the coffee ceremony, pick up themed apparel in brown tones for yourself and the groom. What kind of rules to follow when choosing a wedding images?

Attire for the bride

The main issue to be resolved bridebefore the wedding - the choice of base color. If you want to look traditional, elegant, snow-white bride, so you do not mess up the wedding in the style of coffee. This theme can be displayed using a variety of accessories to complement the image. Choose a wedding dress with a white belt or a warm brown skirt on top of a snowy sew coffee, chiffon overlay. Suggest girlfriends dress code in the same color. You will look contrasty and girls to fully complement the theme of coffee.

If you practice non-standard solutionsThroughout life, why not do so at the wedding? Coffee theme should be displayed in the colors of the wedding dress. Look at the dark shades of ivory, mocha, chocolate. Noble bride's color will complement the image of originality and elegance. Shoes in shades of coffee and you will certainly come in handy after the wedding, so choose a high quality, comfortable, stylish pair of shoes. Fatu veil supplement brown lace inserts or beading.

Bride on coffee wedding

The suit for the groom

Wedding image of a man should be fullycomplement the look of the beloved. If the bride stood on a white dress, the bride should choose the color of the shirt. When unusual, coffee wedding dress girl, the man offers a wide palette of shades. For example, contrasting browns, which successfully embodied in the image. What are the things to choose the groom?

Buy a suit three - vest, trousers, jacketwarm tones, if the wedding is in autumn and spring. Do not forget to tie or butterfly. The original solution for wedding accessories will print with coffee beans. Pay attention to the noble gray - shade will be the place, it is easier to pick up a thematic boutonniere. If the wedding is in the summer season, the Swede bright, brown suspenders, butterfly, trousers are the perfect option. Shoes Oxfords complement the luxurious image of the groom.

Groom on coffee wedding ceremony

Ideas Your wedding in the style of coffee

Creating the mood at the ceremony - not an easya task. Elaborate Wedding image of the bride, the groom - half the battle, but the lion's share of effort is necessary to find accessories, unusual solutions in the interior, which will embody conceived cozy café. If you hire a professional event manager, it will simplify the task, but not interesting itself whether to participate in the process? Promote your innovative solutions, and then the wedding will be unique.

Invitations for the guests

First impressions from the wedding guests appearnot a day of celebration, but much earlier - at the time of invitation cards. Required details: the triumph of the date, venue. Be your imagination, hinting loved ones an unusual wedding theme. Use a dark coffee color, patterns in the form of grains of Arabica, logo hot cup of strong coffee. Make invitation cards in the form of brown envelopes, plastic cups, and put into the settlement check with the necessary information. Be sure to mention the main color of the wedding - the coffee.

Coffee wedding invitations

The decor of the banquet hall

If the wedding will take place in the restaurant orunder a tent, then a decoration and should be taken carefully. celebrations territory should be divided into 3 main areas: recreation, banquet, the technical part. Relaxing place to help guests relax and rest from the loud wedding music. If the seating area is in the room, there need to arrange comfortable furniture, decorated with coffee theme print or pillows; if the street - benches, tables, benches, swing supplement warm brown blankets with pictures of coffee beans.

banquet area - the main place for a wedding, thereguests, the couple spend most of the time. Following European traditions, avoid U-shaped seating people. In such a situation it is not very convenient to watch the young or contests. Round tables, tablecloths decorated with milk, coffee napkins, comfortable, soft chairs brown complement the wedding theme. If the celebration takes place in the tent, it can be a dark shade, and the light display using hanging lanterns. Then a cozy, coffee atmosphere will be provided to you.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the weddingsuspension decor. This is not only expensive chandeliers, and floral coffee composition. Combine sweet dairy tulips, roses with grains, brown satin ribbons, candles. Technical Area is a sound engineer for a comfortable position, leading the wedding, coordinators and staff. Pre-arrange with them about the coffee dress code.

