Christmas wedding - ideas for design and decorate

Wedding on Christmas Eve - a popular themeHoneymoon. This is a great opportunity to turn the celebration into a real fairy tale. Christmas wedding - it's a unique smell of trees, oranges and cinnamon, white tablecloths, red color dishes on the holiday table and the warmth of the fireplace. Before Christmas, no one is a bad mood, so this day is easiest to start a family adult life, saying goodbye to childhood.

Can I play a wedding in the Christmas post?

The fact that the wedding can not play in the post - myths andsuperstition. The Church does not prohibit conduct this ritual at Christmas. But if the couple decided to marry, and even on this day, they have yet to wait for the end of the post. As for food, the guests need to provide lean and nepostnye dishes to choose from, it's not all adhere to Advent. And if you want to leave early fasting, then this always will be treated with understanding.

Some people think that the Christmas post anycelebrations are unacceptable, but it is not. Nobody forbids to enjoy Christmas, but if the couple is deeply religious people, the banquet, they can move to a different time and sign the wedding, take pictures, ride in remarkable places of the city, and then immediately go on a honeymoon.

Honeymoon in winter is easy to make memorable

Invitations winter wedding

Wedding Invitations Christmas should be withwinter theme. Widely used any story, whether it's falling snowflakes, snow-covered gates, branches without leaves in late winter or crocus. Avoid flower on the invitations for a winter wedding. The best place on the Christmas invitation card Christmas tree, star, drawn candy or honeymooners photos where they mold snowmen or playing snowballs.

Effectively will look inviting from the winterpaper whose surface is decorated with silver glitter. They give shine envelope Christmas fairytale romance and the anticipation of the celebration. Form invitation envelopes - a huge space for fantasy. Even the most ordinary cards easy to make original, decorated with ribbons, snowflakes, pine cones and other interesting details.

In the picture an example of an invitation to a winter wedding

Making a Christmas wedding style

Christmas Wedding - is a foretaste of a specialatmosphere, so arrange it always a great pleasure. Subject assumes vivid colors: deep, red, snow white cold, warm dark green, soft beige and caramel trendy shades. Attributes: Christmas decorations, candles, candy, small Christmas trees, tangerines. Wedding glasses decorated with lace, successfully emphasize the winter theme and vibrant color accents, for example, hearts of felt, well decorate room chosen for the celebration.

Banqueting hall

Cozy atmosphere in the winter wedding at Christmascreate decorative candles. Importantly, do not forget about fire safety, so the use of candlesticks - is necessary. Their role will perform wonderful jars, decorated with colored ribbons and lace. On the wedding Christmas table must be fir wreaths, Christmas "socks" with sweets or bumps. This tree, decorated with pictures of the guests and the newlyweds, sweets and souvenirs that the guests will be picked up at the end of the evening, it will look original and to the point.

When making a Christmas wedding banquet important details

A great solution is to rent a banquet hallIn the countryside. After Christmas all want to go out, to enjoy nature, ride on a sled and play in the snow or watch the beautiful fireworks. Another great option for Christmas - it is to rent a cottage in the country with a fireplace and a huge hall that is easy not only to accommodate all the guests, but also to organize the dance floor.

Decorating and serving holiday table

Christmas wedding tends to naturalness, so winter wedding table decorated with increasingly in recent years:

  • natural wood;
  • wicker elements;
  • decorative jars;
  • ancient vases;
  • original candles;
  • sprigs of currants or grapes.

Options Serving wedding table for Christmas

Earlier longer paid attention to the weddinga variety of dishes, but now more emphasis on winter decor. To make the table the Christmas atmosphere is sometimes enough for a properly chosen tablecloth on the table. Variegated tablecloth with Christmas motifs will be a focus if service monophonic. And if the dishes are well decorated, the monotonous tablecloth profitable emphasize other elements of decor. Look at the video master class decoration wedding table with his hands:

Menu Christmas wedding

After photographing in the frosty air guestsIt needs to warm up, so you should organize a mini-bar at the entrance to the banquet hall. Here guests can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, mulled wine or grog. As for the menu, a Christmas wedding - this is an excellent opportunity to show imagination. Instead poured mayonnaise Russian salad, served at the table roasted turkey, potatoes, and a wide range of different snacks.

