A wedding in the Maldives

Each couple in love, join the familylife, dreams that the day of the wedding was a unique event and remember for a lifetime. Many narrowing go on a trip to celebrate a great triumph. A wedding in the Maldives - this is an amazing event, which is a perfect combination of a touching ceremony for two, gorgeous nature of the Maldives, the gentle waves of the warm Indian Ocean and the hot southern sun.

How to organize a wedding in the Maldives

the triumph of the Organization in the territory of the MaldivesIslands engaged wedding agency that will help heroes of the occasion to create a truly unique scenario of the event. Services of a symbolic ceremony also offer hotels of different classes. The minimum cost of organizing the event in the Maldives - 700 dollars. It includes a beach wedding ceremony, a professional photographer to shoot, breakfast with champagne.

Great Maldivian wedding

For additional services, such as visitsSPA-salon before the wedding, make-up services, a stylist, have to pay extra. Price will depend on the number of stars at the Maldives. Before finding a suitable option to determine what type of ceremony provided the Maldives, you closest:

  • Beach wedding. This is one of the most popular options for the wedding ceremony. Warm sand, wedding arch, decorated with unusual exotic flowers, the master of ceremonies, knowing their role, the flash of the camera, the petals of strange plants around and a great ocean, splashing high waves. To create a more romantic mood of the bride and groom can hold the ceremony at sunset.

Maldives beach wedding for a couple with no additional services will be inexpensive - from $ 700.

Maldivian beach wedding
  • Wedding on a desert island. To escape from the hustle and bustle, to achieve complete privacy, the bride and groom may choose the ceremony, which is held away from the hotel, Maldives entertainment centers, shops, clubs and restaurants. Wedding Agency will provide an uninhabited area where nobody can disturb the intending spouses. Part of the Maldives, where to find traces of human life look extremely picturesque, where the original heroes of the occasion to hold a photo shoot.

such weddings price starts from 2,000dollars. This includes a complete service package for newlyweds, including cake, champagne, spa, transportation of equipment and decor elements uninhabited Maldivian islands.

Maldives Desert Island for a wedding
  • Wedding in the magnificent hotel Maldives underwaterrestaurant. Ithaa Restaurant, located in the territory of Maldives hotels, famous for the fact that is located at a depth of five meters. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this unique place, the bride and groom can through transparent walls and ceiling to see how over their head swim exotic fish. This restaurant also has underwater rooms. Writes to hold the ceremony in this hotel and book rooms for underwater wedding night should be in advance.

Average ticket Maldives restaurant, where the newlyweds can celebrate a wedding - 150-250 dollars. The cost of the underwater rooms to be specified, but it is hardly less than $ 2,000.

Underwater restaurant hall Maldivian Honeymoon
  • Underwater wedding. Even more original way to the wedding ceremony instead of in the restaurant - it is with scuba diving instructor and master of ceremonies to make diving suits in diving. Underwater, the bride and groom can say wedding vows, and then the organizers arrange heroes of the occasion boating or catamaran, celebratory drinking of champagne, delicious cake, the photographer.

The cost of a wedding in the Maldives under water - from 1500 dollars.

Maldivian underwater wedding
  • Wedding on a yacht. If the future spouses do not want to hold a wedding in the sand, a perfect option would be a walk on a luxury yacht. The organizers will provide a boat for the night and honeymooners throughout the day. This will be the daily walk with champagne, a wedding ceremony at sunset, cozy room, where after seeing the beautiful places newly minted spouses will be able to retire.

The cost of such a wedding - from 5000 dollars.

The yacht wedding

In addition to the classic wedding, heroes of the occasionmay order additional services. This can be: the creation of a bride image (stylist, makeup artist), a bouquet for a future spouse, a small reception, video, wedding gifts, invited musicians playing traditional instruments Maldives (drums, flutes, sitar). At the end of the ceremony the newlyweds souped awarded a symbolic document on the conclusion of the Maldivian marriage.

Musicians for Maldivian wedding

The future spouses must be considered that such aWedding - expensive pleasure, so is unlikely to invite a lot of guests. If the bride and bridegroom have significant financial resources, the hotel can provide a gala dinner or lunch for two, and a large-scale banquet for relatives.

Official wedding

For those who would like to register a marriageofficially, the news is not too pleasant. Maldives has not signed the Hague Agreement, which makes them inaccessible to the territory of a formal marriage foreigners without authorization. Also in the Maldives there is no Russian consulate. But do not be upset, because the symbolic ceremony is no worse, and you can get married officially in his hometown, then will invite loved ones and all your friends.

Dream wedding

Dream wedding for no solemnityIt differs from the official. It is often preferred, even where allowed to register an official marriage, because it does not require an extended collection of documents. All that is necessary for the symbolic register in the Maldives - is the passport, the desire and money. Depending on the tastes and personal preferences of the bride and groom symbolic wedding can be different package of services, types of decor, program.

Great symbolic wedding ceremony

The image of the bride and groom photo

The main conditions of the ceremonial dress duringwedding on the territory of the magnificent Maldives - is the ease and naturalness. The bride can choose a classic wedding white dress that is perfect for celebrations in the Maldives. It can be easy to Greek outfit with flowing weightless fabrics, simple sundress made of natural fabrics or short silk dress simple silhouette. The main thing is to be comfortable in it.

The image of the bride for the wedding

As a bouquet of exotic flowers suitable composition. They can also decorate the hair and neck - floral necklace. If your choice falls on a beach wedding, allowed to go barefoot.

The image of the bride and groom in the Maldives

As for the men's suit, then the same rules- Hero of the occasion should be as user-friendly. Suitable shirt, made of natural fabric, light trousers or shorts, boutonniere is a plant that is in the bride's bouquet. It is important that images of both spouses in harmony with each other.

A beautiful combination of the groom with the bride dresses

Reviews Maldivian wedding

Many couples celebrate the wedding in the Maldives, write rave reviews about this great event.

Masha, 25 years old: - "My husband and I knew exactly what we do not want to celebrate in Russia. It turned out that the date was set for the winter, and the snow did not want to. After much deliberation chose the Maldives and no mistake! The symbolic ceremony, and after the honeymoon went perfectly - this is what I dreamed of since childhood! "

Maria, 21 years old: - "When the bridegroom said that we're going to get married to the Maldives, I did not believe it, but then he gave tickets: it turned out, though! It was an incredible journey ... Ocean, sun, beautiful views, yet elegant service. The ceremony was on the beach, we put on traditional costumes, we just showered with flowers. There were wonderful memories, we fell in love with the Maldives! "

Vitaly, 28 years old: - "In Moscow we with Masha married, held a banquet for the relatives, and the next day were already in the Maldives. To say that it was fine - nothing to say, we got a lot of impressions. On the hotel's beach wedding was held, organizers presented a cake and champagne with a small, but a nice bonus - a joint massage. Favorite on happy wedding, we returned overflowing love and happiness! "

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