Wedding banquet in the coffee style

Decoration of banquet tables

Wedding - a holiday of unity of the newlyweds. Divide this day come close relatives and friends. For guests to feel your love, feeling, display them in a small wedding details interior design table. Floristic composition of the noble roses gladiuolusov, chrysanthemums position in the area of ​​the newlyweds. Behind, place a wedding arch, adorned in its coffee tradition: Arabica beans, dark brown and milky satin ribbons, flowers in warm colors. On the table there are guests:

  1. Flower arrangements in the high, clear vases. They attach a card with numbered brown tables.
  2. Smaller terrariums with lush buds, Arabica beans.
  3. Mini trees - Topiary fragrant with cinnamon and coffee.
  4. Stately chandeliers with candles. They will add romance and warmth at the wedding.
  5. Transparent glasses, bottles with grains of coffee. Inside, place a candle or a natural tree with branches.
  6. Decorative cells filled with flowers, paper brown decor.

Decorating wedding tables in the coffee style

The bride's bouquet

Find a professional florist - simplesolution to this problem. But if you want to try on their own to collect beautiful wedding bouquet, check with the technique of flower arrangement. Observe the coffee theme in every detail - use brown roses, gladiolus, chrysanthemum, Galatia. Gentle background make milky using tulips, Aust, peonies, orchids, ranunkulyusov. If you like bright wedding bouquet with notes of bright red, the brown color used in the design - in beads, rhinestones, ribbons.

Coffee bridal bouquet

Wedding cake and treats

By stage of sweet wedding is to go carefullyand responsibly. This - the final triumph of the note, the time has to be remembered by you and guests. To begin, select a special place for sweets "Candy bar" - table, bedside table, stacked structures made of wood. If you will allow the room temperature, the wedding cake, place in full view of the guests do not need to hide it. Home delicacy should be supplemented with other desserts, in the event of a quick snack guests-a sweet tooth.

Wedding cake should consist of biscuit,coffee and brandy impregnation, butter cream. Book a tiered dessert, after dividing it into portions corresponding to the number of guests, then you do not have to spend time on the division of the cake. The upper tier follow-piece little delicacy, chocolate-coated brown, designed for honeymooners. For a coffee flavored dessert fit in a small sandy and mousse cake with taste of Arabica beans, cinnamon.

Additions to the cake - delicious candy boxes,macaroon, zefirki soaked in coffee. Decorate them with grains and cinnamon sticks. An excellent idea to serve coffee bar in brown style. True gourmets will take it for an expensive meal. A small stand, where there will be coffee machine or a professional barista - that provide wedding celebrations among others. Suggest unusual Irish, doppio, con panna, latte, macchiato, mocha - and you will surprise your guests and enjoy the unique taste and recharge your batteries.

Wedding cake and refreshments at the coffee ceremony

Accessories for the wedding in the coffee category

Creative thoughts from the heart - thatrequired of you in the preparation for the wedding in the coffee category. To together with the guests to immerse themselves in an aromatic atmosphere, you need to find elegant, memorable accessories. At the stage of preparation of the invitation to the wedding, put it in an envelope with magnetic grains, a postcard, a picture with coffee cups.

At the time of the painting behind you will bewedding arch. Decorate it is not just flowers, ribbons, and brown twigs, sticks of cinnamon, homemade balls of coffee beans. The image of the groom complement a stylish accessory - a boutonniere, bride instead of the traditional veil is to decorate the hair soft chocolate flower hoop made of semiprecious stones, lace veil. Wedding rings are not presented on a soft pillow fabric, and in a wicker box, filled with grains.

The banquet hall is full of coffeeaccessories - Topiary, candlesticks, jars, bottles with candles. Instead of sweet candy boxes use a different idea: paper bags or sacs fill with fragrant grains, while guests every morning of the wedding will be remembered. A perfect solution in the decoration will milk bottles, chocolates in baskets.

Coffee Accessories for wedding

Wedding photo session in the coffee style

Young couple go in for shooting beautifulplaces: forests, fields, mountains, on the sea shore. Coffee wedding - in itself is a highlight. It should not be lost on the background of the overseas landscapes. Let the wedding photos have a story line: the bride and groom are going to visit a cafe. First you walk through the old streets of his native city, then - taking pictures for a nice table in a cafe. This place should be booked in advance, to prepare decorations, treats.

You can choose another option - coffee picnicOutdoors. Emphasize the little things, the details of the newlyweds images, rather than the venue. Bring a mat milky brown accessories that specified the above, insulated cups with coffee, rolls and French cheese. Be sure to make the picture as you and your husband drink a drink. Agreed with the photographer the best ideas, seek advice from decorators, and you will find your style for coffee wedding photo shoot.

Wedding photos in the coffee style