From the usual sweet treats is also worthrefuse, offering pudding, gingerbread, cookies in the form of nuts, cones, fir-trees and snowflakes. Excellent at the wedding table will look pears in caramel, baked apple with nuts and honey and jelly bears. Christmas Wedding - is a period of fasting, so the table must be present Lenten dishes with cold snacks in a large number of vegetables and fruits.

Wedding Christmas baking


If the wedding is planned alcoholic beverages,the most popular is the champagne. It will create the mood after the ceremony, the banquet, the bride price, during a walk and photo shoot. Traditional snacks are considered to champagne chocolate, cheese, eggs. There is a separate transmission of the ritual the newlyweds two festively decorated bottles of champagne, which they have to drink a year after the wedding.

For Russian weddings common drinka vodka, which is fed to the table only in its pure form and cooled. Snack to vodka fit any, and some guests need compote, juice or mineral water to drink vodka. Soft drinks at the wedding too in demand, so you need to take care of juice, juices, mineral water with and without gas, as well as lemonade.


No wedding is complete without a cake. At Christmas, the wedding cake should be special, because it is an expression of two holidays. Experts advise to pay attention to the red or juicy blue wedding cake, as well as to the traditional pure white or silver. These shades will look spectacular and romantic at the same time, but what else can create a fantastic mood for winter wedding?

Wedding cake for Christmas

Decorate the winter wedding cake is desirableoriginal elements: snowman sugar, chocolate doves, snowflakes or tasty Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. Often, the couple bought a winter wedding cake in the form of a gift, decorating edible buds, flowers, stars, sugar pearls or rowan. As for the taste, it is better to stop the choice on the classic chocolate and vanilla, adding to the cake oranges or tangerines, symbolizing winter fruit.

Wedding Honeymoon dress and the dress code for guests

Winter wedding involves prolonged exposuregroom, bride and invited guests at the Christmas frost, so all participants of the celebration it is desirable to properly insulate. The winning skin will look at wedding photos that will make the bride elegant, and everyone else will protect from wind and frost. The fur is suitable for any outfit and style, so put it on top of festive costumes are allowed, without exception.

Wedding shoes and dress for the bride

Christmas wedding - it's a greatopportunity for brides to appear in front of guests in several outfits: the ceremony, photo session and a banquet hall. Fur hats, muffs, gloves and bolero - a mandatory accessory of the bride on a winter wedding. But more attention should be paid to the shoe, because the bride's feet must be not only warm, but also look like a king.

No need to go on a winter walk inshoes that were worn on the wedding ceremony. It is better to pick up the tone dresses couple cute winter boots. This may be his short boots with rhinestones and silver boots with heels, or white ugg boots, if the bride's wedding dress is different extravagance. The main thing is that after the triumph of the couple and the guests did not hurt, but were healthy and happy.

Uggs - great shoes for a winter wedding

Christmas makes its own rules for weddingbridesmaid dresses. Many girls in this day prefer to wear an original dress in the style of the Snow Maiden, the Snow Queen of the winter or other character. Ideal will look crisp white dress with fur or openwork lace. Also, do not interfere with such decorations on the dress, like a belt, sash or frills in golden, red or green. A cape-style Santa Claus will give the image of coquetry.

Christmas winter bride is different motives

groom Suit

Bride on a winter wedding should correspondbride, so the choice of costume, it should be approached very seriously. If the bride has chosen a classic wedding dress, the groom is allowed to be in classic black or white suit. But if the bride image contains original elements, it may be present in a man's suit:

  • Vivid details of the color of the bride's dress.
  • The original belt Tuxedo.
  • Green or blue vest.
  • The buttonhole of ivy.
  • Viburnum berries and other original decor.

Suits the bride and groom must comply

The image of the wedding parties

Christmas wedding - it's a great excuseIt stands out not only the couple but also guests, wearing original costumes or clothes using the Christmas paraphernalia. At this celebration is allowed to come in a knitted sweater with a reindeer, and Santa Claus suit. Dresses witnesses or bridesmaids must be in harmony with her dress, and the other guests, it is desirable to show imagination to triumph took place in bright colors and with a great mood.